“Stupid, Stupid Voters, No Soup For YOU!”

From the Reichspropagandaministerium, er, Enemy Media, we get a lecture on how Reichsführer Comrade Petukh SCOAMF’s slipping poll numbers are really nothing but a clear indicator that the public is irredeemably stupid for failing to truly embrace and worship the Awesome Greatness That is The One™. It’s nice to see that Politico has finally quit even pretending to be anything other than yet another propaganda tentacle of the Ogabe Junta:

Voters are appalled at President Barack Obama’s handling of gas prices, even though virtually every policy expert in both parties says there’s little a president can do to affect the day-to-day price of fuel in a global market.

“Virtually every policy expert in both parties” meaning “every member of the ProgNazi Party as well as Mittens Obamneycare Romney.” We repeat ourself? No. Mittens is not an official member of the ProgNazi Party, but he might as well get out of the damn closet and become one already.

No, there’s nothing he can do. Certainly not. Opening new areas to drilling (not to mention re-opening the ones he’s shut down indefinitely)? Nope. Not going to change a thing. Supply and demand is something that energy is exempt from. Except when a Republican is president, in which case they’re likely to fluctuate based on whether he had beans for lunch or not. But when a ProgNazi is president, markets do not in the least bit respond to anything the president does. Why, he could come out tomorrow and declare that henceforth all lands and offshore areas were open to as much drilling as oil companies could dream of and that, by the way, all regulations regarding building of refineries and the products that they refine were off the table and the markets wouldn’t as much as shrug. It’s not like future fluctuations in supply have any effect on what oil futures sell for. No sirree!

On the other hand, if anybody in the world as much as insinuates that maybe Ahmadinnerjacket isn’t all that honest a broker and perhaps we might want to actually do something to stop him from finishing what Hitler started, then they will have single-handedly caused the price of crude to double overnight with their evil, un-nuanced, jingoistic, warmongerish ways.

Truly one unique good, oil is. Alone among every single good known to mankind, the price of it can only be affected in one direction.

But “virtually” is a good choice of words as in “looks real, but it actually isn’t.”

Oh and the picture of Forrest Gump as an opener for an article on voter intelligence? Nice touch, Politico, really nice touch. You and your beloved SCOAMF truly know how to win friends and influence people.

Americans are disgusted at Washington’s bailout culture, and especially the 2008 rescue of the financial services industry. They’re so fed up with bailouts, in fact, that a majority of them now think federal intervention in the auto industry was a good idea that helped the country.

We’d love to see the poll saying that but, unfortunately, the link provided leads to nothing of the sort. Politico has learned a trick, finally, that most people knew ages ago: To get credibility when you don’t have anything to actually support what you’re saying, just put a link in to somewhere. Goatse, Nickelodeon or Democrat Underground, doesn’t matter. Nobody’s going to check it by clicking on it anyway. They’ll just see the hyperlink indicator and go “wow, he’s got proof. Good enough for me!”

They’re aghast at the trajectory of the war in Afghanistan, which Obama helped escalate and extend, and they don’t think the war was worth it in the first place. And many also think Obama is handling the conflict acceptably well.

Same here. Not that we doubt that there is such a poll, you can get any answer you want at any given time provided that you choose your demographics and word your questions correctly, but it would have been fun, not to mention basic professionalism on the part of the hack writing this article, if there’d been a link to it.

That’s presumably a different set of voters than the ones who routinely tell pollsters that they still believe the president is a Muslim, despite all public evidence to the contrary.

Which of course begs the question: Which public evidence? Not that we personally believe that he’s a muslim. Well, he’s either a muslim or an apostate, technically speaking, but the evidence is quite clear to us that the only thing he worships is himself with a fervor that is almost as burning hot as that of the Enemy Media. But where’s the public evidence of which you speak?

Add up that litany of contradictory, irrational or simply silly opinions,

Got that, voters? You’re contradictory, irrational and simply silly. Now shut up, get in line and wait your turn to fondle Ogabe’s Wondrous Testicles.

and it’s enough to make a political professional suspect the electorate is, well, not entirely sophisticated about the choices it’s facing in 2012.

You must have asked one, then, since you’re clearly not one.

“The first lesson you learn as a pollster is that people are stupid,” said Tom Jensen of Public Policy Polling, a Democratic polling firm.

Keep that in mind the next time you’re polled by this ProgNazi polling firm: You’re STUPID.

“I tell a client trying to make sense of numbers on a poll that are inherently contradictory that at least once a week.”

Which is because polls are, in a word, crap. Yes, we could have chosen a more sophisticated word, but we wouldn’t want to upset our ProgNazi betters by giving the impression that we might not be as irrational, silly and stupid as they just know that we are. It’s not the polled that are stupid if the answers are contradictory, it’s the pollsters. The outcome of a poll, any poll, depends on WHO you’re asking, WHAT you’re asking and HOW you’re asking it. The first should be pretty obvious, as should the second. But what is often overlooked by idiots referring to polls supporting their argument, deliberately or because they’re simply ignorant, is HOW the question is asked. Example: If you were to have asked us in 2004 before the election whether we thought president Bush was doing a good job, we would have answered “no.” Which you media morons would then gleefully have used to argue that we weren’t going to vote for his reelection. WE know that because you DID, and just ask president Kerry how well that prediction worked out for him. You weren’t asking if we were going to vote for him, you asked us whether we thought he was doing a great job, which we didn’t. But he was still doing a helluva lot better job that Kedwards could have ever done.

Also, you can’t compare one poll to another if you want to prove “contradictory results.” It’s hard enough to get clear answers from the results of one poll. Trying to get them from two or more different ones, all with different demographics, time they were made and contexts of the polls. Forget about it. That’s just plain silly or, dare we say, stupid?

Finally, we have to admire the polling firm quoted above’s marketing policy. “Yeah, our results are contradictory, but that’s because we poll stupid people. Say, would you like to pay us to run another poll for you?”

Brilliant. Simply brilliant. Sounds like they’re polling their customers.

Jensen, a Democrat, pointed to surveys showing that voters embraced individual elements of the Affordable Care Act, while rejecting the overall law, as an example of the political schizophrenia or simple ignorance that pollsters and politicians must contend with.

1. “Would you like free healthcare?”

2. “Would you like to be forced to pay for everybody else’s ‘free’ healthcare?”

Sorry, but we utterly fail to see the contradiction in answering “yes” to 1. and “no” to 2., but then again, we’re not a highly credentialed, definitely NOT “stupid” polling firm.

1. “Do you like the new 2012 Ferrari?”

2. “Would you buy one for your neighbor?”

See above.

“We’re seeing that kind of thing more and more. I think it’s a function of increased political polarization and voters just digging in their heels and refusing to consider the opposing facts once they’ve formed an opinion about something,” said Jensen,

“Digging in your heels and refusing to consider the opposing facts” = “disagreeing with anything the ProgNazi Party says.”

In case you’re behind on your ProgNazi to English studies. “Refusing to be convinced by ‘facts’ that aren’t even remotely factual” is not an option. Everything the ProgNazi Party says is a fact, and if you don’t immediately agree, you’re just a bitter clinger digging your heels in. Stupidly.

who has generated eye-catching data showing many GOP primary voters still question the president’s religion and nationality. “I also think voters are showing a tendency to turn issues that should be factual or non-factual into opinions. If you show a Tennessee birther Obama’s birth certificate, they’re just going to say ‘well in my opinion he’s not a real American.’ It’s not about the birth certificate; it’s about expressing hatred for Obama in any form they can.”


Our only reaction to seeing the “long form birth certificate” was “seriously? My 10-year-old could have done a more convincing job with 10 minutes and a copy of PhotoShop. The information may be accurate, but since the copy isn’t, in fact, a copy, you’re going to have to do better to call it ‘proof’ of anything other than the exceedingly poor PhotoShop skills of the current Junta and their staff.”

And “fickle” is a nice way of describing the voters of 2012, who appear to be wandering, confused and Forrest Gump-like through the experience of a presidential campaign. It isn’t just unclear which party’s vision they’d rather embrace; it’s entirely questionable whether the great mass of voters has even the most basic grasp of the details – or for that matter, the most elementary factual components – of the national political debate.

They’d be better informed if the Enemy Media ever took it upon themselves to provide actual facts instead of propaganda efforts for Ear Leader, but that’s not likely to happen any time soon.

For voters to disapprove of Obama’s energy and economic policies may be completely rational. But to reassess a president’s performance in the context of a short-term increase in gas prices is more of a tantrum-like response to a new feeling of discomfort over which the president has relatively little control.

Infantile too? Dang. Why the public bitterly digs their heels in and refuse to fall in love with you, their Enemy Media betters, is clearly beyond our understanding. Personally, we’re ready to have your baby now.

But wait, how can disapproval of SCOAMF’s energy policies be “completely rational” when you yourself just established as “fact” that they don’t affect anything at all? Isn’t it inherently irrational to oppose something that has no real effect whatsoever on anything at all? Why would you even care? We think we see yet another Illiberal Logic Pretzel™ forming, right before our eyes.

About the “short-term” increase, all we can say that the only thing “short-term” about gas prices under SCOAMFs Reign of Error has been the couple of times when it very briefly dropped below $3/gallon. Remember the buck eighty gas under BushHitler? We do. We also remember the daily tantrums from you useless swine in the Enemy Media about his “irresponsible, uncaring energy policies that were waging a war on poor people.” Back then it was entirely the president’s fault that we had to “suffer” under gas prices that are nothing but a distant, wet, dearly longed for dream now.

“Might not be fair but that is the way it is. The higher the gas prices the lower Obama’s approval rating.”

That calculus is fairly straightforward, though it’s one that has frustrated presidents of both parties for decades.

The only difference being that when a president of the “wrong” party was in office, the Enemy Media was encouraging the anger, putting the blame squarely on the president’s shoulders.

Take bailouts, for example. Today, Americans loathe the Troubled Assets Relief Program even more than they did in 2008. In the thick of the ’08 financial crisis, 57 percent of respondents told Pew that government intervention was appropriate. Now, that number is 39 percent, extending an anti-bailout craze that helped drive the 2008 election.

But Americans aren’t opposed to all bailouts, apparently. Amid a flurry of positive earnings reports from GM and Chrysler – and a comeback story told enthusiastically by public figures from Obama to Clint Eastwood – a 56 percent majority of Americans now think bailing out the auto industry was good for the economy.

Remember what we said about comparing polls earlier? You should have listened, you daft clownshoe.

1. “Do you want to pay for the mistakes made by the auto industry with your taxes?”

2. “Do you think that the bailouts helped the economy?”

Apple, meet Mr Orange. Mr Orange, meet Mr Apple. We’d say that it’s debatable whether it helped the economy, personally we believe that the economy would have been helped a lot more by the bankrupt companies being sold off and rebuilt using a more efficient business model, but we can’t fault anybody for thinking that it helped. After all, we don’t know that it wouldn’t have been worse without the bailouts.

But thanks for at least putting some numbers to your earlier statement. No link, but seeing as how it would be pointless to examine the polls further as your basic argument is more torn and tattered than Sandra Fluke’s hymen, we’ll let it pass.

A similar level of capriciousness is evident in foreign affairs. […] Sixty percent of voters now believe that the war in Afghanistan was not worth fighting, according to ABC News and the Washington Post.

And yet, Obama – who escalated the Afghan war with a temporary troop surge – continues to break even or fare a bit better than that when it comes to foreign policy and national security. The ABC/Washington Post poll found 46 percent of voters approve of his handling of the war, while 47 percent disapprove. Those aren’t great numbers – except they look pretty good when three-fifths of the country think the war was a waste of time and effort.

If you get any dumber, we’ll have to lobotomize ourself with a chainsaw to get down to a level where we can even communicate. Overall approval is not the same as approval of any given single action. Yes, we know it’s shocking to a member of the Enemy Media who, worshiping and adoring every word incoherently leaving SCOAMF’s flapping lips, live by the creed that “loving him means loving every single thing that he does.”

And it’s really not hard to not see a contradiction inherent in supporting going to war while disapproving of the enduring clusterfuck that BOTH administrations have made of Assfuckistan.

Gallup analyst Jeffrey Jones said the seeming inconsistencies can come from the fact that voters “probably don’t have a whole lot of detailed and specific information about the policies that are being put forward.”

“They’re dumb. D-u-m-b DUMB!”

And that’s basically all that this article proves: The Enemy Media thinks you voters are stupid for not loving Teh One™ and believes that you should do as they say so they’ll no longer call you names because… SHUT UP!



  1. 1
    Special Ed growls and barks:

    I hate them all! Foist!

  2. 2
    Special Ed growls and barks:

    Oh, good, actually foist. I hate the taste of crow.

    Poll: noun; 1. A series of questions designed to elicit a specific response from a carefully selected pool of respondents. 2. Crap. 3. Much sound and fury, signifying nothing.

  3. 3
    angrywebmaster growls and barks:

    With regards to polls.
    When someone calls and says they would like me to take part in a poll. I hangup. In the very few circumstances when I do say yes, I lie through my teeth

    SCoaMF is claiming credit for increased oil production. Small problem there Sparky. Those wells that are now coming online were started under “EVIL BOOOOOOSSSSHHHHHH!!!!

    You had nothing to do with it other than trying to shut them down.
    You commies in DC? You can bite my shiny non-metallic ass. I’m not playing anymore.

  4. 4
    Bones growls and barks:

    Back when I actually had a land-line phone, I was called exactly ONCE in 35 years of having a land-line (cell only now). It was a democratic pollster for the state asking questions. It was truly fun and I think I could smell one of her 3 active braincells frying thru the phone. Needless to say, they never called me again and I’m pretty sure she didn’t even write my answers down. :em05:

  5. 5

    But,.but,, the scheme worked so well in Brussels,, what’s wrong with these proles?

  6. 6
    Terrapod growls and barks:

    There – corrected a detail for ya.
    From the Reichspropagandaministerium, er, Enemy Enema Media
    Since it looks like Mittens (I’m not an elite) Romney may end up the nominee, we are going to have to squeeze his nuts (he does have some – just look at all the kids) to make him do what needs to be done.
    Eliminate EPA and all czars, reverse any action initiated by fiat by Obungles Carter II and then fire every head and second/third tier management emplaced by the regime in every agency touched by the Obama admin. That after declaring the Obumna care unconstitutional. Now, planning committe call on how to get the right handlers into the Admin. I vote we start by appointing Palin to dismantle the EPA/DOE/NRC/TVA etc.etc. :em01: .

  7. 7

    Terrapod says:

    I vote we start by appointing Palin to dismantle the EPA/DOE/NRC/TVA etc.etc.

    I WILL drink to that!
    :em05: :em01:

  8. 8
    Mark12A growls and barks:

    Unfortunately, I think a large part of the American electorate is, indeed, stupid enough to believe anything Il Douche says.

    Now, of course (and off topic), Panetta disarmed American soldiers in a war zone, following the precedent set by (I hope I’m remembering the details properly) Teh Won when he made Midshipmen at the Naval Academy leave their dress swords off their uniform. Dictators and tyrants are perhaps afraid of troops that may be loyal to the Constitution?

  9. 9
    LC Ogrrre growls and barks:

    It seems that the practices of the Commucrat media are coming around to bite them in the ass like a Rottweiler. :em01:
    For eight years the media blamed high oil and gas prices on the President. Of course during those eight years Bush was President. So, the media’s propaganda convinced the voters that the President had kinglike powers to regulate the price of commodities. Now that there is a Dumbasscrat in the whitehouse, why the pResident has no control over the price of oil or any other commodity. Except the indoctrinated voters, whom the Dumbasscrat controlled education system has kept completely ignorant of matters economic, particulary the law of supply and demand, ain’t buying it. They’ve been taught through the schools and the media that the President, especially THIS pResident, has absolute powers. This pResident reinforced this perception when he claimed in public on television that his very nomination started the sea levels dropping and polar bears fucking and the Earth healing. The media did not dispute the demented ravings of the narcissistic megalomaniac, so what were the stupid voters to believe? :em05:

  10. 10
    LC Draco growls and barks:

    I also have been called once or twice by a pollster and not only did I lie through my teeth, but when asked a question, I asked a couple of questions back to the pollster.

    1) What do you mean by that question, specifically?
    2) Do you realize that the question is a ‘leading question’?
    3) Do you realize that question is so broad as to be interpreted in a plethora of ways?

    Of course, they could not respond to my questions. “Sir, I am just here to read the question and write down your response.”


  11. 11

    Terrapod @ # 6: :em01:
    :em05: Mark12A @ # 8: Correct. In Heavens name, why would they do such things? Gosh!
    LC Ogrrre @ # 9: Precisely.

  12. 12

    And that’s basically all that this article proves: The Enemy Media thinks you voters are stupid for not loving Teh One™ and believes that you should do as they say so they’ll no longer call you names because… SHUT UP!


    Thatisall one needs.

  13. 13
    FrankOK growls and barks:

    Mark12A says:

    Unfortunately, I think a large part of the American electorate is, indeed, stupid enough to believe anything Il Douche says.

    Now, of course (and off topic), Panetta disarmed American soldiers in a war zone, following the precedent set by (I hope I’m remembering the details properly) Teh Won when he made Midshipmen at the Naval Academy leave their dress swords off their uniform. Dictators and tyrants are perhaps afraid of troops that may be loyal to the Constitution?

    No, Mark – not at all off topic. Rather, this behavior is part and parcel the the trash in the White House and that infesting DC.

    The DC handgun ban existed (exists?) for the same reason the troops were disarmed in Asscrackistan – both locales are warzones, BTW. No politician, regardless of stripe (and the BS said), likes the idea of an armed citizenry. All lying SOBs are deathly afraid of a citizen with a weapon.

    What’s next? Making children lay down their ball bats if the SCOAMF is within 10 miles?

  14. 14
    1IDVET growls and barks:

    Nicely fisked. :em01:

    Stupid media people!

  15. 15
    Igor, Imperial Booby growls and barks:

    Gotta looooove them pollsters. NOT! I, too, tell them I don’t do polls, and if I am in a really mellow mood I will start to participate in one, only to have the methods LCDraco uses when answering questions that can’t be naswered yes/no *or* are “leading’ (“Are you still beating your wife?”).
    What fun! :em01:

  16. 16
    Secondmouse growls and barks:

    Looks like ‘virtually every policy expert’ will now have to feign shock and surprise at the fresh news that President Downgrade is opening the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Oil is down $2 in 20 minutes on the news. White House is denying, which is just proof that these guys can’t even do ‘fuckin’ around’ right.

    The cynic will see this as a preamble to war with Iran, now that three (!) aircraft carriers and a large deck transport are en route/on station in the Arabian Sea. Liberals are vibrating like tuning forks, trying to figure out how to use the words ‘war-mongering Obama’ and ‘Kumbayah’ in the same sentence.

  17. 17
    LC HJ Caveman82952 growls and barks:

    Delightful, isn’t it? Sonehow, in their foolish arrogance, they actually believe we care how they feel about us or the names they call us. Considering the way events are proceeding, it may well behoove them to concern themselves with how we feel about them. I am looking into buying some stock in Smith & Wesson….
    Nowhere do they mention what their God in the White House could have done years ago….no where.
    You bet, dumb as a rock I am……..and I still won’t vote for you….. : :em07: em05:

  18. 18
    Mark12A growls and barks:

    I’m one of those poor, ignorant redneck boys with an IQ significantly higher than my body temperature and “Rocket Scientist” in my job description. I spent nearly three decades in the Air Force, doing among other things, working on the space shuttle, developing satellites, and working on nuclear delivery systems. I’ve got a master’s and a PhD in mechanical engineering. But I guess I’m too stupid to understand just how wonderful Il Douche is. Must be brain damage caused by exposure to loud bursts of gunfire and the shaking caused by .308 caliber recoil. And the occasional application of recreational alcohol.

    But I still think they’re all douchebags. I’d vote for one of my empty cartridge cases before I’d vote for them. At least a cartridge case has SOME utility.

  19. 19
    LC HJ Caveman82952 growls and barks:

    Seems the left never learns, not new and improved enough, I suppose. My closest friend, a mechanical engineer with over thirty years experience, told me flat out all of bambis alternative energy companies would fail. Quite a prophet he was……..of course like with most liberals everyone else has to pay for it..

    But all is not lost, found this little tidbit about Wisconsin………

  20. 20
    Mark12A growls and barks:

    The math doesn’t work, but since it feels so good it must be okay.

  21. 21
    LC Sir Rurik, K.o.E. growls and barks:

    Terrapod @ # 16:
    I think we ought to be fair and sporting and treat the Proggies according to their own principles and standards.
    First we remember that some of hteir most august legal authorities and judges think we should take international law and precedent into consideration when dealing with our legal situations. And there is a famous, well-established precedent for how Czars ought to be treated. Let us embrace it. :em01:
    We might also want to consider treating the Obamites according to Eric Holder’s standards of “Due Process”. It would be only fair. Equally distributive justice as they like to say. They would want it that way, wouldn’t they. Truly I would oppose the idea of any private individual arrogating justice to himself. But a quick tribunal, and speedy imposition of sentence without wasting time in protracted appeals? … haven’t they recently proclaimed and practiced exactly that?

  22. 22
    LC Light29ID growls and barks:

    Now shut up, get in line and wait your turn to fondle Ogabe’s Wondrous Testicles.

    Isn’t that what he had Reggie Love around for?

    and it’s enough to make a political professional suspect the electorate is, well, not entirely sophisticated about the choices it’s facing in 2012.

    Oh we are, trust us we are…we’re just busy loading 30rd magazines to give an informed answer…or a shit.

    voters just digging in their heels

    That’s not the only thing we’re digging in…foxholes, punji traps, sandbags, graves…

    many GOP primary voters still question the president’s religion and nationality

    You forgot loyalty and patriotism

    And “fickle” is a nice way of describing the voters of 2012

    More like burning with a visceral hated of a thousand white hot suns, not to mention scared shitless

    It isn’t just unclear which party’s vision they’d rather embrace;

    Yeah they do…none of the above.

    it’s entirely questionable whether the great mass of voters has even the most basic grasp of the details

    But they do a have really good grasp of weapons, rope and torches

  23. 23
    LC Gladiator growls and barks:


    Breitbart Barack
    By William L. Gensert

    Is there any better example of a warrior than Andrew Breitbart? The man was rigorous, relentless, and totally without remorse in search of the truth and in opposition to those who would rewrite history to expand and support the liberal narrative. Using the weapons of the left — all media, and no subject taboo — he pursued the illusions of progressivism with élan. Exceedingly effective, his name has entered the lexicon as a verb.

    President Obama wants everyone to listen to his words, but ignore his actions. As a propitiator of extreme skill and nuance, he always knows what to say and refuses to let truth and civility get in his way. Our president believes he knows everything. Unfortunately, that is the only thing he knows.

    Unless the nation craves four more years of economic suicide, Obama’s stifling regulatory tsunami, high energy prices, and deliberate demagogic discord, the meek and mild on the right will need to learn how to fight.

    America must Breitbart Barack; it’s the only way he can be defeated. The left will scream. It will be called negative campaigning, racist, and worse. Knowing Barack Obama and his minions — as we now do — it will be called both. Conservatism will become synonymous with “negative racism” — at least in the written press, televised news, and progressive blogosphere.

    Yet if the right wages a polite and dignified campaign, eschewing negativity and “in your face” advertising, the Republican candidate still will be labeled negative and racist.

    War is like that. The right might as well fight, or get used to performing sexual favors to earn the cash necessary to fill up their gas tanks, in order to get to jobs that pay less than they made in 2008, if they are lucky enough to even have a job. At least their contraception costs will be covered by the ObamaCare mandate.

    It should be learned at an early age that one cannot resort to reason with a bully; it ensures only more bullying. Make no mistake: Barack Obama is a bully. Any man who would throw his grandmother, the woman who raised him, under the bus to score political points is a bully.

    Every paragraph written, speech made, or commercial commissioned, between now and Election Day, must be about Obama, his past, who he has associated with, and his mentors, as well as who he is today and what he has done to this nation — the havoc he has wrought economically and the doom he has relegated to the world with his policy of serial apologies and weakness.

    Conservatives and Republicans tend to be civil, despite what is said by the left and the “all Barack, all the time” press. Yet the left still sets the parameters of every discussion, led by the New York Times, which now fits all the news into what it wants to print. And it wants to print that everything is peachy and that Barack Obama is great.

    In fact, he’s better than great; he is legendary, and we are lucky to have him. The opposition is not just wrong, but evil, waging “war” against someone…anyone — minority voters, women, the economy, or the environment. With no argument to support Obama’s policies, they have militarized the conversation and made enemies of us all.

    In 2008, John McCain famously apologized when a supporter repeatedly used the president’s middle name during an introduction. There can be no apologies this time around. Every TV commercial should start out with the words: Barack Hussein Obama. Especially now, with Iran provoking war and Jewish people everywhere nervous about Barack’s penchant for leading from behind.

    Until now, the right has been forced to play defense on progressive terms, fighting not to lose, instead of to win — politically, leading from behind. It’s the way John McCain campaigned, and it will guarantee a loss in November. There is no room for civility in this election battle. This is not a game — we are fighting for our children and the future of America, the last, best hope for humanity.

    Obama the Great will not play nice; he will be brutal and negative — he’s never been anything but negative. Should he choose to pretend he is not, lackeys on the left will take up the slack.

    Many voters will pick Obama, regardless of what he does. These people could come home from work to discover the president beating their mother to death with his Nobel Prize medal, and they would still vote for him.

    It’s not them we are after. It’s the guy barely paying his mortgage, whose home has lost value, hurt by the price of gasoline and making less than he was before hope and change. Formerly comfortable — before Barack — but now everything has changed. He now hopes to be able to pay off his house and retire five years after his death.

    He may belong to a party, but he does not have any particular party loyalty — he is too busy trying to survive to pay much attention to politics. He gets most of his information from the legacy media, which is so in bed with Barack that for its acolytes, every day should be a walk of shame.

    He is not the right, or the left, and he is not the middle. He is an American. He will listen, and he will vote — conservatives must say something that resonates. It is not that he is uniformed as much as that he is misinformed — he simply needs to be informed. That is the task at hand. Playing prevent-defense will not do. The eventual candidate needs to attack, attack, attack…it’s the only way to win.

    Television commercials should be the weapon of choice in the war against Barack. This election season, there will be little positive spin for the Republican candidate in the liberal press. There is conservative media, but it shrinks in comparison to the plethora of progressive media, and it is primarily preaching to the choir.

    The fatuity of Barack Obama is there for all to see — yet mass media members are still perfervid in maintaining the man is a genius. Conservatives need to accept that all coverage of their candidate will reflect this delusion.

    Run commercials during NFL games, the World Series, or The X Factor, and people will hear the message — otherwise, it will be lost in the cacophony of cultish Obama-worship. The media will make sure of that.

    The expiry of Barack Obama’s inchoate presidency cannot come soon enough. Conservatives need to help it along by telling people the truth about Barack Obama — with Breitbart aggressiveness.

    In 2008, Obama sold hope and change in commercials that were everywhere. This year, thanks to Citizens United, there will be parity in campaign war chests, empowering citizens to unite against the abomination that is this president.

    Spike Lee was right — America will be defined as pre-Barack and post-Barack — but not in the way he intended. We are on the cusp of history, the dawn of a new age, the epoch of post-Barack prosperity, post-progressivism and post-“post-Americanism.”

    We must chase this president from office before he destroys us all — and it is not enough to beat him in November. He must be driven from any position of influence. He must be relegated to unimportance and irrelevance. Can there be a more apt fate for a narcissistic tyrant?

    Let him vacation and play golf; those are the only things he’s good at anyway.

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/03/breitbart_barack.html#ixzz1pESyz3RO

  24. 24
    LC Sir Rurik, K.o.E. growls and barks:

    LC Light29ID says:

    … many GOP primary voters still question the president’s religion and nationality
    You forgot loyalty and patriotism”

    I don’t think they were forgotten, there is just not the slightest remaining question about them., or their nonesistence.

  25. 25
    LC HJ Caveman82952 growls and barks:

    … many GOP primary voters still question the president’s religion and nationality
    You forgot loyalty and patriotism”

    Naahh, I don’t question it, he’s a muslim communist. Never had any doubt.

  26. 26
    LC Jackboot IC/A growls and barks:

    LC Gladiator says:


    You might wanna take a look at the top of site. :em07:

    Awesome piece and most definitely post worthy.


  27. 27
    LC Jackboot IC/A growls and barks:

    Hey Boss !!!!

    I’m on the overnight shift. If you can manage give me a call around 0930 or so tomorrow morning. I missed your call last week, cuz I was in the rack.


  28. 28
    Special Ed growls and barks:

    Any time I hear or read of someone referring to either the citizenry or a large division of the demographic as “masses”, I assume they’re arrogant psuedo-intellectuals. It’s inherently inaccurate and intellectually dishonest. Maybe it’s just me.

    Speaking of IQ’s, I wonder what the average is for Rottie-readers? Mine’s about a buck fifty.

  29. 29
    UNeverKnow growls and barks:

    Thanks for proving that guy’s point!
    Questionman says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    March 19, 2012 at 10:15 pm

    Hypocrites to the highesr degree!
    You racists mangle Obama’s successes as “delusional’ and “false” yet you can’t answer why websites like Politfact and WTFhasObamadonesofar.com exist! they exist to prove to are liars!
    “SCOAMF” is a retarded racist crap created by retarded racist who are STILL pissed America voted for a Black man as President of the United States instead of a Ditzy quitter, Caribou Barbie!

    I hate that poor people get health care, and our dependence on foreign oil is a good thing? The “staggering debt” has nothing to do with the wars started by the previous President. Higher unemployment — actually the economy is recovering. Unsecured borders — fewer people are coming across than during the Bush years. I don’t even know what “compliant unconstitutional herds of followers” means. The Muslim Brotherhood has taken over the Middle East? hmm… want to think about that? De-funding our military? Absolutely deep cuts can, and should, be made in the military budget.

    Of course, now you have a lying rebuttal to Obama “inheritin” the Bush economy to “he created it”! So Obama created the wars in Iraq and Afgan? Obama crrated the Keystone and TARP program?

    If you don’t believe me the Google which president increased our debt the most, and the United States Treasury Report will verify this information. Just so you know, before you look up this extensive and accurate multi-page document. Bill Clinton increased our debt the least, while he was the President. Enjoy your research.

    You dinbats are too busy lying about Obama’s successes and “broken” promises and other crap you remove this obvious fact!

    You racists KNOW the GOP candidates are a joke, you KNOW they can’t win. and you HATE that they are attacking Obama and being respectful at the same time!

    Obama is anything but a Socialist. He stands to the Right of Eisenhower and is trying very hard to save American Capitalism from its own stupidity.

    Anyone who calls Obama a “SCOAMF” is a retarded fact. plain and simple!

  30. 30
    angrywebmaster growls and barks:

    UNeverKnow @ #:

    screech, scream, rant, rave

    Interesting comment.
    Either you’re being utterly sarcastic and forgot the /sarc tag, or your a troll doing the typical Occupy Space and Waste Oxygen meme of accusing anyone who won’t bow down toy your hero and kowtow none stop for an hour.

    I hope it’s the former.

  31. 31
    Radical Redneck growls and barks:

    angrywebmaster @ #:

    Either you’re being utterly sarcastic and forgot the /sarc tag, or your a troll doing the typical Occupy Space and Waste Oxygen meme of accusing anyone who won’t bow down toy your hero and kowtow none stop for an hour. I hope it’s the former.

    Unfortunately it’s the latter. Big, big time! :em05:

    Here is the wasteland from which this illiterate goon blathers: :em06:


  32. 32

    A cut ‘n paste troll.. the laziest type. ‘Guess it’s better than no trolls at all.
    What color is a SCOAMF anywhoo? Black? White? Magenta?
    Racist = anybody smarter than he/she/it.
    A large number of folks voted for BS to prove they’re not racist.
    They will have the same chance to vote against him to prove that they’re not stupid.
    ‘Hope they make the most of it.

  33. 33

    UNeverKnow says:

    Anyone who calls Obama a “Statesman” is a retarded fact. plain and simple!

    Fixed it for ya. ‘Cost ya nuthin’,, y’welcome