NBC Also Stoking Race War to Help Their Idol, Der Fubar

But apparently it backfired when somebody noticed what they were trying to do (h/t Bill Quick):

The segment in question was shown on the “Today” show on March 27. It included audio of Mr. Zimmerman saying, “This guy looks like he’s up to no good. He looks black.”

Except, that wasn’t what Zimmerman said. At least not before the race baiting, violence-inciting, defaming ass-wagons at NBC started creatively editing the audio.

But Mr. Zimmerman’s comments had been taken grossly out of context by NBC. On the phone with a 911 dispatcher, he actually said of Mr. Martin, “This guy looks like he’s up to no good. Or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about.” Then the dispatcher asked, “O.K., and this guy — is he white, black or Hispanic?” Only then did Mr. Zimmerman say, “He looks black.”

Oopsie. Of course, the original audio would only have portrayed Zimmerman as a guy answering a dispatcher’s question, and that wouldn’t help Der Fubar Ogabe rustle up the race war he needs before the election, so the ProgNazi Goebbelses at NBC swiftly edited it to be more “helpful to the cause.”

Inside NBC, there was shock that the segment had been broadcast.

“Shock” that somehow didn’t materialize until somebody noticed what Der Volkischer NBC Beobachter was up to. Yeah right. Pull the other one.

On April 4, the network news division said in a statement that it deeply regretted the “error made in the production process.”

“We will be taking the necessary steps to prevent this from happening in the future and apologize to our viewers,” the network said.

Translation: “We’ll be careful and try to hide our propaganda efforts on behalf of Der Fubar better in the future.”

Somebody has allegedly been fired as a result but, oddly, neither he/she, nor anybody else within NBC claiming to have knowledge of anything are identified, so you can take that as you will.

Our hope is that Zimmerman’s lawyers have big, fat, shit-eating grins on their faces right now as they type out page after page of suits against NBC and all of the other NSDWP Enemy Media outlets with a hand in this concentrated defamation campaign.

And as we’ve said before to any and all trying to build a race war-inciting mountain out of this mole hill: Any damages to anybody’s person(s) or property are entirely your fault and you will be held accountable, one way or another.

All over this country there are trees missing their strange fruits.

Rope. Tree. Journalist
Some assembly required.


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The only thing NBC “deeply regretted” was that they got caught manipulating facts.


Cactus Jack
Cactus Jack

And shockingly (not) there is no apology to the actual victim; George Zimmerman.

LC 0311 Sir Crunchie I.M.H., K.o.E.

It doesn’t matter, the second comment I read;

When I listed to his calls the first thing that came to mind that he was targeting a black person. His tone of voice, what he was saying, how he described the man, that the man had no reason for being where he was, etc, etc, he was deliberately vague and hesitated before mentioning race because I believe he realized that he was on shaky ground. He continued trailing Martin despite being clearly advised not to do so. He seems determined to confront Martin no matter what. If it was a strange white or hispanic man would he have pursued them the way he did? I doubt it. His actions were driven by racial animus for a black man.

The fact that Zimmerman mentored black youths, that he had demanded an investigation into a UOF against a homeless black man by the very same cops who took him into custody that night, that he had called Sanford PD on more suspicious whites and Hispanics than blacks, that the “gated community” he lived in was predominately minority, none of the facts matter to the racist hustlers and closed minded bigots who have already convicted Zimmerman, full investigation and true justice be damned.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have a Duke lacrosse game to watch with Tawana Brawley.

LC HJ Caveman82952

The lefty media is taking a beating recently. Meaning they are now getting caught in their lies. Olberdouche, Media matters and NBC….I am lovin’ it! Of course they hoped for a race war to jump ratings and attack guns and whitey. Seems they pulled the wrong pin this time………..


Meanwhile, in Baltimore, a black mob punched a white man in the face, beat him, stripped him of his belongings, and filmed the whole thing for Utoob.


The “media” trimmed the footage to show as little of the perps as possible, repeatedly showing just the bit where he’s punched in the face so hard you can hear his skull hit the pavement: you can see it’s a black man punching him out, and other blacks are fleetingly visible around him … but they cut it so you really have to be watching closely to notice that it’s really a HATE CRIME.

The commenters aren’t fooled. How long do the media swine think they can keep this up?

LC Jackboot IC/A

At this point it’s all they have. Strictly one-trick ponies as it were. They’re so invested in all things Obama, they must keep to the narrative regardless of the damage they self-inflict. They’re literally betting the farm on him winning, in order to save themselves in the aftermath. Should the big balloon go up they’ll be among the first tree ornaments.


One definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome. Or have we seen in recent times a SLIGHT shift by some elements of the MSM to the conservative side? Not enough to keep all of them from the lampposts, but one imagines there may be one or two “journalists” out there who may be having minor moral questions about working for Pravda and Tass, American style.

Cactus Jack
Cactus Jack
LC Gladiator
LC Gladiator

Obamas gonna get his race war yet.

Armed Neo-Nazis Now Patrolling Sanford, Say They Are “Prepared” For Post-Trayvon Martin Violence
By Michael Miller Fri., Apr. 6 2012 at 7:00 AM

Neo-Nazis are currently conducting heavily armed patrols in and around Sanford, Florida and are “prepared” for violence in the case of a race riot. The patrols are to protect “white citizens in the area who are concerned for their safety” in the wake of the Trayvon Martin shooting last month, says Commander Jeff Schoep of the National Socialist Movement. “We are not advocating any type of violence or attacks on anybody, but we are prepared for it,” he says. “We are not the type of white people who are going to be walked all over.”

Schoep, whose neo-Nazi group is based in Detroit, tells Riptide the patrols are a response to white residents’ fears of a race riot.

A group called the New Black Panther Party recently offered $10,000 for a citizens’ arrest of George Zimmerman, Martin’s shooter. Schoep said the bounty is a sign that “the possibility of further racial violence… is brimming over like a powder keg ready to explode into the streets.”

The patrols are comprised of between 10 and 20 locals and “volunteers” from across the state, including some from Miami, he added. He couldn’t go into specifics on what kind of firepower, exactly, the patrols had with them.

“In Arizona the guys can walk around with assault weapons and that’s totally legal,” Schoep said, referring to the group’s patrols of the US-Mexico border. “What I can tell you is that any patrols that we are doing now in Florida are totally within the law.”

Asked if the patrols wouldn’t just make things worse — spark a race riot, for instance — Schoep insisted they were simply a “show of solidarity with the white community down there” and “wouldn’t intimidate anybody.”

“Whenever there is one of these racially charged events, Al Sharpton goes wherever blacks need him,” Schoep said. “We do similar things. We are a white civil rights organization.”

He went to great lengths to contrast his organization with the New Black Panther Party, who he blamed for scaring local whites and spurring the need for NSM patrols. Schoep admits that the NSM and the Black Panthers are actually alike in that they are both racial separatists. But he sees a double-standard in the government’s treatment of the two groups.

“The Black Panthers have been offering bounties and all that,” he says. “But if we called for a bounty on someone’s head, I guarantee we’d be locked up as quick as I could walk out of my house.”

Schoep was also quick to clarify that he isn’t taking sides in Trayvon Martin’s controversial shooting. “That’s for the courts to decide,” he says. Besides, Schoep says, Zimmerman’s not even white.

“I think there is some confusion going on,” Schoep says. “A lot of people think that this guy who shot Trayvon was white… but he’s half Hispanic or Cuban or something. He certainly doesn’t look white to me.”

To some, sending in the storm troops seems like a sure way to incite — not prevent — a race riot. But Schoep says that’s way off base.

“We don’t wish for things like that,” he says. “But there have been race riots in Detroit and L.A… So we know those types of things happen.”

“You can either be prepared or you can be blindsided,” he adds. “This way, if something were to touch off a race riot, we’d already be in the area.”

LC Gladiator
LC Gladiator

If you’re a 20-year-old black male, you can beat an 85-year-old white woman to death and pummel her 90-year-old white husband straight into ICU, and it won’t make the national news.

Yep. Tyrone Woodfork, a black male who — much like Trayvon Martin — looks like Obama’s son, allegedly killed Nancy Strait and broke her husband Bob’s jaw, several ribs and shot him in the face with a BB gun last month in Tulsa. 20-year-old Tyrone also raped the nearly blind 97-pound Mrs. Strait, a great-great-grandmother, before he murdered her.

Did the above monstrous crime make the national news? Are you kidding me? Why, hell no. Of course not, silly!



I recently discovered a website called “Stuff Black People Don’t Like” which covers racial issues from a mildly different perspective than you would see on the MSM. The principal author “Paul Kersey”, presumably a pseudonym from the old Charles Bronson movies, describes a condition he calls “Negro Fatigue”…where white people are simply getting tired of being blamed for every conceivable black problem; tired of being the invisible victim in inter-racial crimes; and tired of paying taxes to prop up “failed cities”…much like the failed states internationally.

Nearly fifty years ago, landmark civil rights legislation was passed. We’ve had affirmative action, set-asides, special testing, and all sorts of other things to help “equalize opportunity.” But nothing seems to have worked. It seems like the welfare suckers want more and more. And our political leadership is on the side of chaos.

So I’ve taken some of my investment money and invested in high-grade tool steel, copper, and lead. I fervently don’t want a racial war in this country…no rational person who loves this country does. But like other wars…you see two sides inexorably drifting toward it, and no one’s doing much of anything to stop it.

LC Gladiator
LC Gladiator

The New Black Panthers had a group phone call Friday to discuss the April 9 rally for Trayvon Martin.

Hosted primarily by Michelle Williams and Chawn Kweli, the New Black Panther’s chief of staff in Tampa and a national spokesman, respectively, the call was filled with violent, hate-filled speech outlining the party’s future plans. Words like “war, cracker, and blood“ seemed to be the biggest ”buzz words” in the conversation.

Williams: I just want to say to all the listeners on this phone call, that if you are having any doubt about getting suited, booted, and armed up for this race war that we’re in that has never ended, let me tell you somethin…the thing that’s about to happen these honkies, these crackers, these pigs, these people, these motherf*er…it has been long overdue.”

Kweli: “Ya, what she said was right– we got to suit up and boot up…and get prepared for the war that we’re in…this stuff got to boil over, and all your great’s talked about that happened to be bloodshed involved with revolution- true revolution means some bloodshed, so there‘s blood being spilled because there’s a new life that is beyond this bloodshed. There is a new reality that is built upon your original African principles and spiritualities and values and norms that is beyond this bloodshed. But we gotta go do it.

“And as the Scripture said, you gotta to cross it. We gon’ have to cross the Red Sea….I know y’all thought it was talking about some sea in some Middle Eastern part of the world- hell no. We’re talking about some blood. You’re gonna have to cross some blood, and go through some blood and some battles.

“And there are those who wish they could stand in this hour, to see the destruction of the devil‘s world and the devil’s society- and I‘m ain’t talking about no dude underneath the ground with a pitchfork and pantyhose. I’m talking about that blonde haired, blue-eyed, sometimes brown-eyed, Caucasian walkin around with a mindset, a demonistic mindset, and a nature to do evil and brutality.”

Williams: “I say to everyone that is on this call right now, I‘m comin’ out of the gate…my prize right now this evening is going to be the bounty, the arrest– dead or alive– for George Zimmerman. You feel me? To every brother, to every female, I am for violence if non-violence means we continue postponing a solution to the American black man’s problem just to avoid violence. You feel me? It’s time to wake up, I don’t know how else…It’s in me to fight. It’s in me to raise up soldiers. It’s in me that every time my feet touch the ground the state of Florida- these crackers- they scared.

“I’m kinda pissed off right now that the state of Florida ain’t on fire. This could not have happened in L.A. because them brothers up there are not scared to riot. This could not have happened in St. Petersburg Florida, where the black man over there are ain’t scared to kill a cracker.”

Kweli: “This is real. We’re attacked anywhere in the world and we would defend ourselves by any means necessary…You starve capitalism, since this racism that‘s being perpetuated and this brutality that’s being perpetuated, and this murder that’s being perpetuated, is built on the table legs of capitalism, you’ve got to starve capitalism.

“An act of war has been declared on us and we have no choice but to fight…[But] we have to be trained how to fight. See the whole purpose of the maneuver that’s happening in Sanford is to train in self-defense, because many of us think we’re prepared for a battle- just like many of us think we’re prepared for a fight- but if you are not training, if you are not stocking up water, if you are not stocking up food, if you are not stocking up weapons and artillery and survival books, and gas masks, and flashlights, and cantines, and ready-to-eat meals…if you are not stocking that up I don’t know how serious we are right now.

“Absolutely, we want the complete removal of capitalism. Why? Because capitalism sets up a class structure and a class society. As I said in the beginning of the “haves” and “have nots,” [the] pivotal point is racism, it is racism that keeps them perpetuating a capitalistic motion. So yes, we want capitalism completely eradicated, especially from the minds and hearts and dealings of black people.”

(H/T: Breitbart)


LC Ogrrre - Imperial Heartless Bastard

LC HJ Caveman82952 @ #:4
Not exactly, my friend. Or, rather, that was only the tip of the iceberg. More importantly, they wanted to start a race war so that Il Douche, Cleaner of the Atmosphere, Lowerer of Sea Levels, Healer of the Planet, Lightworker, Adviser to God, Tsar Barak Hussein Obama mmm mmm mmm the First could declare a national emergency and sieze all assets public and private, thereby brining into existence the World of Next Tuesday (HT: PeoplesCube) of the People’s Democratic Marxist Socialist Party of the United States of Amerikkka.

LC Gladiator
LC Gladiator

I mean just because the NBPP wants to kill honkeys,crackers and pink people and their blond hair, blue-eyed babies, is no reason in the world to bother them./s

Asking Holder to act in order to prevent violence is just more white racism that ignores the fact that Holder must look out for “his people.” /s

And just because blacks make up 12.6% of the population yet commit 58% of ALL VIOLENT crimes has to be overlooked too.

Don’t forget that Negros also test out a full standard deviation lower on IQ tests than whites. Violence is simply their competitive advantage. Look at Africa.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/04/09/zimmerman-family-challenges-holder-on-new-black-panthers-says-no-arrests-based-solely-on-your-race/#ixzz1rbEZ2b9A

LC Gladiator
LC Gladiator

I cannot but conclude the bulk of Negroids to be the most pernicious
race of little odious vermin that nature ever suffered to crawl upon the
surface of the earth.