Ah the Sweet, Sweet Smell of Desperation

Remember that word, “racism?” You know, the one that used to have actual meaning, the one that used to be a mortal insult until the National Socialist Democrat Workers’ Party decided that it ought to mean “anybody who insufficiently worships our lord god Obambi?”

Put up one little GOP convention and the zone gets positively flooded with it. His Imperial Majesty has not been called a “racist” this often since he was a little whelp with the 3rd Legion’s equestrian cohort, running javelins through the guts of barbarians on the fringes of the Empire like it was going out of style. Well, the Empire was, that’s not what we’re talking about.

We haven’t had that much fun since we sent Michael Moore a whole box of doughnuts with our patented Ex-Lax frosting.

Like Chris Tingles Matthews throwing drool and spittle all over the place while accusing Reince Priebus of being a racist because, apparently, using the words “welfare” and “food stamps” is racist since, to the very absolutely NON-racist Democrat Fascists, only black people go on welfare and get food stamps. No, not racist at all because shut up.

Every liberal fascist knows that black people do nothing but sit around on their arses when they’re not busy cashing their welfare checks or using their food stamps and to point out that that stereotype might actually be racist is racist too, you racist racisty racists, so shut up.

To top it off, Chris Tingles then replied to Reince Priebus’ suggestion that Chris was off his meds and that his hysterical accusations were garbage by replying, in true intellectual liberal credentialed journalist fashion with a “no, you’re garbage.” Ouch. What a zinger. “I know you are but what am I?” We honestly don’t know how poor Reince managed to hold his own and not slit his own wrists in despair after that humiliating comeback from the Master of the Flame (or “Flayme”, as we called it back in our USENet days), Chris “Acid Tongue” Tingles.

Fortunately, the segment was cut off before Chrissy baby could ramp his nuclear devastation of poor hapless Reince up to “I am rubber, you are glue.” We honestly don’t know if TeeVee and America as a whole are ready for intellect of that awesome caliber.

Speaking of PMSNBC, Chris Tingles’ network, somebody noticed something funny which may or may not have to do with their campaign to convince their 6 viewers that the GOP is racist. For some odd reason, the Lean Vorwärts network seemed to lose all interest in covering the speakers at the GOP convention every time a speaker with more melanin than a bleached albino was speaking. Artur Davis, Ted Cruz, Mia Love… Not newsworthy as they’re all obviously Rassenverräter tokens or something, so PMSNBC chose to not show anything of it at all until their treasonous Uncle and Auntie Tom hateful outbursts were done, at which point PMSNBC went back to cover the convention.

It’s almost as if PMSNBC decided that colored people don’t exist and need to be airbrushed out of history, and by “almost” we mean “absolutely for sure.”

Which, we must point out, is definitely NOT racist. Those darkies need to know their place and quit talking, particularly if they’re disrupting PMSNBC’s favorite meme du jour, which is that the GOP is entirely made up of white, blue-eyed, blond former members of the Waffen-SS.

And speaking of Mia Love, that very lovely, sharp young GOP candidate from Utah, the liberals responded online to her speech in their typical, non-judgmental, non-racist, loving way by calling her a “dirty, worthless whore”, a “house nigger” and other utterly non-racist and non-misogynistic liberal labels used to describe people that they civilly disagree with in a completely open-minded, non-judgmental way, as opposed to those hateful racist misogynist Cthulhu worshiping GOP death beasts.

His Imperial Majesty is, of course, only speaking for himself, but to us it is a huge compliment to be called names by swine using terms like that.

Ah well, soon the GOP convention will be over, that horrible hate fest with women and minorities speaking out of turn, enraging tolerant liberal fascists all over the nation, and we can sit back and relax in the warm, inclusive glow of the NSDWP convention which, we’re told, is going to be an endless tribute to women and minorities.

Or, as the tolerant liberals like to call them, dirty useless whore house niggers.



  1. 1
    LC LOBO growls and barks:

    Flushed shit that was smarter than these fucks. How do I know ?? Google “Dawson Springs KKK’. That is what I had to deal with growing up.

    And to be “nice” I’d love to shoot every stinking one of them in the face. No, I’m not “just saying”.

  2. 2

    This is simply fucking ridiculous.

  3. 3
    BigDogg growls and barks:

    What this is doing is making blatantly clear to everyone who is not a willingly blind leftist – even those who previously took no interest in such matters – just how slanted the media is toward the left, and how hypocritical the left is. WE have known it for a long time, but a large segment of the population couldn’t or didn’t want to believe it. The left is so desperate now, though, that all pretense of civility and moderation is gone … this is all or nothing time for them.

    As such, we better have our shit together and be ready to defeat them … because the two sides cannot continue to co-exist together. Someone has to go.

  4. 4
    LibraryGryffon growls and barks:

    I posted a link to a fairly mainstream site reporting on that, and am hoping that baby sister sees it, and it starts sinking in.

    Somewhat OT, but as part of the “War on Women” meme, said sister had posted a link to an article about a bill that is being brought up (maybe) in the House, HR212. The article had given it the rather hysterical title of “The Ectopic Pregnancy Death Sentence Act”. Apparently some member of the house thinks we need to define when life begins, and enshrine said decision legally. He is offering up a bill that places that moment at conception, and that the federal and state governments should be allowed to put in place legislation protecting the rights of all human lives under their jurisdiction. Which apparently means to the average leftist that an ectopic pregnancy can’t be terminated, even if it is going to kill the mother.

    I suggested that she should actually read the bill, and that the law gave equal protection to the mother, and that since one is entitled to use force, up to and including deadly force, to prevent another from killing you, that I figured dealing with an ectopic pregnancy was a no brainer.

    She hasn’t answered back, but at least from earlier comments in our discussion, I know that my reasoning is at least perking along in the back of her brain, and hopefully someday it will move to the front.

  5. 5
    LC Spare Parts growls and barks:

    I’m waiting for the day when Chris Mathews unloads on a Man who just turns and drives a fist through his face.

  6. 6
    BigDogg growls and barks:

    LC Spare Parts says:

    I’m waiting for the day when Chris Mathews unloads on a Man who just turns and drives a fist through his face.

    A real man isn’t going to deck an effeminate drunk – not a fair fight. A fart in his face would be more appropriate.

  7. 7
    The Watcher growls and barks:

    Is it just me, or does that smell of desperation compare to the odor of spoiled milk and soiled diapers in a daycare center? :em03:

  8. 8

    We still have hope for change!


    I will let the man who sent me this take credit for it, should he so desire.

  9. 9
    Fa Cube Itches growls and barks:

    LC Spare Parts @ #:

    I’m waiting for the day when Chris Mathews unloads on a Man who just turns and drives a fist through his face.

    Tut, tut, my good man. That would be sinking to their level. We are better than that. We must hold the moral high ground.
    Love and kisses,

    Your GOP Elites.
    PS: Send us money!

  10. 10
    Mark12A growls and barks:

    LC Spare Parts says:

    I’m waiting for the day when Chris Mathews unloads on a Man who just turns and drives a fist through his face.

    Nope. Just a slap across that pussy he uses as his face would be perfect humiliation.

  11. 11
    Tallulah growls and barks:

    Well, y’all, there’s a rumor going around that Clint Eastwood will speak tonight at the RNC.

    Wouldn’t that be a kick?

    Can you see Mathews spewing that venom at Eastwood? heh

    As for the rest, remember: you are known by the quality of your enemies.

  12. 12
  13. 13
    irish19 growls and barks:

    Paladin @ #:
    Just clicked the link and watched it. Fan-fucking-tastic!