A Few Short Thoughts on the Idiocy and Delusions of the Gentry GOP

We haven’t written about Jeb Bush’s pathetic lamentations that the GOP is in thrall to dangerous extremists threatening to tear the party apart and having made it impossible, impossible for the Country Club Republicans to carry on business as usual, which is giving the NSDWP “only” 95% of what they want, the GOP nothing of what we want and then calling it a “victory.”

Because, well… Jeb Bush. Seriously?

Besides, for him to come out screaming and wailing that the “extremist ideologues” plaguing the GOP have made it impossible for the party to nominate, say, another Reagan… AFTER the GOP primaries left us with the pretty much guaranteed nomination of that dangerous, far-right, extremist ideologue Mittens Romney???

We’re sure you’d agree that his statements are self-parodying enough that there is nothing, nothing that even His Imperial Snarkiness could have done to make them sound more ridiculous.

But he does have a point. It would, indeed, be impossible for somebody like Ronald Reagan to be nominated by the NSDWP-fellating GOP today. And last time. And the time before that. As we recall, it was only in spite of the most frantic, flailing attempts by the then-Gentry Play Along to Get Along GOP to deny the nomination to the Gipper that he ended up on the ticket anyway.

And they’ve been butt-hurt ever since. When they’re not busy lying and claiming credit for the guy that they tried all they could to keep off the ticket, that is.

So, really. What poor widdle Jebbie-Boy is really beating his breast about is that if we keep the pressure up to clean out the GOP of RINOs, then we might, someday in the future, end up with another Gipper.

And that, more than anything else, horrifies the Gentry RINO GOP.

Cry us a river, you useless wankers.



  1. 1
    LC FX Phillips growls and barks:

    Funny how Jeb saves all his bile for the rule of law small government constitutionalists in his own party while he says not a word about lawless punks like our erstwhile pResident and his political, media and intellectual henchmen, who mock the rule of law and wipe their ass with law of land. Nary a peep emanates from his ruling class maw about the enslavement of the citizenry to the One’s new and improved Utopia. Instead we get only suggestions for the most comfortable knee pads so that the citizenry won’t get rug burns on their knees while they are forced to fellate a sadistic, bloated and degenerate ruling class. I guess to Jeb statist authoritarian elitist wanna be’s are to be judged as mainstream while those who wish the government actually be bound by the law as it is intended are dangerous freaks.

    Rule of law and limited government= radical ideologue

    Arbitrary rule of a psychotic narcissist and his party of sychophants in order to bring about their fascist wet dream of megalomaniacal control= pragmatist

    Only an intellectual slug can actually think this is proper but Jeb seems to and makes you wonder who really was the dumb one of between him and Shrub.

    I have a suggestion for ruling class Jeb. He can go commune with his ruling class totalitarian confreres in the NDSWP and he can take Colon Powell, John Mc Cain and his fat delusional daughter, Mc Cain’s pale simulacrum and butt boy Lindsey Graham, faux conservative blow hard Chris Christie, the Maine ladies, “Cosmo” Scott Brown, Bush’s doddering old man and his fat mouth mother and any of the other RINO hacks who seem to have affinity for the fascist hellhole Obama has sought to impose all for the sake of comity and compromise.They know damn well what the NDSWP means by compromise. They are the judas goats; there to give a deceitful bipartisan patina to our eventual subjugation. They are there to tut tut as the NDSWP slanders and calumniates and warn us that the so called moderates wil be turned of if we give it back in kind. Of course they never explain in this hair brained scenario why the these mush brained morons will be more offended by our riposte more so than the initial vitriol slung by the bad faith interlocutors of the NDSWP whose dishonesty is manifested from a thousand sources.

    As I have said before the institutionals of both parties long ago settled on the direction they only differ in degree not kind.

    We are keeping a list of these RINO ruling class slugs. Jeb you’re on it.

  2. 2
    LC Ogrrre growls and barks:

    It is a shame that the primary elections aren’t all held on the same day, like the regular election is. That way, every voter in every state will have an equal voice as to who our candidate is.
    Statr the campaigning about 18 months before election day. For 6 months, they would get to debate each other and convince their party members that they would be the best candidate. One year before the election, hold the primary. If a run off is necessary, hold it 6 weeks later. That way, Oklahoma has as much importance to the process as Ohio or Iowa or Florida.
    This would also be good for the down ticket offices. There would be greater turnout for selection of who will be candidate for Congress or Senate, and even state offices that will be decided in a presidential election year.