Starve Your Family For the Chosen One!

We swear, those pathetic emails we’re getting from The Sun King and Moochelle Antoinette are getting more and more bizarre, and that’s a good thing. Desperation is exactly what you want from your enemy. Take this from Moochelle herself, found at Ann Althouse’s place:

I know your life is full — with work, or school, or family — and yet you still find the time to help out when you can.

You may have a tight budget, but you give what you can afford.

A woman recently told the campaign her family skipped a pizza dinner at their favorite place so that they could make a difference in this election.

That is the commitment that drives this campaign.

Yeah, that’s right. Skip that meal and console your hungry children with a speech about the “common good” and the need to keep fueling the wildly successful “Hope and Change” campaign.

After all, those million dollar vacations and Wagyu beef dinners won’t pay for themselves, will they?

You damn kulak class traitor you!



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    Sir Fresh Sign growls and barks:

    Requesting prayers for mom. In ICU w her Plug likely to be pulled sunday

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    sablegsd growls and barks:

    Sir Fresh Sign says:

    Requesting prayers for mom. In ICU w her Plug likely to be pulled sunday

    Prayers going up. I’m so sorry.

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    Sir Fresh Sign growls and barks:

    Thanks Sable..

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    Fa Cube Itches growls and barks:

    All for the Front! All for Victory! Though it looks cooler in the original cyrillic, as seen here:

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    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    Obama the demigod comes down to Earth
    By Dana Milbank, Updated: Friday, September 7, 8:39 AM


    It began, like the Obama presidency itself, with the loftiest of hopes and the greatest of expectations.

    The Democratic National Convention was to have opened here Monday with a festival at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, where, convention officials said, some 100,000 people would participate in a Labor Day festival that demonstrated the party’s openness and inclusion.

    After a couple of nights at the Time Warner Cable Arena, the convention was to have closed with President Obama’s acceptance speech at the Bank of America Stadium, where convention officials were planning to squeeze nearly 6,000 seats onto the field to expand the stadium’s capacity beyond its usual 74,000.

    But the speedway event was canceled — ostensibly because of logistical problems but more likely because convention fundraising was running low. Then the Democrats canceled the stadium event in favor of the smaller arena — ostensibly because of “severe thunderstorm” concerns but more likely because they couldn’t be sure enough people would come to fill the stadium.

    In fact, the forecast hadn’t called for severe weather, and conditions were fine Thursday night. The change caused thousands to be turned away, and the crush of crowds at the arena led authorities at one point to lock down the building for a second straight night – leaving some delegates on the street while lobbyists enjoyed the proceedings inside.

    It was quite a comedown from that heady night in Denver four years ago when Obama accepted the nomination in front of about 80,000 at Invesco Field. The candidate, on a stage set resembling a Greek temple, spoke about remaking the nation and the world.

    The demigod turned out to be entirely human, and his results were disappointing. On Thursday night, as Obama admitted to “failings,” Democrats who dreamed of the biggest and the best in 2008 were learning to accept good enough.

    To appreciate the transformation, I spent some time Thursday afternoon in the convention hall with the Indiana delegation. Four years ago, as the Obama wave was building, Indiana was in play (it eventually went to Obama) and the delegation was seated prominently. This year, Obama isn’t contesting Indiana, and the delegation was assigned to the back, in between solidly red Alabama and Idaho.

    “It was just so moving, so emotional, to be just one individual in a sea of Democrats,” delegate Bionca Gambill of Terra Haute told me, recalling that night at Invesco Field. “There were a lot of people in tears.” But this year, “you don’t have that magic,” she said. “We need to find some of that energy. I don’t think we can find 100 percent of it.”

    A few rows back, Leona Glazebrooks of Indianapolis had similar recollections. “We felt confident, we felt good: A new generation was coming,” she said. Now, she said, “I’m worried. . . . Can you elect someone when employment isn’t under 8 percent?”

    As I parted with the Indiana delegation, James Taylor had taken the stage, and he performed “You’ve Got a Friend” for the delegates:

    When you’re down and troubled

    And you need a helping hand

    And nothing, whoa, nothing is going right.?.?.

    One important thing is still going right for Obama: He remains narrowly favored to win, which is no small feat in this grim economy. The party faithful in the hall, including the Hoosiers, remained passionately for him, and the convention speeches were coordinated and disciplined. But around the convention were worrying signs.

    As The Post’s Tom Hamburger and Peter Wallsten reported, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel dropped his honorary co-chairmanship of the Obama campaign so he could help plug Obama’s fundraising gap by raising big-dollar contributions for the pro-Obama super PAC. On the convention floor, Democrats bled from a self-inflicted injury as delegates squabbled over the platform’s inexplicable omission of the phrase “God-given” and language recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

    At the start of his indoor acceptance speech, Obama tried to recalibrate expectations, telling delegates that at the 2004 convention he “spoke about hope, not blind optimism, not wishful thinking, but hope in the face of difficulty.” He returned to the theme later, cautioning: “I won’t pretend the path I’m offering is quick or easy. I never have. . . . And the truth is, it will take more than a few years for us to solve challenges that have built up over decades.”

    It was a markedly different tone from that night in Denver four years ago, when Obama spoke of “the change we need right now” at that “defining moment” when he vowed to remake Washington. Had he mentioned years and decades back then, the drop in expectations might not have felt so steep.

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    The Irish Dragoness growls and barks:

    This email does indeed show desperation. That being said, the email does not say the family didn’t eat dinner. It says they didn’t eat out.

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    LC LOBO growls and barks:

    Sir Fresh Sign @ #:
    You have my prayers.

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    LC HJ Caveman82952 growls and barks:

    Chris, I’m so sorry and sad. You were so kind coming to Stanford to visit Mary and I. I wish I could do something. But in your time of solitary reverie, a time all men need from time to time, remember you are not alone. I will be praying for you and may the Lord welcome your mom home. Sincerely, Kent

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    LibraryGryffon growls and barks:

    Sir Fresh Sign @ #:
    I will add you, your mother, and your family to my prayer list too.

    First Ø wanted our wedding presents and now he wants our food? Sounds just like North Korea!

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    Emperor Misha I growls and barks:

    Sir Fresh Sign says:

    Requesting prayers for mom. In ICU w her Plug likely to be pulled sunday

    Damn, Chris, I’m so sorry 🙁

    Prayers going up for you and yours. Let me know if there’s anything else I can do.

    May Almighty G-d give you strength, my old friend.


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    Delftsman3 growls and barks:

    Sir Fresh Sign, We buried Mom yesterday, so we know what you’re going through and will send our most fervent prayers for your Mother. The only solace is knowing in our hearts that they are going to a better place, and that eventually we will see them again.

    Delftsman & Beth*

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    Lady H growls and barks:

    #1 Fresh Sign,

    “Luke”, I went through the exact same thing with my mom in April of 2009. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers right now. *hugs*

    “Princess Leia”

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    Lady H growls and barks:

    My condolences, Delftsman. You’re on my prayer list as well, friend.

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    The Irish Dragoness growls and barks:

    You have our condolences, Delftsman, and we will say some special prayers for you today, Sir Fresh Sign.

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    LC HJ Caveman82952 growls and barks:

    Sir Fresh Sign….my heart goes out to you, for I felt a great sadness, both at what you are enduring today and my personal memories of such times.. It seems so many of us are facing such events… are setting her free, Chris, an act of love requiring the greatest of courage and resolve.

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    Sir Fresh Sign growls and barks:

    Thanks so much everybody.