Five Diggers lost in one day

Three of them murdered by a Taliban fellator in Afghan Army uniform, who shot them in the back like the cowardly goatfucker he is, two others dead in a chopper crash.

Names not released yet by request from the families. Pray for them, please.

Glass the place.

Nuke em till they glow, then shoot em in the dark.



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    LC LOBO growls and barks:

    Aye will do. One, if not our greatest allies against the commies and hajis. Bloody fookin shame that we don’t have a day set aside to honor our allies. Put me in that office and we would. God, bless these fine young men and their families. For we know that you have called them home.

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    LC Light29ID growls and barks:

    May Saint Maurice honor them as the proud and just warriors they are, Godspeed.

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    bruce growls and barks:

    we should do to afganass stan what the British second expedition did to them.

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    Cougar1978 growls and barks:

    The Aussies were and will be bad asses. Now, I wish they’d toss out that leftist lunatic Prime Minister and the Liberal shtupdogs….but time will tell.

    Australia’s had a tradition of bad-assery!

    In WWI- they fought the Turks at Gallipoli, and had to withdraw, thank you stupid Limey milktoast planners. Yep, that was a war that involved radical Muslims. Ask the Armenians about Turkey. These Aussies fought in North Africa, Palestine, Iraq, and then in France. Good mates!

    WWII was their major trial by fire. The Aussies city of Darwin was bombed by the Japs, Pearl Harbor style. Many of their troops were taken prisoner by the sadastic Japanese in Singapre, Malaya, Burma, and in Hong Kong. However, they would counterattack in SE Asia, India, etc. They sloughed through New Guinea. And oh yeah, the Desert Rats held Rommel and later whipped his Ass at El Alemain in October/November 1942 (right as Adolf’s bitches were encircled and cut to pieces at Stalingrad). The Aussies and Brits retook Mandalay and parts of Indonesia. Their officials were witnesses at the Surrender in Tokyo Bay, September 2 1945, almost 6 years after The Aussies, Kiwis, Limeys, Canadians, Scotsmen, Welsh, some Irish, South Africans, Rhodesians, etc…. fought of Adolf, Tojo, Mussolini and the other Axis flunkies.

    Korea- Aussies Brits and Canadians helped the US and South Koreans fend of the Commies of North Korea (Kim Il Sung- Kim Jong Il’s evil tyrannical daddy) and the Red Chinese hordes of Chairman Mao. The Aussies did good! And yes, Truman was a Douche Bag for firing MacArthur!

    Vietnam- not well publicized, but the Aussies had the 2nd largest foreign contingent in SE Asia, besides us. They sustained losses, but their mates did good again. However, Aussie Vietnam vets were screwed by liberals and protestors in Australia. Sounds familiar? Finally, over 30 years since, they get some kudos.

    Skip ahead, some peacekeeping, The Aussies go into Afghanistan and Iraq! The Aussies were our boys! And yes, John Howard was cool. Too bad the Aussies went through and are still enduring “their own Obama” phase. Let’s hope they grow out of it.

    Til then, I salute the Aussies with prayers, thanks, and a Fosters!

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    bloodyspartan growls and barks:

    Seed the Clouds with PIG BLOOD! For Ever taint the Land.

    Bring them HOME first.

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    Tallulah growls and barks:


    The host committee for the Democratic National Convention is raising a number of eyebrows after choosing to proceed with featuring Islamic “Jumah” prayers for two hours on the Friday before its convention, though Democrats earlier denied a Catholic cardinal’s request to say a prayer at the same event.

    And further:

    Siraj Wahhaj, the “Grand Imam” for Jumah at the DNC, is often considered a “moderate” because he was the first Muslim to give an invocation in the U.S. Congress, but as Robert Spencer notes, he has a number of troubling ties to dangerous radicals. In the early 1990?s the man reportedly sponsored talks by “the Blind Sheikh” Omar Abdel-Rahman in New York and New Jersey mosques, and told his followers that the United States will fall unless it “accepts the Islamic agenda.”

    Wahhaj elaborated, according to bestselling author Brigitte Gabriel, to say: “If only Muslims were clever politically, they could take over the United States and replace its Constitutional government with a caliphate.”

    He continued: “Take my word. If 6-8 million Muslims unite in America, the country will come to us.”

    When an imam like Siraj Wahhaj says it his duty and our “duty as Muslims to replace the US Constitution with the Quran“…we need to speak up!” Dr. Jasser [actual moderate] reiterated in response, adding that Americans “should be concerned” if this is who the DNC is “consorting with.”

    See their promotional flyers, their promo video, and the rest of the article HERE:

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    0007 growls and barks:

    The way you cure those mudering bastards is you take them out and shoot the, but not before shooting everymember of their entire family and tribe…