SWATting Dissent

If you’ve been keeping up with the antics of Brett Kimberlin and his posse’s attempts to harass and endanger anybody publishing facts from the public record about Brett, you should be aware of the incident where somebody posing as vocal Kimberlin critic Patterico called 911 and said that he’d just killed his wife. This, of course, led to police arriving at Patterico’s residence as well they should upon receiving a report like this. And no, this is not “just another pizza order prank”, as situations like that can very quickly turn deadly.

Well, the same thing just happened to another critic of Kimberlin’s, Erick Erickson of Red State.

We would like to re-iterate what we’ve said before: This is NOT a political issue. This is about Free Speech and whether or not we’re willing as a society to accept this sort of thing, no matter WHO it happens to.

Of course, the MSM still doesn’t believe it’s a story. We guess they’re still trying to determine if reporting on it might hurt Der Fubar politically, seeing as how that’s the way they report or don’t report on every single other issue in the world.



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    LC HJ Caveman82952 growls and barks:

    Do the other blogs know about this, Misha?
    Or for that matter the local pee dee?

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    Secondmouse growls and barks:

    Kudos, Misha, for keeping these updates in front of us. This is a particularly diabolical form of oppression, and I am afraid we are only seeing the beginning of it.

    I am alarmed that this has not raised the hackles on every single journalist out there, and it is this fact that has me ready to disagree with you – I believe there are political undertones to this that need to see the light of day, and soon.

    The simple truth is that our values are no longer their values. Our beloved notion of free speech is but a trite little abstraction to most of the liberal world. The biggest difference between a conservative and a liberal is one of ethics. Ours would lead us to express outrage at this chain of events that threaten freedom. Theirs would drive them to seek advantage from it.

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    SDN growls and barks:

    Just remember, people, most of their tactics cut both ways.

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    LC Light29ID growls and barks:

    So who’s next on the list? They’re not going to stop because they suffer no consequences and when somebody ends up getting shot the Limp Dick Media will stand around saying “Gee, that’s too bad. Wonder how it happened?” while furiously masturbating like a chimpanzee high on crack and meth.

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    Fox3 growls and barks:

    Looks like rule of law is dead unless you have the scratch and the connections to get it enforced…

    Disgusting, to be REAL kind.

    Back again after an absence (posting only, site is on my daily rounds) of several years, so Hello to all the Rotties! Nice to be back :-)!!!!

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    LC/IB PrimEviL growls and barks:

    I agree with Second Mouse. It most assuredly is a political issue. It is a concerted effort by
    the Left to quash political discourse by the Right. This does not detract from the Free Speech issue.
    It acerbates it. There is a boiling Red Sun visible in the noon-day sky.

  7. 7

    ‘Never heard of a Cop, EMT or Judge that wasn’t supreeeemely pissed to find that they’ve been USED as a tool by a fool.
    May they extract an excruciating justice commensurate to these crimes.

  8. 8
    DarthBane growls and barks:

    If you run a big Conservative blog – or even a small one – I’d encourage you to spend an hour visiting your local police department and making sure they are aware you might be the victim of a SWAT’ing.

    Eric Erickson had the foresight to mention to his local PD just a week ago this might happen.

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    Mark12A growls and barks:

    Sooner or later, someone will decide it’s time to take out the trash.

  10. 10
    LC Xystus growls and barks:


    Sooner or later, someone will decide it’s time to take out the trash.

    So–doesn’t anyone know where this ¢0¢%$µ¢%€? lives?

  11. 11
    Mark12A growls and barks:

    According to Day By Day cartoon, he lives with his mother, who collected a $150K judgment from him. Probably a basement dweller with one hand in his pants and the other holding a hot pocket.

    Chris Muir rocks!

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    LC HJ Caveman82952 growls and barks:

    Update…. Now to go check out this judge…..

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    Bitter Clinger growls and barks:

    LC Xystus says:


    Sooner or later, someone will decide it’s time to take out the trash.

    So–doesn’t anyone know where this ¢0¢%$µ¢%€? lives?

    Unfortunately (thanks to the MSM) should someone choose to take out the trash, he will promptly be elevated to martyr status with full honors and a burial in Arlington. :em08: