Race Baiting Enemy Media Admitting that Maybe They’re Daft After All

Somehow “fucking coons” has morphed into “fucking cold” after CNN spent seven hundred and sixty-seven repetitions of the phrase trying to convince their sub-retarded three viewers that it really sounded like the former.

“It certainly sounds like that word [coons] to me,” Gary Tuckman said when the audio was first enhanced. But after the latest enhancement, he’s not so sure:

“Now it does sound less like that racial slur. … From listening in this room, and this is a state-of-the-art room, it doesn’t sound like that slur anymore. It sounds like … we‘re hearing the swear word at first and then the word ’cold.’ And the reason some say that would be relevant, is because it was unseasonably cold in Florida that night and raining.”

No shit, Sherlock?

His Imperial Majesty honestly hadn’t heard that particular clip that the Enemy Media rolled out to prove that Zimmerman (who was a known pro-black community activist) was an Evil Racist Trigger Happy Murderer of Black People until now, but it’s pretty damn clear to us that the words were “fucking cold” which, given that it was 63 degrees and raining, is exactly what we’d expect to hear from a southerner.

But now that they’ve stirred up the race war that their Anointed One craved, they can finally admit that they were wrong. Not going to make a difference now. The One Whose Nuts They Lick got what he wanted, so who cares, right?

Except for all of the victims that their little Nazi Progressive propaganda stunt is going to cost.

Rope. Tree. Journalist.
Some assembly required.

(fuck the assembly, just shoot the motherfuckers in the face and roll their corpses in the ditch)


  1. 1
    Cannon Fodder growls and barks:

    After thinking on this entire thing, I came to realize that most people don’t seem to understand that this happened inside a GATED community. These types of communities are PRIVATE and closed to outsiders, which include the police. They can’t just roll up and patrol through a private gated community. Well, unless the gate is open, I think.

    These types of communities tend to have private security to patrol them and keep them safe. If that is what the “neighborhood watch”, as they called it in Zimmermans neighborhood, served that same function George was doing the job of a security guard. If that is the case, he was only violating the policy of NOT carrying a weapon. He was, however doing the job of security and following what he thought was a suspicious character.

    Also, there has been a lot of talk about all his calls to police. As security I guess there would be things that you would want to notify police about. They say he called about an open garage door. Well, maybe that neighbor had gone out of town and returned early and George didn’t know. That would concern someone in a case such as that wouldn’t it? Would you not think to notify police that there was an open garage door on a house that shouldn’t be if you are security? I know I might if it were a case that no one should have been there.

    Then, the call on the night of the shooting. Jeebus! when will everyone get it right? George DID NOT call 911! He called a non-emergency number. If he called 911 every time he found reason to contact police, he would have been in jail a long time ago for abuse of the 911 system.

    Now they are pretending to try to straighten out a faux pas? Please! :em04:

  2. 2
    Cannon Fodder growls and barks:

    Oh, FIRST! and second ….. :em07:

  3. 3
    Special Ed growls and barks:

    DJ says

    First, Martin wasn’t trespassing in that gated community — his father lived there and he was staying there. He apparently had the code to get in and out.

    Not that Zimmerman, the guy keeping an eye on his gated community, knew that.

    Second, Zimmerman wasn’t an official private security.

    So? Private security has no more authority than any other private citizen.

    Third, the idea that the police don’t have jurisdiction inside of a gated community is ludicrous.

    He didn’t say they didn’t. He said he didn’t think cops routinely patrol areas gated off from the rest of the hoi peloi. Which they don’t. Police patrol public areas, not private ones. They probably have to code to the gate, mind you, but they’re not going looking for trouble on private property until they have probable cause.

    Let the investigation play out and cast no aspersions on either party. Doing so says more about the caster than the target.

  4. 4
    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    Crowd Beats, Strips & Robs Tourist On St. Patrick’s Day; Incident Caught On Camera


    Out and out hate crime. Where is the NAACP, ACLU, Justice Department, politicians, Jesse, Al and finally the President? These cowards only attack when they have the complete advantage. They travel in gangs and find an unarmed white person or family then attack.
    Clearly another glaring case of black-on-white racist hate crime. Nothing will become of it since the City is being run by a like-thinking group. Message to the non-black community of Baltimore: Stop wasting your efforts on a lost cause and get the heck out while you can. Then, just sit back and watch the money dry up and the City burn.

    I fear for our country, the savages are HERE.

  5. 5
    Cannon Fodder growls and barks:

    DJ, From your first two sentences, I can see that reading comprehension isn’t a strong suit for you. It doesn’t matter if Treyvon had a code for the gate or was supposed to be there. The fact that George was following him was … 1) George obviously didn’t recognize him as someone who should be there …. 2) There must have been something about the way he was walking about and looking around and in the rain in 62 degree weather! Say what you want, but in that part of Florida 62 is cold. I am in upstate SC and I wouldn’t just be walking along in the rain in 62 degree weather even at Treyvon’s age.

    Then, the idea that George had to be official security? Really? Neighborhood security, neighborhood watch, same thing just different name. It is possible that the people of that neighborhood didn’t realize it was best, or possibly necessary, to have uniforms etc. to perform the duties as they were.

    As for police jurisdiction, you are stretching a bit there. All I said was that police can’t just roll up and patrol through those communities because they are private communities. Police have jurisdiction on your property, but if you have a gate and it is closed they can’t just roll onto your property for routine checks. Same thing there. If the gate is closed, they can only enter for emergencies or if they witness a crime in progress.

  6. 6
    LC Gunsniper growls and barks:

    As to all the rest? Let’s let the investigation actually conclude.

    Gosh. I wish I’d have thought of that. :em03: