The Economy is Doing Just Fine

You know what else the shaded area indicates? The beginning of the first budget issued by the Socialist Democrat Congress.






  1. 1
    ohio right wing nut growls and barks:


    How dare you present facts…Off with your head!!!

    Sorry, I was channeling my inner Democrap Socialist.


  2. 2
    LC Spare Parts growls and barks:

    The parasites in this country who are bleeding us out are doing just fine. And when there’s nothing left to take… :em03:

  3. 3
    Fa Cube Itches growls and barks:

    The problem is clear – the tax rates are too low. People don’t know how to spend money properly; only governments can do that! :em01:

  4. 4
    Igor, Imperial Booby growls and barks:

    Oh, c’mon now! Odumbo inherited the worst economy since The Great Depression, don’cha know!!

    Whatthehell are you, some kind of scaremonger? Who are you going to believe, the Lamestream Libtard Media, or those lying “facts”!!


  5. 5
    KArnold growls and barks:

    This wouldn’t make me feel so bad if the loss of jobs was among mainstream media “journalists,” green activists, politicians, and the occasional TelePrompTer-reading community organizer.

  6. 6
    The Watcher growls and barks:

    I think I figured out why Demorrhoids think the economy’s just fine.

    Step 1: view the graph…
    Step 2: try to tuck your head between your legs and stick it up your fundamental orifice (the common position of Democrats)
    Step 3: view the graph in that position.

    Viola – the graph looks like everything’s coming up roses.

  7. 7
  8. 8
    Elephant Man growls and barks:

    Looking at that graph and the accompanying democrat spin reminds me of this commercial. 😆