Democrat Liberal Fascists are DEFINITELY Pro-Choice!

As long as the choice you make is the one they tell you that you must “choose” to make, of course.

You want to hand those fascists four more years of turning all of us into unhappy little drones?

Think about it. You don’t have to make a decision until November, but by then your choice is final.

And it may be the last choice you’re ever allowed to make.



  1. 1
    angrywebmaster growls and barks:

    You have a choice and we will tell you how to choose peon! :em08:

  2. 2
    LC Light29ID growls and barks:

    If there is any doubt that the American people have already cast their votes, one look at this chart will convince you.

    Chart Of The Day: Smith & Wesson Sales

    Money quote:

    Well one comment: when the final bubble does pop (and here we make the wild assumption that no intelligent extraterrestrial life will be found to bail out the central banks in time), at least everyone will be locked and loaded.

  3. 3

    Damn quick on the draw boss, ya beat me to this.

    Worst part of these re-branded fascists is that they can’t see their own hypocrisy even when it’s thrown right back at them. They truly have achieved Doublethink. Orwell must be grinning like a pedophile in Bangkok.

  4. 4
    angrywebmaster growls and barks:

    LC Light29ID @ #:

    Chart Of The Day: Smith & Wesson Sales

    I don’t own anything from S&W, but I do own shares in the company. So, please buy S&W products and increase my dividend.
    :em01: :em05:

  5. 5
    Lady H growls and barks:

    She’s wearing a bowtie in her hair! I’m sorry, ma’am but that looks kinda ….strange, on you.

    Hello, America? Does that say anything to you about the average Democrat voter?