And you thought they charged your NoK for just the bullet

Via Ace:

Oh, Boy: PEPCO Hitting Cutstomers With Special Charge… To Cover The Income They Lost When They Couldn’t Sell Power During Their Blackout

What? Huh?


Just so you understand: Some people in the area afflicted by the derecho went without power for a week. People were, understandably, hopping mad at the power companies for taking so long to get the juice turned back on.

Turns out, they’re the real victims, and will be billing customers a special charge for the power they didn’t/couldn’t use.

Some of you [in Maryland] will see an extra charge in your next electric bill because Pepco and BGE lost moneywhen they couldn’t charge customers to deliver power during the storm outage.

Only regulators in Maryland allow utilities to recoup lost billings by invoicing customers directly.

“Not good. Not good at all, that’s not a good thing,” said Maryland power customer Alice Jenkins “I must call Pepco and ask them about that.”

“It’s the law,” said Pepco spokesman Bob Hainey. “It’s called bill stabilization.”

Hainey asked whether this reporter was capable of understanding the online explanation at of the Bill Stabilization Adjustment and declined to comment when he realized he was on the record.

“I’m not talking anymore,” Hainey said. “I hear you typing.”



  1. 1
    Darth Venomous growls and barks:

    “I’m not talking anymore,” Hainey said. “I hear you typing.”

    He thinks that’s something, he should hear us racking.

  2. 2
    LC BU1 IMotBP growls and barks:

    Seems the list of people/organizations in need of a new hemp neck tie is growing.

  3. 3
    BigDogg growls and barks:

    You know … power companies have to have trucks and vehicles, and those vehicles have windows and tires, and sometimes tools and lift systems …

  4. 4
    LC TerribleTroy growls and barks:

    Just calculate the daily rate and deduct that amount from your payment. Then you tell em “That’s a real nice transformer you got up that pole down the street. Hey, how much do those thimgs cost anyway?” What a fucking scam. When did they enact this “law”? Wouldn’t they have insurance to cover the loss anway? Wonder how long it will take for media service providers to jump on the bandwagon? Why not the fuckin cell company? These people are going to fuck around and fuck around until they get themselves smoked.

  5. 5
    LC Fei Long growls and barks:

    LC TerribleTroy @ #:
    Nah. It’s only like a dollar. But they still must be punished; eye for an eye should apply. They need to install special heaters at the offices of those with whom responsibility lies (PEPCO and the state). Let the fuckers try living in heat in excess of 100°F all day every day. That’s what they’ve been doing for their customers and taxpayers, some of them for 10 days. Thumbs up rectums everywhere. This is very typical of this particular utility for many years now. Last year, it was the company with the lowest American Customer Satisfaction Index. They earned it.

    I probably shouldn’t have said anything sympathetic about the People’s Republic or the District of Communism, but the people there are people and I can’t help it. Meanwhile, I shall waste no more words on the inhumane scumbags that run this “power” company and the tax structures that drive “the rich” into this glorious Commonwealth (not complaining, except the drivers around here are getting shittier every year thanks to blue state leakage).


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    Secondmouse growls and barks:

    Will the last person to leave Maryland please leave the lights on just to piss off the power company? Thank you.

  7. 7
    LC SmokeyBehr growls and barks:

    Those people that had to throw away food, rent generators, move to hotels, or otherwise spend money that they didn’t have to should send their bills to PEPCO and see how they like it.