Of Useless Brats and Attacking the Defenseless

We haven’t written about the elderly lady bus monitor who was verbally abused, mocked, threatened (yes, threatened with actual violence), ridiculed for her looks and telling her that she didn’t have a family because they’d all killed themselves to avoid being near her. Real life fact: Her son committed suicide 10 years ago.

There’s a reason that we haven’t written a word about those hell-spawn, soulless, wasted abortion opportunities, worthless demon critters, and it’s because every time we tried, we had to stop in order to keep us from looking up where they lived so we could go beat them to bloody smears on the concrete, and we really don’t believe that would serve any purpose.

It’s not like Karma is not going to come back at some point in their utterly pointless, wasted lives and run their disgusting little pimpled asses over like a steamroller, at which point we hope that we hear about it so we can laugh, laugh, laugh and laugh some more.

But our Imperial Sestrichka wrote about it, and we’re glad she did. Because not only does she have an inimitable way with words, she also managed to talk us down from a frothing ledge of raving, spitting, apocalyptic fury while, at the same time, giving the demon spawn and their contemptible excuses for parents a well-deserved tongue lashing.

Incidentally, while we most certainly don’t condone such behavior and hope, sincerely, that it was just a case of righteously indignant actual human beings (as opposed to the tween wastes of sperm) venting with no actual intentions of ever doing anything, we couldn’t help but smile coldly when we learned that the disgusting little shits had been getting death threats in the wake of the video going viral.

So how do YOU like it, you contemptible little fucksicles? Not so much fun now, is it? But don’t worry. If those threatening you had actually intended to do you harm, they wouldn’t be telling you. You’ll learn that when you get old enough to grow hair on your lips.

Anyway. Another thing that has been putting a smile on our lips regarding this otherwise wholly disgusting affair, it’s that the collection that was started to buy Mrs. Klein the bus monitor a vacation had passed $600,000 the last time we heard about it. If we had our way, the brats in question ought to be sent to forced labor camps digging for uranium with a rusty spork until they had matched every cent of whatever the total ends up being with their earnings. $1.25/hr would seem a fair wage for them.



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    Lady H growls and barks:

    Great post, Nicki. I posted about this on my Facebook page and said my kid would not have been able to sit down for a month had he done something like this. I hope this poor lady thinks the world is a much kinder place now than what these vermin wanted her to think.
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  2. 2
    LC Roguetek growls and barks:

    600,000? holyfuckingshit.

  3. 3
    Secondmouse growls and barks:

    I am going to go out on a limb and estimate that the vast majority of that money was donated by people of a conservative persuasion, with an average income of $50,000 a year or so.

  4. 4
    FreeCanuck growls and barks:

    I’d like to see how these little cretins act if they put a six-foot Marine vet on that bus. Especially a drill instructor. :em05: I’d sell tickets to watch.

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    DJ Allyn growls and barks:

    I am trying to stifle a yawn here.

    A few months ago I made the conscious effort to divorce myself from almost all political talk radio (Stephanie Miller being the exception only because she is funny) Instead, the three-hour block of talk that I choose to listen to is from 3-6PM on KIRO FM where I can hear the Ron and Don show. (hold on, I am getting to it…)

    Ordinarily, they have great topics to talk about (and usually non-political), but the other day was just excruciatingly mind numbing. It was this talk about the bus monitor.

    Here is MY take on all of this. I am old, but I still remember what being a seventh grader was all about. I even raised three of them, so I got a refresher course.

    I am sorry, but kids at that age are — well, fucking insane. Unless there is some serious discipline, these hyperactive packages of explosive hormones will go ape shit out of control. It is a wonder that any kid lives past the age of thirteen without being drowned in a toilet.

    I am not sure what this woman was doing working as a “bus monitor”. Instead of being a monolith of authority, she quickly became the whipping post. It is no wonder that the kids got further out of control — she wasn’t providing any. No consequences, no nothing.

    And where was the bus driver in all of this? If I had been that bus driver, I would have been all over those air brakes, pulled the bus over and started taking names and phone numbers. I would have also insisted on getting a more effective “bus monitor ” in the future.

    Don’t get me wrong, what these kids did was inexcusable. This woman did not deserve to be treated that way. From what I understand, one of the kid’s father, after finding out what happened, said that his kid was going to have a “life-changing experience” by the time he was done with the kid.

    Kids are cruel. As lovable as we see our own kids, there is a side of them that we don’t see if they are left to their own devices. At that age, they need constant discipline with rigid rules.
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    LC Roguetek growls and barks:

    I think I need a drink. I actually agree with DJ.

    She had authority, and declined to use it.

    Then again, getting consequences to stick to kids in school these days is like trying to push piss uphill with your bare hands. Theoretically possible, but highly difficult.

    Easy enough to see her back at square one, surrounded by those little bastards, who now -know- she tried to get them held accountable…. and failed.

    So glad this aint my problem.

  7. 7
    Fa Cube Itches growls and barks:

    Lots of people criticized the IRA for kneecappings and punishment beatings, but sometimes, they did have a point….

  8. 8
    Secondmouse growls and barks:

    Rogue, you are correct in observing that this woman did not defend herself, but my sons would never have put this old woman in the position of having to choose to defend herself against children. I suspect this is true for any other members here who have or are raising young ones themselves.

    There is over $600,000 worth of gifts from people realizing that what took place here is wrong and malignant, in a ‘Lord of the Flies’ kind of way. This measures something more than ‘kids will be kids’.

  9. 9
    Lady H growls and barks:

    You teach your kids respect for their elders. PERIOD. No excuses.

    Fifty years ago you wouldn’t have seen something like this because school authorities did get to properly discipline kids and then the kids came home to more punishment. This is just another page in the broken society we live in nowadays.

    No yawns here at all because I would not have let this go if I was in any way involved.
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  10. 10
    Draven32 growls and barks:

    I’m willing to be she pretty much wasn’t allowed to do anything to the little demons.

  11. 11
    LC Grammar Czar, G.L.O.R. growls and barks:

    It’s easy for you men to sit there and say, “yeah, well, she should have defended herself, yada, yada.” It would be far easier for you to command respect and discipline than it is for a woman, especially an older woman. What should she have done in the face of those hooligans? Called them out? In THIS day and age? You’re kidding, right? These gangs of kids are far more vicious and cruel than they were in my day.

    Had she contacted the police or the school office, what then? You really think some of them wouldn’t have come to her house to “teach her a lesson”? It’s better that it come out the way it did. They cannot accuse her of “tattling,” thus setting herself up for further “lessons.”

  12. 12
    Emperor Misha I growls and barks:

    LC Grammar Czar, G.L.O.R. @ #:

    Yep. You’re right.

    I mean, I too get the “why the fuck was she just sitting there?”, but then again this ain’t our parents’ America.

    If she’d as much as raised her voice against those filthy little cumblobs, she’d have been on the receiving end of a smackdown by the school district and a horde of land shark ambulance chasers hired by the punks’ “parents” because she’d hurt their precious little sunflowers’ precious self-esteem or some such retarded liberal fuckheadedness.

    We wouldn’t be reading stories about a sweet grandma being tortured and molested by a bunch of poster boys for nth trimester abortion, we’d be reading news stories about a psychologically unstable old harridan brutally abusing her position and terminally destroying the poor kids’ fragile little psyches, followed by about 79,000 column inches by concerned liberal fucktards wondering if we shouldn’t really be using the death penalty for adults behaving like that.

    So what’s the point of having bus monitors, I hear you ask. Good question. What’s the point of sending our troops into harm’s way and then tie both arms behind their backs, lest they offend the tender sensibilities of savage subhumans who ought, by right, to be drowned en masse in giant vats of sulfuric acid? Not comparing bus monitors and troops, mind you, I’m just trying to point out that we, as a society, have an enormous problem letting people do the dad gum fucking JOB they were ASSIGNED to do.

    Finally, secondmouse has is exactly right. If the Imperial Heirs ever came back from school and told me they’d witnessed and incident like this one, they’d damn well better follow it up immediately with a graphic description of how they turned the mutant freaks into so many smears of whimpering, bloody pounds of ground meat, and they’d better have the scrapes on their knuckles to prove it!

    It’s one thing for somebody to be powerless to defend his or her own self for whatever reason, but to witness such a situation and NOT to intervene with maximum justifiable power on behalf of the victim immediately, without hesitation and with utter disregard for consequences is not merely cowardly, it’s so dishonorable as to immediately forfeit your right to ever call yourself a human being again.

    Yes, Mr. or Mrs. bus driver, I’m fucking well looking at YOU TOO!
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    LC Ogrrre growls and barks:

    I think she would have been totally justified in breaking an arm or two, crushing some testicles, fracturing a hyoid bone, and plucking an eyeball… you know, for the encouragement of the others. That would have been the best behaved bunch of school bus passengers evah!
    Unfortunately, had she done so, the dumbasses who have allowed the country to deteriorate to its current state would have prosecuted the lady. Personally, I don’t give a shit about their ages. My siblings and I, and indeed, all of the kids in my neighborhood growing up, were all taught right from wrong before we started school. And, if any of us had pulled this kind of shit, and our parents found out about it, we would not have been able to sit down for a week.

  14. 14
    Emperor Misha I growls and barks:

    LC Ogrrre says:

    I think she would have been totally justified in breaking an arm or two, crushing some testicles, fracturing a hyoid bone, and plucking an eyeball… you know, for the encouragement of the others. That would have been the best behaved bunch of school bus passengers evah!

    Not disagreeing there at all. However, one thing that works even better than physical punishment on males of that age group in particular is public humiliation.

    I like the Imperial Sestrichka’s suggestion that the brats be forced to do chores around Karen’s house all summer long, and the worst chores thinkable too, but I, being the Evil Bastard that I am, had they been my kids, would have dressed them up in pink ballerina skirts too before sending them off to “work” every single damn day.

    And I’d be recording every minute of it, letting them know that if they as much as got close to failing in their duties, I’d be uploading the recordings to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and every other place I could think of immediately with their full names attached.

    I’d have their fragile little psyches trembling in unholy terror so hard it would max out the Richter Scale.
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    DJ Allyn growls and barks:

    Emperor Misha I @ #12:

    It all boils down to discipline and the FEAR of consequences. From what I saw of the video there was neither hence the predictable response from the kids.

    Seriously, at this age, these kids might be able mouth the concept of decency, but when it actually comes down to it, they are not all that aware of what they are doing.

    Yes, we would ALL like to think our kids — OUR progeny — is so above all of that, but when left to their own devices and there is no real push back from the adults on that bus? Does anyone really wonder how it got to be that way?

    I am fully certain that these aren’t bad kids per se. Probably very well behaved in most cases. But when the pack mentality takes over, and there is obviously little or no apparent authority being exercised, can you really be all that surprised at the outcome?

    Misha, your kids haven’t quite reached that age, have they? Steel yourself, because it makes the terrible twos look like a cakewalk. Most of the time the parents aren’t even aware as to how Junior is acting with his peers.

    Again, I doubt seriously that these are bad kids. I almost had the feeling that this was a set up. Where was the friggin’ bus driver through all of this? Could he or she be THAT oblivious?

    Ogrrre, violence is NOT the answer to controlling 12 and 13 year olds. Breaking arms and crushing testicles? Probably a good thing you don’t work with kids.

    Kids are easily controlled though, but you actually have to put off an air of authority. You aren’t there to be their “friend” but you are also not there to be their mortal enemy — unless they cross you. Then you have an entire repertoire of tools to strike mental fear into their little minds.

    The most obvious would be to kick their narrow asses off of the bus for a week. Let Dad or Mom drive them to school. i am pretty sure that given the choice, Mom and Dad would MUCH rather they take the bus.

    Perhaps a few hours after school might also be a deterrent. I did a few myself when I was that age, and I can say that my parents hated it more than I did — and they showed me how much they hated it.

    Kids CRAVE discipline. They might not act like it, but they do. They want boundaries that they can push but be able to push them too far that they end up pulling back a stump. Thirteen year olds are a strange species that way.
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  16. 16
    Emperor Misha I growls and barks:

    DJ Allyn says:

    Seriously, at this age, these kids might be able mouth the concept of decency, but when it actually comes down to it, they are not all that aware of what they are doing.

    Yes, we would ALL like to think our kids — OUR progeny — is so above all of that, but when left to their own devices and there is no real push back from the adults on that bus? Does anyone really wonder how it got to be that way?

    No, I don’t, Deej, it’s utterly predictable. Kids are kids, they will be kids, they will seek boundaries because they don’t know where those are yet. I don’t blame them for that. What our problem is that we’ve outlawed SETTING those boundaries. All they’re doing is to find out how much they can get away with and, let’s be honest, we’ve ALL done that. Most of us still probably do in some way. Our tax returns, for instance. Even the most law-abiding among us, and I like to think of myself as one, are forever pushing as hard as we can to see how many deductions we can legally claim. Just one example. We never grow out of it.

    The difference being that we, having grown up as part of a generation where pissing outside the lines had really bad consequences, know that if we push it too hard, if we cross the line, we’re going to be nose-deep in shit so we don’t. Most of us. I don’t really care about the tiny percentage who couldn’t care less because they think they’re invincible. They’re outliers and should be disregarded in any study.

    The problem arises when, throughout your formative years, there are no consequences of crossing the borderline, or at least no consequences comparable to the benefit of ignoring the lines.

    And we’ve done a bloody great job as a society making sure that the adorable little tykes will never have to face any consequences at all. You try to put the Fear of G-d into the little brats if they transgress to keep them from harming themselves, others or both (and again, they don’t KNOW any better unless we TEACH them, that’s OUR job) and you’ll find yourself up on charges for “abuse.” We’ve actually regressed as a society to the point where the hormonal little imps know that they have the upper hand in a legal battle, should anybody ever try to stop them.

    You think it’s bad NOW? Just wait until those little demons with no inhibitions whatsoever grow to be adults. Their entire lives they’ve learned that they’re precious, that they’re the center of the universe, that they can basically do no wrong and, even if they do, it’s not their fault and it’s unfair and illegal to face them with facts, and the Zombie Apocalypse will look like a walk in the park by comparison.

    And it’s just around the corner.

    I don’t blame kids for being kids, I have two of my own and I used to be one myself. I was an idiot, they’re idiots now, but what taught me right from wrong was that doing wrong had consequences, bad ones, so I learned to avoid doing bad things.

    You can’t teach a kid, you certainly couldn’t have taught me, that you shouldn’t do wrong because that might earn you a sincere, warm, understanding, non-judgmental talk.

    I have taught my kids, and I know full well that it won’t keep them from being stupid, it didn’t stop ME, and I’ve repeated it to them over and over again to the point where they’re beginning to get it that I love them, I would die for them and not have a single regret about it, that I would love to be their buddy, but that I’m their parent first and foremost and that I will enforce that if they won’t follow the rules of civilized society.

    We get along fine as a result. They know that the only thing worse than fucking up, I’ve told them that we all do, myself included, is not admitting to it. We can fix fuckups, but we can’t fix dishonesty.

    They’re my responsibility. If they turn out to be fuckups, it’s because I failed. And I will fail in many ways, but I will never, ever, let them escape consequences if they fuck up and I find out about it. I’ll be there to help them pick up the pieces because I love them more than anything, but they can’t grow if they don’t ever have to face the consequences of their own actions.
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  17. 17

    Deej, I have to disagree with you. The school system puts an elderly woman on a bus, and hopes that her mere presence will somehow deter troublemakers. She’s a bus MONITOR, not a cop, and I guarantee you that the moment she took one of those sniveling shitfucks in hand and actually DID something about it, she would be fired, sued, etc.

    Yes, kids are mean. We know this. I was abused by everyone as a kid in the USSR because of my funny last name. I had to tolerate taunts, pinches, the teachers forcing me to take a nap in a chair, while everyone else had little beds in kindergarten, hitting, poking, name-calling and other such assaults. I know kids are heartless. But this goes a bit beyond that. They felt not just no remorse, but no fear at abusing an adult. They gathered around this woman like senseless monkeys and slung shit at her until she broke down. They broke her down and kept kicking her. At least the fucking Soviet fuckwarts stopped after I was down.


    Come on, Deej! Some people are just soulless pieces of shit.
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  18. 18
    LC Ogrrre growls and barks:

    Caning, anyone? It worked for Fay. It would work for these wastes of sperm. Either that, or next time they stepped out of line just a little bit toward anyone, execute them.

  19. 19
    T growls and barks:

    I Can’t take it anymore. DEEJ – Do you HAVE Kids??”?

    I’ve Raised – That’;s RAISED – FIVE. (Correction – My WIFE AND I ). The youngest is 24 now.
    Summary: Kids LEARN what they are TAUGHT. If you expect (And by expect I mean you DO NOT tolerate not getting what you expect unless consequences follow) them to act like gentlemen and ladies they learn it – from Kindergarden onward. There ain’t much in this world I can say for damn sure, but I know this from my own: They knew they had better act like I was right behind them 24/7, becuase I sure as hell found out sooner or later and there wasn’t ANY statute of limitations in my house. Fuck the lawyers, the it-takes-a-village bullshit and everyone of the child-psychologist childless jerkwads that should be flayed with rusty barbed wire, doused in vinegar and then staked to fire ant mounds.

    Here it is in a nutshell: (1) Raise your own kids to BE the kids you expect them to be. It’s a full time two-person 24/7 job, but you do get to semi retire after 22 or so years. (2) Repeat after me – make your OWN decisions – FUCK what everyone else says. (3) Remind your children – you are always there. Even when they do not want you to be – ESPECIALLY when they do not want you to be. (4) Be there. Stalk them. Listen to everything. They do NOT “DESERVE” privacy – that is a privilege that is earned, and may be suspended for any reason (or none) at any time whatsoever. You as a parent DO NOT EVER have the privilege of saying “I didn’t know”. Think thats’ harsh? Tough shit. You are supposed to be the head of your household. Old fashioned? You frigging bet. (5) Most of all – when they do things right – reward, praise – let’em know you are PROUD of them. Let them know the comments from the neighbors, the teachers, etc… that they are well-spoken, respectful, decent people. Reinforcement works both negative AND positive.

    This ain’t rocket science – but we’ve let the lawyers and “experts” talk us out of our own common sense. “These aren’t bad kids per se”???? WHAT THE FUCK?? Do you think it’s a real far cry from what these little walking shit piles did to this woman to armed robbery? Rape? Murder? Pull your head out of your ass!!

    I could write a freakin’ book here – thirty plus years of raisin’ em, but I’m prouder than a fox ‘et done outrun the pack over the results, and it seriously pisses me off when someone just chalks this bullshit to “kids ‘l be kids”. And just t’ confirm the suspicion that I am also one seriously sexist son of a bitch – the cause of this crap is mostly DAD. Hey, Dad – get yer ass back in the game and apply the hockey stick to these little shits tails to put ‘em back into the straight and narrow.

  20. 20
    dasbow growls and barks:

    LC Nicki the Resident Misanthropic Bitch @ #:
    OK, I gotta admit I would make fun of someone who’s last name was ‘Resident Misanthropic Bitch’, too. Not for long of course, but I would have done it.