We were going to eviscerate that PMSNBC clown Chris Hayes and his problem with calling heroes “heroes” because “heroes”, according to that civilian sack of spoiled shit thinks that the word “heroes” is something he calls “rhetorically proximate to glorifying war”, and we were going to make vicious fun of his non-apology “apology” which is the only thing that those cuddled, ungrateful shit birds know how to issue when they’re terminally wrong yet can’t bring themselves to admitting it, but then our friend Bill Whittle put it into words better than we could ever hope to find.

He has a gift that way.

That bloody bastard.

If you want to join him and make sure that he keeps kicking the effeminate metrosexual un-Americans in the nuts and bring education to our young’uns, please go to Declaration Independence to see how you can help.

Yes, he is a personal friend of ours, even though we don’t deserve that honor, but that should give you an idea.


By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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