Oh Ferchrissakes STOP It, You Pathetic Doormats!

We thought, thought we’d said everything that we needed to say about Barack John Roberts’ hackery and the ObamaTax decision, and we would have been happy with that, but the rest of the punditsphere just can’t seem to let it go, which is all good and fine. Gives us a break trying to keep up with what’s going on out there.

If it hadn’t been for the pathetic sight of otherwise intelligent (in the main) individuals running around trying desperately to spin up something wonderful, coming up with some sort of excuse for Roberts the Legislator’s atrocious decision, whining about how “sure, it wasn’t what we hoped for, but he’s such a nice person otherwise and really, shouldn’t we all just cut him a break?” or “sure, on the face of it it looks like hackery of the first water, but really you can make the case that he was acting in good faith and, besides, it was brilliant like anything when you look at it closer!”

And hold your head just so, squint a bit and stand on one foot, we’re sure.

Listen, peasants of the punditsphere, it really IS quite simple:

Roberts first accepted that it wasn’t a tax because otherwise he and the court would have had to defer judgment until it had actually been collected (Anti-Injunction Act, The, look it up). Then he obviously accepted that it was a tax, because that was the entire foundation for his sloppy slurping of Ogabe’s nutsack. So it was simultaneously a tax and not a tax. Schroedinger’s Mandate, or something. Didn’t he once, during his hearings, say something about how Supreme Court Justices should be “calling it a ball or a strike?” Congrats, you insufferably arrogant twatstain, you called this one a ball and a strike. Whattajudge!

As if that wasn’t enough, he then proceeded to rewrite the law he was supposed to be judging so it would pass muster and he could reach the result he had already decided that he wanted, inserting the word “tax” where, heretofore, only the word “penalty” could be found. That’s what’s called “legislating from the bench”, and it used to be something that at least conservatives could agree was a Bad Thing™, but obviously that’s too un-nuanced now that “conservatives” are busy making up excuses for “their” boy in vain hopes that he’ll come back to them and make wild, compassionate monkey love to them again.

Seriously, Roberts apologistas, your boyfriend is making Justice Blackmun and his penumbras and emanations look like a towering monument to intellect, honesty and jurisprudence, and if you can’t see it, then you need an intervention and some serious therapy sessions.

Whether or not this is going to be good or bad in the long run and whatever in the name of Odin All-father’s Aching Hemorrhoids his intentions were behind carrying out this impeachable abortion of justice are good subjects to discuss, but there is absolutely no denying that Roberts bent the Law over the tailgate of a pickup and reamed it like a jackhammer on steroids.

We’ll finish with a quote:

The reaction of the GOP loyalists has been amusing, too. They’ve spent the last several days staggering around the internet, sporting a shiner and telling us they ran into a doorknob and that John Roberts really does love them and he always buys them flowers to make up afterwards. It’s just pathetic.

“Pathetic” is too kind, but other than that it’s spot on.

So why don’t you petukhi doormats put a slab of beef on that shiner of yours and piss off back in the kitchen? Because your boyfriend is going to be really pissed off if there isn’t a sandwich and a cold six-pack waiting for him when he gets home from whoring with all of his liberal bimbos, and then what would you do?

We’d call you a bunch of submissive, whiny cunts, but that would be a grave insult to innocent female genitals everywhere.




  1. 1

    It remains to be seen the fall out from this. Even if it WASN’T his intent, it sure does seem the result. We just need to make sure we get the Congress, and light a fire under Romneyavitch’s ass.

  2. 2
    HempRopeAndStreetlight growls and barks:


    Oh yeah, patting the RINOS on the ass and telling the likes of McConnell and Boehner to pretend they are conservatives is going really light a fire under Barack Willard Romneycare’s ass. Short of a constitutional convention or an open declaration of revolution, nothing is going to undo this happy horseshit. And the Republicans like that just fine thank you very much.

    Weather we end up with white Obama or Black Obama come November – I can promise you one thing… you will be stabbed in the back again by the Republican party. In some ways, they are worse than the commies running the democrat side of the D.C. septic tank: The liberals pretty much tell you upfront that they intend to kill you. The republicans smile, pat you on the back, and slit your throat in the middle of the night.

    There is nothing good about this shit, and short of a constitutional amendment stopping this happy horseshit or open bloody warfare, NOTHING is going to fix this.

    “Oh we can make everything rainbows and unicorn turds if we just put the assholes that got done prison raping us back in power come November.”


    Battered wife syndrome does not even begin to cover this.

  3. 3
    BigDogg growls and barks:

    HempRopeAndStreetlight says:

    Battered wife syndrome does not even begin to cover this.


  4. 4
    MarineVet1995 growls and barks:

    BigDogg says:

    HempRopeAndStreetlight says:

    Battered wife syndrome does not even begin to cover this.


    Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  5. 5
    LC Jackboot IC/A growls and barks:

    The Great One had it right out of the box. Roberts went rogue and fucked us but good. There’s no nuanced Machiavellian plan at work here, just more treachery from a Republican appointee. Fucking STOP making a Silk Purse outta this rape.

  6. 6
    LC Spare Parts growls and barks:

    We have no place to go on election day. The cold, calculating plutocrats engineered this so that people who want Real Freedom can never win politically. But we have Never Been Free. The middle class has been crushed in an economic/social vise since the New Deal and before, through racketeering. The Real American Dream is now officially defunct. So many people absolutely abhor the idea that an average person should have the Right to accumulate enough wealth to become a law unto himself and never be forced to bow to institutional authority, that my utterance of it in public incurs wrath from any and all. I’m told, “you have to go along with the crowd.” The sheeple of the untied states have grumbled as they plod back to their pen.

  7. 7
    LC FX Phillips growls and barks:

    Good thing we have a guy who will take advantage of this greatest of all gifts the oh so brilliant John Roberts gave us….or maybe not

    But surely Mitch McConnell will be emboldened if we make him majority leader…wait…not so fast

    What good are all our efforts to elect these guys gonna be when they start mewling about how hard it is and that the overhead lights blinded them and that the Democrats didn’t give them the password to the thermostat so that it was to cold to take a vote on repealing one of the most destructive and unconstitutional pieces of legislation. in the history of the country. The point being they always have an excuse as to why they can’t do the right thing.

    Yeah the “politics” are going just fine.

    What a clusterfuck..

  8. 8
    LC Sir Rurik, K.o.E. growls and barks:

    I can understand Roberts Rules of Reasoning, defering to the legislature and advising unhappy citizens to seek a legislative remedy by repeal and new laws. But I am puzzled why thisd eminently reasonable argument did not apply the day before when he handed down the ruling in the Arizona case. Oh so maybe he had an epiphany over night? Then why did he not apply this new found insight on the wisdom of deference to the legislators the next day in the Stolen Valor Ruling? Why should it not be required that that law must be changed by legislative action? Perhaps because Alvarez was a Democrap candidate?
    And now Bitch McCornhole tells us there’s nothhing much can be done?
    Doing a quick consult of Article III, reminds me that the judges of both ” …. the Supreme and inferior courts shall shall hold their office during good behaviour ….” (nb: not for life). “Good behaviour” is another of those ill-defined terms much like “natural born”, because the voting classes back then took it for granted that if you wrote in plain English, people would interpret it in common sense English. “In Good Behaviour” means clearly “until good behaviour ceases and becomes bad behaviour”. It was only later, and mistakenly, that in good behaviour came to be misinterpreted as meaning in funcioning peristalsys. The actions of John Roberts, and also hte failure of Elena Kagan to properly recuse herself, count as not good behaviour. and should be grounds for removal.

    The only thing to give pause, is my fear that if another vacancy were to open, COOTUS might appoint, and a Demoncrat Senate might confirm Queen Mooch to the Bench as a parting gift.

  9. 9
    HempRopeAndStreetlight growls and barks:

    “I can understand Roberts Rules of Reasoning, defering to the legislature and advising unhappy citizens to seek a legislative remedy by repeal and new laws.”

    How? How in the fuck can anyone call the meandering gibberish that is the “Robert’s” opinion be considered “reasoned” by any stretch.

    This tortured bilge makes Dread Scott look tame by contrast. Reasoned????!?!


    Here let me challenge that senile sack of shit for a few moments… ahem…

    “Here you go government… you now have unlimited and unfettered power to compel ANYTHING and everything with a tax. No limits! Enjoy! Oh yeah… I’ll say a few things about the commerce clause… but, that means jack-shit since it’s just my brainless yammering, not actually an official court opinion. Merry Christmas King Obama!!!”

    This wasn’t good, it wasn’t reasoned, it was a hatchet job, and the asshole made a bloody mess of your children’s futures. Fuck, let’s think more immediately – hey Boomers…. I suggest you go familiarize yourself with an oldy but a goodie: Logan’s Run.

    How does murdering that last tattered scraps of our freedom seem well reasoned?

    This wasn’t 11D chess.

    It was a 3d blow job for jug-ears and his gibbering pack of commie-rat-fuckers. And Roberts spit the happy ending all over the constitution.

    In better times, betrayal at this level of magnitude would be solved with a short rope and a telegraph pole.


  10. 10
    HempRopeAndStreetlight growls and barks:

    Goddamn phone auto spelling correct. Lousy piece of junk how do turn this shit off and make it type what I write. Even the phones are statist garbage that tries to think for you.

  11. 11
    LC TerribleTroy growls and barks:

    HempRopeAndStreetlight @ #:
    The solution to your digital communication device problem lies within the users manual, not to be cofused with the pos lil handbook they include at sale. The manual is avail online. Had a similar prob when I got this one. That and my fat thumbs caused me to have issues. And I already got enough fucking issues.