Congratulations, King Putt, You’ve Been Drudged

His Imperial Majesty has an ambivalent relationship to Drudge. Mostly positive, mind you, but occasionally we do get pissed off at him for ignoring what we, in our Imperial Wisdom, consider important. And since our Imperial Wisdom, which is a term that we just made up, finds it important then by G-d it IS important.

One thing we’ve never been ambivalent about, however, is our admiration for his ability to juxtapose headlines for maximum effect (not to mention our admiration for his ability to keep a website design that looks like it was puked out by a 1980s BBS junkie and still be massively popular, but we digress), a skill that is absolutely second to none. Whenever he does it we go “ouch!” and we’re not even the target of those one-two punches of his.

Example: The just-released jobs report. How does one put a headline about that up on one’s site so it hurts the target the most? Here’s how:

Dammit! OUCH! Ouch, ouch, ouche-di-fucking OUCH!

Damn. But DAMN! That’s beautiful.



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    angrywebmaster growls and barks:

    Just posted on Faceplant Facebook for widest possible distribution :em01:

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    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    If you have followed Barack Hussein Obama’s meteoric rise to power, you’ve noticed that anyone asking questions about his background typically finds him or herself on the receiving end of the Alinsky Attack Machine. Any criticism of Obama is called RAAACIST! Anyone who inquires about the many mysteries surrounding his “missing years” or his activities while in college and in his early days in Chicago is called every name in the book in the efforts to discredit that questioner.

    Why is that?

    What’s Barack Obama hiding…and what is the Left going to such lengths to keep hidden?

    Could it all boil down to something as simple as Barack Obama being gay?

    Is THAT what all the enigma, subterfuge, and Alinsky Goon Squad assaults are all really about?

    Is Barack Obama our first down-low, closeted gay President and is Michelle Antoinette Obama our first fully-complicit “beard” of a First Lady?

    As the agenda-driven media is always so quick to say when a conservative is accused of anything: you be the judge

    The Men Barack Obama Has Dated or Had Strangely Intimate Relationships With that No One Can Explain:

    Pakistani “roommate” whom Barack Obama lived with during college; this is apparently the same man that Obama traveled to Pakistan (or as Obama calls it, POCK-ee-STAHan) with in the 1980s when American citizens were not allowed into the country. This is the trip where Barack Obama used his Indonesian passport to get into Pakistan instead of using his American passport.

    Actor Kal Penn (whom Barack Obama dated from 2008 during his campaign until 2009 when Penn was given a mysterious role in the White House to fill; Penn abruptly left the White House after possibly being sexually harassed or otherwise breaking up with Barack Obama).

    You can already read the distance between Reggie Love and Barack Obama growing . On November 10th, 2011 the White House issued a press release announcing Barack Obama’s breakup with Reggie Love, whom the White House identified as Obama’s favorite “body man”. No clue was given at the time as to who the next man in the President’s life would be.

    * Reggie Love says Obama is afraid of germs and needs to constantly have Purell around.

    Alex Okrent died mysteriously in July of 2012 in the Obama Campaign Offices in Chicago’s Prudential Building. Openly gay, he’d been affiliated with Barack Obama in one way or another since Okrent was in college. Obama kept him around, through all those years, on all those campaigns…until he suddenly turned up dead with an inconclusive autopsy. And his death happened just before Obama was headed into a difficult re-election campaign where black support for Obama was wavering and the black community is notoriously anti-gay. Could Alex Okrent have been eliminated because he was going to talk about a relationship with Barack Obama? There sure are a lot of gay men who turn up dead around the current President of the United States. See also: Young, Donald.

    Another strange character in Barack Obama’s life was/is Michael Signator. This guy used to be a Chicago cop and, thus, had access to weapons when he worked as a driver during Obama’s state Senator days into his US Senate years — and up until June of 2008 when Signator just stopped working for Obama and vanished not long before the Gay Pride Parade in Chicago on June 29th of that year. A few weeks before Pride, the Politico’s website ran a few brief, odd stories about candidate-Obama’s daily schedule, which included driving miles out of the way to head to Signator’s house for “workouts” that lasted between 15 and 20 minutes. Politico wrote these articles with winks at readers, wondering what the heck kind of workout lasted 20 minutes and was so important that it required the candidate to head to Signator’s house whenever in Chicago. It was beyond strange. Especially if you consider that Obama belonged to the East Bank Club downtown in Chicago, which is a very expensive gym and spa center where Obama spent June 29th playing basketball with guys like Reggie Love then enjoying a long steam and locker room antics before heading to the Southside to get his hair cut. Signator has not turned up since he vanished in June of 2008 and to this day no explanation has ever been given for what the heck he was doing with Obama during those 20-minute workout sessions at his house.

    Read more

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    themandownthehall growls and barks:

    KING PUTT!!!!!!!!!! :em05: :em05: :em05: :em05: :em05: :em05: :em05:

    That was the funniest description I have seen on him. Priceless Emperor, absolutely priceless!

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    Emperor Misha I growls and barks:

    themandownthehall says:

    hat was the funniest description I have seen on him. Priceless Emperor, absolutely priceless!

    Well, thanks. But in all fairness, even though I might have thought of that name for him (and I frankly can’t remember all the different derogatory nicknames I’ve come up with for him over the years) the credit for cementing it in my mind once I, too, was done laughing my arse off, belongs to my friends at

    Which is a site that you, all of you, should frequent as well. Yes, I know it’s owned by an icky Clinton supporter, but don’t crucify me just yet. He’s also a witty, charming, smart guy who is utterly disgusted with the hijacking of the Democrat Party, what we used to call the “loyal opposition”, and who, as a result, wants nothing to do with it anymore.

    Think Zell Miller with an impressive knack for writing. Oh, and an insight into Democrat Party shenanigans and operations that only a former card-carrying member of it can have. He knows people within that organization, having been a part of it. He’s read their playbook and played by it until they went off the rails where he couldn’t support them anymore.

    Which resonates with my own experience, having once been a certified, trusted member of the bastard socialist movements of my native country. Like him, I know exactly what they think, how they operate, I read their fucking book and lived by it until I woke up and saw what I was a part of, at which point I realized that my only way of even hoping to atone for my sins would be to use everything I’d learned to defeat, destroy and exterminate them.

    I don’t know if Kevin feels quite that strongly about it, but I do know that we share the anger of having been duped, of having been used and of having our honestly good intentions used for evil. That’s not easy to forgive, and by “not easy” I mean “impossible.”

    Anyway, the credit belongs to him and I hope that he, being native born, will have more luck convincing airheads that he knows what he’s talking about, because my three decades of personal experience with socialism apparently don’t mean shit to the so much smarterer fuckheads over here because, well, “we’re SMARTER than anybody who has ever tried it and failed before, you dumb foreigner.”

    And if it doesn’t work and we end up just like what I already know and have seen time and time again (but shut up, foreigner) then at least I’ll know how to survive under it. While slitting the fucking throats of every single arsehole I can lay my hands on who let it happen.

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    LC_Salgak growls and barks:

    That was a thing of beauty: a beatdown administered purely by graphic design. Subtle and EVIL. I **LIKE** it. . .