Barack Hussein Obama — It Could Have Been WORSE!

You ungrateful BASTARDS!

When a commie fuck has lost Jon Stewart…



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    LibraryGryffon growls and barks:

    Snicker. I wonder if my parents have stopped watching the Daily Show since it seems to no longer be strictly “evil Republicans vs good Democrats”. My father seemed to be having hissy fits in the background earlier because the major networks were actually fact checking the jobs report and telling us it wasn’t really that good.

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    Fa Cube Itches growls and barks:

    Janet Napolitano finds Herr Stewart’s lack of faith disturbing.

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    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    As the Romney-Ryan ticket inches ahead in the polls, one of the little noticed implications just may be the avoidance, at least for a time, of World War III.

    World War III? How does that work?

    According to high-level U.S. intelligence sources, Israel will likely unilaterally launch a preemptive strike on Iran’s nuclear enrichment facilities and is basing the timing of that strike, in part, on the U.S. presidential election. Sources say Israel is more likely to consider delaying the strike until spring if they are optimistic that there will be a leadership change in Washington.

    An article in the Israeli National News in early August suggested that the Israeli political and military leadership, in order to put Tehran’s experiments with atomic playthings out of business, is prepared to unleash a nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP) against Iran sometime this fall by exploding a nuclear device high above the Iranian desert. Such a strike would send intense electromagnetic radiation over as much as 1,000 square miles, frying Iran’s electrical grid and bring its oil business, transportation, defense capabilities and most everything else that operates electronically to a grinding halt.

    Nobody would be injured, radiation would stay in the stratosphere, and the Iranians wouldn’t know anything had happened until they flipped on the lights. In short order, food supplies would be consumed and would perish; all forms of communications would be out of business; transportation would stop; and the country would undergo economic collapse. That would just be the collateral damage. The real benefit, for Israel, would be that Iran’s uranium-enriching centrifuges would be frozen solid for years to come.

    An added benefit? Retaliation by Iran would be minimal, as its airplanes would be grounded, missiles stuck in their silos, even military vehicles rendered useless. Of course, Israel would likely be attacked by Iran’s non-state proxies like Hezbollah and Hamas, but sources that are familiar with Israeli defenses say they could defend themselves against such attacks to a great extent, and damage would be controllable.

    Israel would certainly count on its closest ally for support in defending itself against such an attack – another reason why it might be more likely to strike before the US election. To ensure continued support from Jewish donors and voters, Obama would be hard-pressed to deny support to Israel shortly before November 6.

    It would be a first, all right – the first nuclear strike since August, 1945, the first to start a war, and the first time an Electro-Magnetic Pulse weapon has departed science fiction and entered reality.

    Washington intelligence hands experienced in Mid East politics tell me that this is no pipe dream.

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak, barring some miraculous about face on the part of the regime in Tehran, are prepared to take the unilateral decision to launch a strike. And sources say an Israeli strike would not end with the EMP:

    For lasting effect, I believe there will be a decapitation aspect to the target set: not just the political leadership but also the scientific community and the command structure of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC). If the Israelis can manage to find a series of individual cars in the midst of rush hours in various cities and put limpets on them to blow up particular scientists, they can find the houses where they live and strike them. Cutting off the heads of lots of snakes.

    The Israelis are famous for being as creative as anybody in their understanding of warfare and use of innovative techniques. A 1980s bombing raid, in other words, is no longer the go-to weapon in the country’s arsenal; instead look for multiple tactics, from special operations and undercover attacks, cyber warfare, industrial sabotage to unexpected explosions and unexplained accidents.

    But back to those Obama-Romney polls. Netanyahu doesn’t trust Obama and is convinced that if Obama is re-elected Israel will be in for very tough times—if it will even survive—and that the US would do little or nothing to prevent Iran from arming itself with nukes. According to The Wall Street Journal, “Not only is there waning confidence that Mr. Obama is prepared to take military action on his own, but there’s also a fear that a re-elected President Obama will take a much harsher line on an Israeli attack than he would before the first Tuesday in November.” So if it looks like Obama is pulling ahead in the polls, off goes the Israeli Jericho III missile and boom goes its 750kg nuclear device.

    The matter was exacerbated last week when the International Atomic Energy Agency, the UN watchdog of nuclear activity in Iran, reported that Tehran has doubled the number of centrifuges churning out nuclear fuel in bunkers far below the ground over the past year despite pressure from the West. And suspicion of Tehran’s intentions only increases as it continues to deny UN inspectors into its nuclear sites.

    Israel recognizes, according to Ilan Berman, Vice President of the right-leaning American Foreign Policy Council and an expert on Israel-Iranian relations, that it is now on its own, and that if it is going to interfere with Tehran’s nuclear intentions it will have to do so itself. Further, says Berman, Israeli politicians are realistic enough to know that whatever they do, they are unlikely to shut Tehran’s nuclear program down – or diminish Iran’s nuclear ambitions — but will more likely delay the venture for an undetermined number of years.

    It is during that window, while Iran rebuilds whatever the Israelis destroyed, that they think they’d get more help from a Republican Administration in Washington than from Obama.

    So, according to one of my US intelligence sources, “while the digital age may have rendered moon phases obsolete, my old training still has me paying attention to dark nights – try the moonless 15-17th of both September and October. But who knows?”

    Mr. Regnery is the former President of Regnery Publishing, was Publisher of The American Spectator, and served in Ronald Reagan’s Justice Department.

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    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    Obama Flops
    President’s torpid, partisan acceptance speech fails to excite mainstream media, WFB analysis shows
    Obama DNC hand

    BY: Andrew Evans
    September 7, 2012 12:21 pm

    Barack Obama’s speech last night was met with broadly negative criticism throughout the media, a Washington Free Beacon analysis shows.

    The Atlantic’s headline this morning was “Obama’s Convention Anticlimax.” The article said that while “Democrats were having a very good convention,” with excellent speeches from Bill Clinton and the current President’s wife, “President Obama got up and just sort of didn’t do anything special.” While Obama is known for soaring rhetoric, he merely “gave a warmed-over rehash of his stump speech, right down to the exit music.”

    The Daily Beast followed the refrain with the headline, “Obama: A Pedestrian and Overconfident Speech,” saying the speech had “nary an interesting thematic device, policy detail, or even one turn of phrase.”

    Bloomberg slammed Obama’s lack of policy proposals, saying that the speech “had shockingly little content in defense of his economic policies over the last four years.”

    And Anderson Cooper noted about Obama’s rhetoric, “It certainly wasn’t a speech full of soaring rhetoric like some of his speeches four years ago.”

    He reflected the broader sentiment among reporters about the speech, who thought it was “lame,” reported Politico. And attendees afterwards wondered why “he didn’t lift his game for the big moment.”

    Further demonstrating the media’s underwhelmed feelings about the speech, the Washington Post did not even bother to print a picture of Obama on the first page of Friday’s paper. Instead, the Post ran the sober headline “Four years later, a tempered appeal.”

    The Hill noted that Obama’s speech was “not among his most lustrous rhetorical moments.”

    Politico, in a piece titled “Downsizing the Dream,” said, “There was a little hope, not a lot of change and heaps of mockery for Mitt Romney.”

    The mockery led CBS’s Norah O’Donnell to ask Robert Gibbs this morning whether Obama’s speech was “small … to level such an attack,” when convention speeches are “usually kind of about bigger, more visionary things.”

    Even MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow noted Obama’s diminished stature, saying that Obama gave “something we are not used to hearing: an overt request for a vote.”

    “Obama’s speech was little more than cold leftovers from four years ago,” columnist Charles Hurt wrote in the Washington Times. “Cold leftovers that have been rewarmed so many times that they are nearly inedible, unrecognizable anymore.”

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    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    They deny the existence of Voter Fraud, yet it occurs on the floor of their own Convention !


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    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    “In the 1940s, Obama’s Hawaiian mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, was extremely active in Chicago Communist Party fronts, campaigns, and newspapers. He worked alongside the political ancestors of David Axelrod, Obama’s chief strategist, and Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s closest adviser. For Axelrod, the political ancestors were the Canter family, Harry and David Canter—so far to the left that they actually lived in Moscow and worked for Stalin’s government just before relocating to Chicago. The Canter family mentored David Axelrod in Chicago in the 1970s. For Jarrett, the link to Frank Marshall Davis was her grandfather, Robert Taylor, and her father-in-law, Vernon Jarrett, who worked with Davis in various Communist Party campaigns and causes.”

    A nest of cold war commies in the WH, I never thought I would see the day.

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    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    There was another time in history when a European country vaulted a man to lead . . . This man convinced citizens that a segment of the population was responsible for all of the country’s ills. Those citizens were rounded up and their wealth seized. I do not recognize our nation anymore. What kind of people would elect a man who claims that those who have been successful make it impossible for others to do the same and therefore must give up some of their achievement to “level the playing field”?

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    angrywebmaster growls and barks:

    I’ve never watched the daily show. I prefer to either be educated or entertained when I watch the Boob Tube. Generally, if I watch the Obama Propaganda channels, I just get angry.

    By the way, anyone see Biden challenge the fact checkers to prove he was wrong?

    It’s going to be like shooting fish in a fish bowl…with a bazooka…at point blank range…with an atomic warhead.