Saints Preserve Us!

We’ve just learned, courtesy of the Obongo Campaign, that you’d better be careful if you’ve ever worked for a company that was ever remotely connected to Bain Capital. You see, according to the “new tone” Democrat National Socialist party and their Führer, Mittens causes cancer and no, we’re not talking about the kind that you put on your hands if you had the lack of sense to settle in an area that ever gets cold.

No, we kid you not! According to the brilliant minds of the Ogabe Campaign, this poor bloke lost his wife because Romney gave her cancer!


Bloody well horrifying, if you ask His Imperial Majesty, and it only gets more horrifying when you delve into the details, which the Ogabe campaign strangely failed to do. And by “details” we mean “fact checked the claim.”

You see, Romney left Bain Capital in 1999. The guy in the video then got laid off in 2002. And then, four years later, in 2006, his wife died of cancer!

Do you even begin to recognize the awesome powers of that Mitt Romney character? Forget about us Sith Lords, we’re comparable to fluffy kittens compared to a guy who can reach out and give the wives of former employees in companies shut down two years after he even had anything to do with said company cancer. And then KILL them! Through lack of health insurance, which said employee lost from having been laid off, a fate that no American has ever experienced at the hands of anybody else until that dastardly, time-traveling, EVIL Mitt Romney came along.

Certainly nobody ever lost a job as a result of our Ear Leader Ogabe or his policies. Just ask any single one of the employees of Solyndra. Or the 20,000 employees who got laid off because they weren’t members of Ogabe’s friends, the unions. And lost their pensions too, which they’d no doubt have spent on gun racks and Bud Lights instead of medical care for their loved ones.

OK, alright, you got a point, but at least Ear Leader never reached seven years into the future to murder the wife of a former employee of a company that he had nothing to do with, and did so only because… OK, we’ve got nothing.

It doesn’t change, however, the fact that what the never ever lying, utterly truthful, hopey-changey Ogabe Campaign just let us know of the truly terrifying powers of Mitt Romney. We’re quite frankly shitting our Imperial Robes at the thought of merely saying a naughty word about Mittens, because obviously he doesn’t even need a reason to strike us down with his awesome cancer-causing Powers of Doom.

And then we started checking out the reporting outside of the OgabeMedia (because the Ogabe Steno Pool and Ball Washing Team have already nixed the story since it has become “unhelpful” to their Führer) and we learned that the lady died of cancer a few weeks after she was diagnosed in 2006, as opposed to “after months and years of trying in vain to fight the Cancer That Romney Built™ without the benefit of health insurance, mainly because she refused to go to the doctor until it was too late.”

We also learned that the poor bereaved husband whose wife was murdered by Romney giving her cancer, whom the Ogabe Campaign assured everybody that they had no knowledge of had actually been used by the Ogabe Campaign in no less than two ads previously.

Which is probably the exact time that the Ogabe Scrotum Lickers formerly known as “the media” decided that the Biggest Story of the Century was a Non-Story™.

It’s almost as if they’re lying or something. But that can’t be. The fiddy2ers elected him, after all, because he was the truthiest, honestiest, most transparentiest candidate EVAH, and how can several million sub-retarded wastes of human skin be wrong?

You know, initially we felt quite sorry for the guy in the ad. How could you not? And then we found out that he was a paid whore for the Ogabe Campaign whoring his dead wife’s innocent body out. It’s a good thing that her soul left that body and is now in Heaven. It is really sad, however, that her husband is renting out her rotting carcass for necrophiliac Democrat National Socialists. On the upside, she’s no longer tied to a gigolo who’d let a gaggle of strangers fuck her remains for a few pennies. Not to mention the fact that she won’t ever have to meet him again, seeing as where HE’S going when he finally rids the world of his useless existence and goes to spend the rest of eternity suck-starting Satan’s cock.


Oh, and did we mention that the Ogabe Junta is the single most lawless regime this nation has ever suffered under, and we’re including King George in that assessment. If that’s our future, we’d have been better off not fighting the Revolutionary War. As in “it turned out to be a fucking waste of time, lives and fortunes.”

You look back upon the Founding Fathers and ask yourselves if they would have tolerated even five minutes of the current Junta. Then ask yourselves if they would have approved of us pissing it all away without as much as a whimper. Then ask yourselves, because I’m asking myself that every day now, “what the fuck kind of wimps have we turned into?”

I don’t know the answer to that question. The only thing I DO know that the point of no return is November 6. If we fuck that up as well, there is only one solution left. And I really don’t like that thought, but I know it’s the truth, and the truth is never pleasant.

We have a choice here, and we’re only going to get it once: Either we start taking out the trash, or this nation is over.

I’m as guilty of “putting it off for later” as anybody, I’m no saint here, but I’m getting seriously worried that my putting it off has made the problem and the inevitable consequences that much more horrible, which is exactly the opposite of what I wanted.

All I know is that a whole lot more than just “what’s the name of the next president going to be?” is on the line this November. I’m not saying, either, that Mittens is our Savior, he’s not even fucking close, but I AM saying that it is our last chance to turn the ship around before we reach the inevitable. And it’s also not the end, it will take decades of more work to get back to what we used to be, but if we don’t at least slow the ship down while holding on to our resolve that nothing short of victory is acceptable, then we’re going to have to jump right to the next chapter.

Which will be neither glorious nor wonderful, but we’ll have no choice.


  1. 1
    LC Light29ID growls and barks:

    Remember that if you tell the lie over and over again it becomes the truth. Also remember that 20-25% of the population of this country are either a) traitors b) brainwashed damaged c) psychotic loons or d) a combination of the above and must never, under any circumstances, be let out unsupervised. Look at what happened four years ago we took our eyes off the ball.

    They are going to go to despotic depths to win (or burn it down if they don’t) that even Hitler or Stalin wouldn’t have sunk to. There will be blood before and after November.

  2. 2
    LC Xystus growls and barks:

    …suck-starting Satan’s cock.

    I’m shocked, shocked! His Sithness failed to include his trademark “barbed.”

  3. 3
    angrywebmaster growls and barks:

    Is there anyone here is good with video editing, etc?

    Perhaps we can put together our own YouTube ad talking about those 20K people that TurboTax Timmy swindled out of their pensions.

    I call for the formation of Rott Pac! :em01:

  4. 4
    ohio right wing nut growls and barks:

    The thing that pissed me off when everybody started talking about this guy and his wife was how she couldn’t get health care?
    Did he not say she went to the doctor?
    I’m confused, do insurance companies provide health care or do doctors?

  5. 5
    Mark12A growls and barks:

    Insurance won’t help stage 4 cancer. Obamacare would just send her down the road with morphine. Of course, like a later post says, this president has no honor, morals, or ethics…just maintain power at any and all costs.

    Perhaps he’ll understand what “any and all costs” may consist of if he pushes too much harder.

  6. 6
    LC_Salgak growls and barks:

    If Darth Romnus was THAT powerful, why haven’t Ogabe, Moochelle, Nancita Pellousy, and Harry the Pederast all not come down with raging cases of Cancer ????

  7. 7

    Mark12A says:

    Perhaps he’ll understand what “any and all costs” may consist of if he pushes too much harder.

    Indeed. If you’re in the neighborhood when the SHTF, drop by the house. Weapons and ammunition, I gots them.

  8. 8
    LC Jackboot IC/A growls and barks:

    If I’m not mistaken here, I think I heard via The Great One that the wife had been working at the time of her diagnosis and had health care of her own. As Mark said above not much to be done with Stage 4 (or N) short of keeping the pt comfy with just short of fatal pain control.

    As a friend has said, I think Obama will become increasingly reckless over the next 3 months as the Desperation Index increases.

    If Romney sticks to tradition he’ll use the Veep as his attack dog against the accelerating smears and character assassination in progress. I just wish he’d get off the shitter and do it though. Fuck a bunch of waiting for the convention he needs to go on the offensive right the fuck now.

  9. 9
    LC R6 growls and barks:

    First time I saw this ad, way before the controversy started, I looked at my wife and said “can you believe this political whore pimping out his DEAD wife for a campaign?!!!!!

    I didn’t feel sorry for him for one second. I feel bad that his dead wife was married to him though.

  10. 10
    tweell growls and barks:

    And just when it looked like it couldn’t get worse:

    Soptic was offered a buyout, but refused it. Next year he was let go.

    He got another job, but refused that company’s health care coverage. After all, his wife was covered by her job’s insurance.

    She lost her job in 2003, but he never changed his health insurance. Three years later she was diagnosed with cancer and died.

    And he blames Romney?

  11. 11
    LC Sir Rurik, K.o.E. growls and barks:

    Histroy always repeats itself, first as tragedy and then as farce. In 2008 we had Joe The Plumber; now the have Joe Soptic Septic in their tank. For starters, this guy was a steel worker, i.e. a member of the Steelworkers Union. The head of the Steelworkers Union is Leo Gerard. Google search him and see if you like what you find. Some suggest he is the real had of the revolutionary wing of International Labor, and the man who destroyed Brazil’s economy. More influential in this malladministration than even Ayers, Trumka, Soros, or Rathke, though they are all on the same team. And now (by chance?) we have a former Steel Unionist, currently a janitor, Joe Septic show up?

  12. 12
    Mark12A growls and barks:

    The more I see this and the more I hear about this story, it just seems this poor bastard is simply trying to blame someone for a tragic loss. Sucks, but it’s better than blaming yourself. Which he shouldn’t do, either.

    What’s beyond contempt is that asshole Obama not repudiating this, but it seems this doesn’t hurt his “likeability index”.

  13. 13
    Fa Cube Itches growls and barks:

    LC Light29ID @ #:

    “They are going to go to despotic depths to win (or burn it down if they don’t) that even Hitler or Stalin wouldn’t have sunk to.”

    No offense, but they really can’t top Hitler’s Nerobefehl. They could match it, and they could maybe have people in place to carry it out to a greater extent, but there’s really nothing beyond that.

  14. 14
    LC Spare Parts growls and barks:

    If there’s on e thing the Left knows better than anybody, it’s how to harness emotion. They admit their intention is making enough people believe Romney is Snidely Whiplash and enough people will. It’s been nice knowing all y’all.

  15. 15
    LC Sir Rurik, K.o.E. growls and barks:

    To only slightly paraphrase a certain Deadfish, “Never let a personal tragedy go to waste”.

  16. 16
    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    1. The steel plant was already on the skids BEFORE Bain tried to save it.

    2. Cheap imports from Asia led to the closure? of that plant.

    3. By closing THAT plant, Bain SAVED jobs at their OTHER steel facilities.

    4. Fast-forward 5 YEARS later: Soptic had declined insurance for his wife at his janitorial job. Mrs. Soptic had insurance of her own.

    5. NO insurance could have spared her from terminal lung cancer within 22 days from diagnosis. She thought she only had pneumonia.

    Now ya know the truth.