Where Are They Now?


Good times, GOOD TIMES!

Yet not as much as the sound of crickets is to be heard now that the ProgNazis’ Unser Fubar has knocked prices so far up that those days seem like a Golden Age.

Standards, good. Double standards, TWICE as good!

Hypocritical, lying, fascist economy wreckers.



  1. 1
    LC Xystus growls and barks:

    This oughta be posted far & wide.

  2. 2
    LC Jackboot IC/A growls and barks:

    How about a warning for the glare off of Schumers dome, eh?

  3. 3
    BrendaK growls and barks:

    Posted, sure — but it would be great for the RNC to make an advertisement featuring Nancy, et al., discussing how terrible the gas prices are. You know, one of those ‘Nancy Pelosi and ** agree, gas prices are an outrage!”, then run clips that must exist of them complaining about the high prices. “And that was when gas was only 3 dollars a gallon!”

    Hoist then on their own petard, with their own bombast. You’re welcome, RNC.

  4. 4
    LC Gunsniper growls and barks:

    Several dozen copies of that picture taped like post-it notes to as many gas pumps would send a message to the masses.

  5. 5
    Cactus Jack growls and barks:

    I can’t believe I can’t find any video of Barry bitching and moaning about Bush not doing something about gas prices. On the other hand, I think I will take about 150 or so copies of this, and a roll of tape, put them in my “Zombie Apocolypse” Edition Ford Ranger, and visit every gas pump I can find.

  6. 6
    Jerry growls and barks:

    In the Peoples Republic Of New Jersey, they’d be ripped down as quick as they are put up. Already seeing the “Yes We Can….Tax The Rich” and “Obama 2012” bumper stickers on the hipster douchmobiles.

  7. 7
    Library Czar growls and barks:

    Usually I don’t even read DJ’s comments. This one I am going to throw the bullshit flag and give a 20 yard penalty and loss of down. All it would take to lower the price of energy would be for O’dumbears to announce that we are going to “drill baby drill.” I’ve worked in the oil industry in the past, as So Cal Oil Man has, but does not comment about it very often. I suspect that like me he has signed confidentiality agreements with the oil companies.

    Want to drill in Vietnam, call the Americans, British, French, Canadians. Want to drill in Eastern China and Mongolia, call the Americans, British, Canadians, or French. Want to drill in H2S infested Indonesia fields, call the Americans, British, French, or Canadians (You can throw Danish and Norwegian in any of these also). Want to drill in any Arab Hellhole call the British, French, American, Canadian etc… Why is it that oil and gas exploration is almost exclusively a western nation activity? Should we as the Organization of Fuel Using Countries (OFUC) (Yes I stole that) tell the rest of the world lower oil prices or we are going to take our toys and go home and you can fend for yourselves?

    Does anyone see a pattern here? I have friends that have worked in all these third would shitholes. Gas is often 25 cents to 1 dollar a gallon in these countries. Gas prices here are artificially inflated by speculation and extreme government taxation. Oil companies make about 10 cents on a given gallon while the government makes 80 cents on that same gallon. Flood the market with cheap oil and the price of gas will come down immediately. Its not rocket science.

  8. 8
    LC Gunsniper growls and barks:

    Okay. How do YOU propose to bring down gas prices?

    Open up public lands to exploration and drilling while taking the envirophonies out to the woodshed.

    Open up the Gulf of Mexico, coasts of California and Alaska and other offshore sites for exploration and drilling.

    Expand and enhance our refining capacities to a level commensurate with our superpower size rather than that of a third-world hovel.

    Expand our energy production with nuclear power plants especially to replace oil fired power plants. I’d even be fine with putting the U.S. Navy in charge since they have the most experience and success with utilizing nuclear power.

    Work more closely with our Canadian neighbors to develop our energy resources assuming little Lord jugears hasn’t fucked up that possibility beyond repair.

    Expand and enhance our refining capacities to a level commensurate with our superpower size rather than that of a third-world hovel.

    Shitcan ethanol production completely as the waste of time, energy, resources and money it is.

    Most importantly though, is to restore reasonable value to the Dollar instead of letting it crash and burn like the current administration wants.

    All of this flies in the face of “political realities” certainly but I’m not interested in such nonsense. America has the best chance to be restored and put back on the right track with what I call the “Pinochet Gambit”. Our current collection of political and bureaucratic misfits need to be removed from their positions of power, if necessary by force, and replaced with leadership that is sworn to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic and to bear true faith and allegiance to the same (hint hint).

  9. 9
    Cactus Jack growls and barks:


    “Little Lord jugears”

  10. 10
    LC Xystus growls and barks:

    Okay. How do YOU propose to bring down gas prices?

    Actually–until you asked–we didn’t. It’s just a matter of politics, goose sauce = gander sauce, turnabout is fair play & all that. Of course, since you’ve already determined by your secret arts that the GOP doesn’t want to win the WH, maybe these political proposals of ours will fall on the proverbial deaf ears.

  11. 11
    Cactus Jack growls and barks:

    Don’t forget taking a couple of billion extra “solyndra bucks” and building new, high tech refineries.

  12. 12
    Mark12A growls and barks:

    Whether or not Il Douche can do anything about gas prices may not be the only point in this discussion. One of the reasons for higher gas prices is the devaluation of the dollar, and that’s all on The Lightbringer. You can be well certain that he’s not going to do what needs to do to solidify the dollar.

    Nope, the shoe’s on the left foot now, with all the crap splashed on GW Bush about high gas prices, but The Dipshit In Chief gets a complete pass. Nope, this is hurting everyone and I want everyone to blame COOTUS. It may be the only campaign promise he keeps…to get gas prices to $5 a gallon.

  13. 13
    Secondmouse growls and barks:

    Well, that blows one theory. I was sure that Pelosi was a vampire, yet here she is, in direct sunlight. Special makeup, maybe?

  14. 14
    Tallulah growls and barks:

    You folks need to see this article:

    [Former Steven Spielberg producer] Viviano said that when she and her co-workers informed Hillary campaigners that they were making a film about voter fraud, “the floodgates opened.”

    “I mean, everybody had a story to tell about death threats, threats, intimidation, document falsifying, vandalism, property theft,” she said. “It was the most horrible thing I’ve ever heard in my life.”

    Viviano said that in research for the film, allegations and evidence [from DEMOCRATS] that Obama was not eligible “came up immediately.”

    “We were getting hit with so many things about Obama,” she said. “This is when (Bill) Ayers and (Rashid) Khalidi were in the news, and then, all of a sudden, ‘Oh, and he’s not eligible to be president.’”

    Viviano insisted to WND that her reason for speaking out now was not related to the fact that Obama beat Hillary.

    “It’s not about Hillary,” she said. “It’s about No. 1, I’m American, I live in a country where there is a Constitution and a set of laws. I also have somebody in the White House who has lied, obfuscated, provided what we all know to be forged documents about who he is.”

    She acknowledges that she could jeopardize her Hollywood career.

    “What can you do?” she said. “It’s my country. My dad fought for this country in World War II in the 82nd Airborne.”

    Her late father, she noted, was shot down twice during the war and was awarded two Purple Hearts.

    “I think, would he rather have me sitting in the corner cowering, and afraid of people, or would he rather have me tell the truth and what I saw?”


  15. 15
    Tallulah growls and barks:

    And here is a link to the documentary she made: WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED.

    We are Americans, not angry liberals.

    . . . We have interviews of many accounts from caucus states recounting threats, intimidation, lies, stolen documents, falsified documents, busing in voters in exchange for paying for “dinners,” etc. There are at least 2,000 complaints in Texas alone, of irregularities directed [by] the Obama Campaign, that have led to a very fractured and broken Democratic Party.

    This documentary is about the disenfranchising of American citizens by the Democratic Party and the Obama Campaign. We the People have made this film. Democrats have sent in their stories from all parts of America. We want to be heard and let the country know how our party has sanctioned the actions of what we feel are Obama Campaign “Chicago Machine” dirty politics.

    We believe this infamous campaign of “change” from Chicago encouraged and created an army to steal caucus packets, falsify documents, change results, allow unregistered people to vote, scare and intimidate Hillary supporters, stalk them, threaten them, lock them out of their polling places, silence their voices and stop their right to vote, which is, of course, all documented in “We Will Not Be Silenced.”

    “We Will Not Be Silenced” is about the people who fight back by simply telling their stories: Teachers, professors, civil rights activists, lawyers, janitors, physicists, ophthalmologists, accountants, mathematicians, retirees – all bound together by their love of America and Democracy. They will tell us their experiences and how they feel betrayed by their own party. They will discuss how their party has disenfranchised them and how, when they saw and reported multiple instances of fraud, everyone turned a blind eye.

    Rather than support and protect the voices and votes of its loyal members, the DNC chose to sweep this under the rug by looking the other way, or using ceremony and quasi-investigations to assuage angry voters. It is our opinion there never before has been such a “dirty” campaign; the campaign that has broken the hearts and spirits of American voters, who once believed in the Democractic voting system.

    We are not angry liberals; we are disappointed Democrats, who love our country and feel the DNC needs to stand for truth, care about its voter base and stop committing actions worse than what we only thought possible of the worst Republicans. The DNC and the Obama Campaign need to be held accountable for the catastrophe of the 2008 Democratic Primary. We must right their wrongs…after all, this is America, the Land of the Free, where every American has the right to a fair, honest voting process, and to have his or her vote counted…


  16. 16
    LC Ogrrre growls and barks:

    Cactus Jack @ #: 12

    Don’t forget taking a couple of billion extra “solyndra bucks” and building new, high tech refineries.

    Ummm… No! BUT, tell the Earth Firsters, the Sierra Club, the Earth Defence Council, etc. that they lack standing to sue, and let the oil companies build new refineries. In fact, round up the members of any and all of these environmental groups and air drop them into North Korea … preferably without parachutes. This will accomplish two objectives of the enviro groups: reduce demand for petroleum products, and reduce the population of evil, non-natural human beings.

  17. 17
    FrankOK growls and barks:

    Again, I see much arguing re: “My side is better than your side” – I call BULLSHIT.

    The “talking points” of both major parties amount to no more than something to get the electorate to argue about while they – “they” meaning the supposed Republican and Democrat infestations of Washing ton DC – do what they damned well please knowing full well the majority of citizens, regardless of the sides they assign themselves, are being kept busy by the MSM and each other.

    There is no such thing as a good politician. They are professional liars and thieves. They have no intention of doing what the people who voted for them want them to do – that is not how the game is played. They want to become filthy rich and retire on our backs.

    If people, regardless of the side they assign themselves, were to unite against those bastards – the real enemies – it’s take 6 months to clean the piss out of both Congressional chambers.