Found a response to Mayor Bloomtard’s cup fascism from FOX News’ Dr. Manny at the Imperial Sestrichka’s place.

Looks like FOX was trying to fill their Obligatory Dickhead Diversity Quota the day they hired Manny.

Personally, I think it’s about time. Despite the fact that I hate government regulating how we behave, this one makes a lot of sense to me.

And right off the bat the Puling Pudwhacker shorts the logic circuits. Despite the fact that you allegedly hate government regulating you’re OK with government doing just that because, in this case, government regulation of personal behavior “makes a lot of sense to you?” So what other regulatory fascist ideas that you allegedly “hate” would make a lot of sense to you, and just how the fuck is it even relevant whether it does or not? Either you’re for it or you’re against it.

It’s like saying “I’m a Christian, but this whole Christ as the Messiah business just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, so I guess I’ll just say that he wasn’t, but I’m still very much a Christian!”

Yeah. Fuck you. In the kidneys. With a hacksaw.

For decades, the sizes of drinks and food have gotten out of proportion.

Says fucking who, and who died and made that moron king?

Foreigners who come as visitors are often amazed by the portions of the foods that we serve in comparison to the rest of the world.

Oh foreigners, that’s who! And would you care to explain to us just why the everloving fuck we should give two shits about what the rest of the world think of our serving sizes? We didn’t realize that dumb furreigners got a vote in this country, nor did we know that emulating the rest of the world is what America is REALLY all about. We sort of thought that we fought a whole war to get foreigners to mind their own fucking beeswax.

And of course, the fault lies in ourselves, because we keep asking for more and more,

That is, of course, assuming that wanting more of what you like is a “fault”, which is obviously one of your core beliefs. Provided, of course, that what we want more of is something that you, Dr. Manny, disapprove of.

You clearly don’t quite grok the whole idea of “personal liberty”, do you Manny-boy? Unless the way people exercise it is in a fashion that “makes sense” to you, of course, you being the all-knowing, all-wise arbiter of what is right and proper that you are.

and companies are more than happy to oblige and find interesting ways to sell more.

Are you talking about companies happy to produce goods that people actually want? The HORROR of it! Stop the INSANITY! Wouldn’t it be much better if somebody — wait, we can feel an idea coming on here — say the government, instead told all of the companies what to produce and how much of it? In order to not slow things down too much, they could do so every, say, maybe five years or so? What? Somebody already tried that and it didn’t work out too well? Pssh. They just didn’t do it right, but we will!

We’ve come to celebrate restaurants that glorify high-fat, nutritionally deficit foods. Take the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas, for example, which features ‘Triple Bypass Burgers’, and has landed in the news more than once this year after customers collapsed while eating.

And you know what? (That was a rhetorical question, Mewling Manny, because you obviously don’t) One of the main reasons that the Heart Attack Grill became such a huge hit wasn’t that people were craving ‘Triple Bypass Burgers’ — although we have to admit that we’ve become interested since we learned of it — it was because people were sick and fucking tired of governments, health-freaks, well-meaning idiots like you etc. constantly nagging, haranguing, harassing and pestering the shit out of us about us not understanding what’s good for us.

So somebody finally had enough of the bull and said ‘fuck you, Food Nazis, we’ll eat whatever the fuck we like.’

I’m all for a free market economy, but at what cost?

Oh cut it out with all of the “I’m all for, but…” butt-monkeying about, because you’re obviously lying out both sides of your mouth. Nobody’s buying it. You’re all for a free market as long as it’s not actually, you know, FREE?

There have been studies that have found correlations between food portion sizes and rates of obesity, blood pressure and heart disease. A report by the CDC found portions increased 75 percent between 1977 and 1991 – unsurprisingly, we’ve observed huge jumps in obesity rates as well.

There have also been studies finding that the more firemen were present at a fire, the larger the damages were. Clearly we ought to abolish fire departments everywhere or, perhaps, insist that only one fireman be sent out to each fire.

But all that aside, are you really telling us that somebody made a study proving that if you eat more, you get fatter? Well slap us on the dick and call us Billy Jeff, we could have told you that for free!

And your response to this is that we should deny people the right to eat what they want? Oh yes, you surely hate government regulating personal behavior, yes-sirree you do!

Studies have shown that people with more on their plates eat nearly 50 percent more than people who are served smaller portions.

Did anybody make a follow-up study to determine whether the ones eating less (because they had been given less) were still hungry after they’d cleaned their plate, licked it and eaten the silverware?

But still… BRILLIANT, Manny! In order to keep people from eating so much, we just have to take their food away. How long did it take you to come up with that brilliant conclusion? We already know that it took you at least two studies to get pointed in that direction. What are you a doctor of anyway? Interpretative folk dancing?

So, in this case, I’m going to support Mayor Bloomberg. I hope other states follow suit, and hopefully we will all learn that moderation of anything is part of a good lifestyle.

Don’t kill the messenger. Applaud the message.

If your “message” is that you want to control how much I am allowed to stuff in my pie hole, paid for with my own money, then I heartily recommend that you don’t play a messenger boy around my neighborhood because… Let’s just say that I won’t be applauding. You do the math.

You fascist cuntmuffin.


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By Emperor Misha I

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LC Gunsniper
LC Gunsniper
June 3, 2012 00:35

So, in this case, I’m going to support Mayor Bloomberg. I hope other states follow suit, and hopefully we will all learn that moderation of anything is part of a good lifestyle.

…at gunpoint.

Don’t kill the messenger.

Kneecap ’em and send him back rolled up in a rug.

LC hilljohnny
LC hilljohnny
June 3, 2012 11:04
Darth Venomous
June 3, 2012 13:25

I just uploaded the FINAL VERSION for download that includes a change

Guess it’s a Damn Good Thing™ I happened by, hm? :em08:

VonZorch Imperial Researcher
VonZorch Imperial Researcher
June 3, 2012 14:24

Sire, as always I stand in awe of your masterful use of invective. However I do think you are giving this Dr Manny, too much credit.

LC Spare Parts
LC Spare Parts
June 3, 2012 18:26

Bloomturds speeches are redolent of those words to the old song, “in heaven there is no beer, that’s why we drink it here.” Not that NYC is anything like heaven as I’m not destined for either place. The thing with New Yawkahs is their Damned fashion fetishes. Their Towne is the center of the universe and the real issue to… Read more »

June 3, 2012 21:17

Out fucking standing! :em01: :em01:

LC Xystus
June 4, 2012 01:15

So, in this case, I’m going to support Mayor Bloomberg. I hope other states follow suit

Being Mayuh doesn’t make him Guvuhnuh–even though his city’s more populous than some states–so “other states” doesn’t follow.

Darth Venomous
June 4, 2012 01:40

You work in IT, you MUST be used to that by now… Well, yes & no. I get the occasional “oh, by the way…”, but as a Break/Fix techie, it doesn’t happen to me nearly as much as it would to, say, a C++ proggie. OTOH, when the security/firewall progs do a last-minute rewrite of the AV config file, and… Read more »

LC Nicki the Resident Misanthropic Bitch

I LOVE “Dribbling Dickwart,” and am reserving the right to appropriate it whenever I’m feeling froggy! :em05:

With proper attribution, of course!