Oh, and Another Thing

Readerjp got me thinking again. She’s good at that and I value it highly because, Heaven knows, thinking about why you feel the way you feel is a good thing.

It was about how I felt about Newt’s genuine issues from his past and why I felt that way, but it got me thinking along other lines:

Why is it that I despise Mittens so much (other than what I stated in the post below which was really only the last straw, I’ve always had issues with him), why do I have such a huge issue with his skeletons, yet am willing to live with the skeletons of other candidates?

It’s a damn good question. The immediate response, which is what I gave, is that some skeletons are different from other skeletons. Which is true. We all have our hot button issues and there are some that we cannot compromise on because it would hurt us worse than it would help. We have to, after all, live with all of our decision before G-d or whatever substitute for G-d we may believe in. As well as ourselves.

So it got me to thinking. I think, as a matter of fact I’m pretty damn sure at this point after having thought about it, that my main issue with Mittens vs. Everybody Else is that he is pathologically unwilling to admit to having ever made a mistake in his entire life. None of the other candidates, past or present, have had this problem. Rick Perry was perfectly willing to even mock himself for his missteps. Newt has no problem admitting that the Pelosi Couch Moment was the biggest fuckup of his political career. And so on and so forth.

Now, you might legitimately ask yourself “sure, but does he really mean it or is he just trying to do damage control?” I don’t know. Nobody but the candidate knows for sure, but what I DO know is that Mittens has never, ever admitted to any sort of mistake on his part, big or small. He just can’t do it. It is as if he thinks of himself as perfect and that any admission that he could ever make a mistake is sacrilege.

I think that that’s what I really have against him, and it’s not just because it reminds me very much of the current resident of 1600 Penn Ave, it’s also that I find it highly troublesome to even think about handing the reins of power to an individual who thinks that he is perfect, who is completely incapable of even entertaining the notion that he might have a flaw.

Only G-d is perfect and Mittens, being a Christian no matter what some people might say about Mormons, at least ought to have a basic understanding of that concept.

Once you forget that, no matter what denomination you may belong to, once you start believing in your own infallibility, you have made yourself like G-d in your own mind and THAT ought to trouble everybody, whether they believe in G-d or not.

Do you really want somebody who seems to think that he is infallible, that he is G-d’s equal, as your president?

We already have one of those, and it hasn’t worked out too well, has it?

I’m not perfect. G-d knows that I’m not and I’m reminded regularly of the fact. That’s not a weakness. That’s a learning process. It makes me stronger, it helps me get closer to the unattainable ideal of being perfect which, although unattainable, should be the goal that we all have our eyes set on. Just because you know you can’t get there doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t even try. You can always get closer as long as you accept that you’re not there yet. Every faltering step brings you closer.

It’s when you decide that you’re already there that progress stops.

And Mittens is quite clearly at that point. Even when his idiotic idea, even if launched with the best of intentions which I’m perfectly willing to give him, have been proven to have hurt Massachusetts, he is still utterly unwilling to admit that maybe it wasn’t such a great idea. Heck, even in the small issues such as strapping his dog’s crate to the top of a car for an all-day drive to his vacation home that caused the poor pooch to shit himself in unholy terror he can’t even admit that “hey, not my brightest moment, but I really didn’t have a clue that it would freak the dog out that much.” You see, I would have bought that line. G-d knows I’ve done things more stupid than that based on what “seemed like a good idea at the time”, so I’ll be the last to insist that everybody else is different.

But not even that. Oh no. Mittens is all-knowing and all-wise. Anybody questioning his wisdom on anything is a retard.

He just cannot even entertain the notion that he might have ever done anything stupid.

Doesn’t that worry you? Because it worries the shit out of ME.



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    Mittens is the typical plastic candidate. Shit rolls off him. He has a canned answer for every single problem/issue that has been brought up. He’ll never admit he was wrong on anything, because he’s oily and believes he can get away with said canned answers.

    That said… having examined my own issues with Newt and why I find him so odious, noxious and downright disgusting that I’m willing to pull the lever for Zero just to avoid ever seeing his jowly paunch anywhere near the White House, I can honestly say if there was a gun to my head and I had to pick one or the other, I’d vote for Mittens.

    My problem with Newt is much like your problem with Mittens, Mish. While, yes, he’s admitted mistakes in the past, I find him less than sincere in those admissions. He still supports ethanol subsidies, despite admitting that rimming Lugosi on that couch was a bad PR move. He still believes in individual health care mandates, while posturing himself as some kind of savior of conservatism.

    But my visceral reaction to him goes deeper than that. He’s a vainglorious fucknozzle. He constantly postures himself as some kind of white-hatted hero – as the one who was chiefly responsible for every accomplishment, when, in fact, many of those accomplishments took place in spite of him, not because of him. His conceit knows no end. He truly believes that he is superior in every way, and that the Great Unwashed must hear what he has to say. It’s the media’s fault. Everyone is incompetent (but him, of course).

    “I’m the only person running this year who has actually helped create a national majority twice, in 1980 and 1994.”

    “I passed entitlement reform, welfare, I passed a second reform, Medicare, which was done so well nobody noticed it.”

    “I helped defeat communism.”

    There’s no humility there. There’s no acknowledgment of others’ accomplishments. There’s no sincerity about his political record. The conceit I saw in his claim that the people need to hear what he has to say about family values, despite the fact that he was fucking Callista in the bed he shared with his wife, is the same conceit I see here now.

    We all have accomplishments. Many of us have struggled through hard times and come out on top. I admire humility and sincerity in a person, and I see none of that in Gingrich, who is so conceited, he gets visibly enraged when confronted about his hypocrisy.

    Honestly, he reminds me more of Zero than Mittens.

    But since he’s not on the ballot in VA anyway, it’s a moot point. The Crazy Crank FTW!

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    single stack growls and barks:

    I hate both Mittens and Newtie and I find it impossible to decide which one I hate more.
    Mittens is an unprincipled opportunist and Newtie is a lying, backstabbing weasel. They’re both progressives that will continue the march into an authoritarian, socialist, utopian hell. :em08:

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    LC Xealot growls and barks:

    I am sorry… I must begin the EPIC RANT OF DOOM ™

    Why do candidates like Romney The Used Car Salesman even get the time of day? Why did John Kerry get the democrat nomination in ’04? (Note that I do not capitalize democrat – capitalization is reserved for proper names, not non-sentient fungi clinging to the bottom of the toilet bowl).

    Salesman Syndrome
    Or, why High School never really ended.

    This is in the workplace, where nobody cares about the product that’s being made, only about the sales numbers. This is in government where nobody cares if a policy is good or bad, but only if it’s popular. You see fliers for used cars: 5000% off, free Trailer hooker and Mexican sex slave with every purchase. Get a 1000% APR credit card. Get free money from welfare. FREE FREE FREE. Do nothing, get it all. My generation lives off of their parents well into their 20s, some into their 30s. But they project an image of wealth with fancy cars, spray-on tans, expensive bottles at the club and sexual escapades of immense irresponsibility.

    America has become a culture of bureaucratic Salesmen. The fake smile plastered on Romney’s botox-infused face should come as no surprise to anyone. The Republican party long since jumped onto the Salesman bandwagon, and whatever his other failings, Romney definitely fulfills that role well. Romney will sell us on more bank bailouts, more crony-capitalism, inferior to the real thing (like a fake Gucci bag bought on the corner of Chinatown). He’ll sell the American people on how the bad economy really isn’t their fault, and oh, by the way, you can get a good interest rate from a Government Master Card? Need a hooker? Here’s your FEMA card. Go blow it all.

    The product is us. Hard-working, real folks who keep the lights on, keep the buildings from falling apart, but the budget has been allocated to Salesmen, not producers. Is it any wonder we don’t make a whole lot of product anymore?

    It’s not about what’s right or good, it’s about what’s popular. Romney and Obama are like the popular guys competing for class President in a High School class that only really cares about how cheap the snacks in the vending machines are. FREE COOKIES! It’s about how many asses they kiss, how much free cash they distribute. They are selling a bill of goods that enriches them at the expense of the very people who care voting for them.

    Once, to be popular in High School meant being the school genius or the best football player on the team. Now it means the guy who has parents willing to drop $50k on a Porsche for their one Designer Baby ™. Everyone can have a participation trophy anyway. Did you suck at football? Here’s your trophy anyway. Are you dumber than a box rocks? Here’s your A+++. Now, Joe Blow, get out there and SELL SELL SELL.

    Hire that Mexican orchard slave to tend your garden of pesticide free vegetables. Smoke your crack rocks and live in a haze of incandescent bong smoke. Then, when all is said and done, run for public office and say “look, America, we can do this together!”

    There was a time I thought America was going Communist. But I think all the real Communists checked out in the 90s. Today’s variety are just stupid Salesmen. And their customers are equally stupid. And no one even knows how to be a proper socialist anymore.

    We aren’t fighting Leftism, per se… we are fighting stupidity. And that, my friends, seems to be a losing battle.

    I’ll see you at the voting booths when I check the “Not Romney, Not Obama” box.

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    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    I am constantly amazed how the media is able to find out everything about: Newt; Romney; Santorum; Paul; Bachman; Cain; Perry; Huntzman; Palin; et. al.

    However, they are unable to find out anything about Barack Hussein Obama. Is it not amazing???

  5. 5
    LC Gladiator growls and barks:


  6. 6
    irish19 growls and barks:

    LC Xealot @ #:
    Rather than salesmen, I would substitute marketers. Otherwise, spot on.

  7. 7

    I wrote about this before South Carolina, but I’ve been fascinated (horrified) watching this develop.

    In brief: Mitt is the guy in High School who banged every hot chick, including your girlfriend, who was the star in every sport, and was above average academically. He’s been campaigning for this job forever, and in tried and true GOP fashion, it is simply HIS turn. It isn’t because he feels that he is the right leader for this time; its about him, and that shows whenever a challenger starts to ascend. Add in a general lack of conservatism about anything, and some significant flipflops, and you get a guy you can’t trust, and trust means everything. Its why after years, he has a steady 20-25% and cannot close the deal with the rest of us.

    Newt: The only thing I look forward to in a Newt candidacy is the rhetorical evisceration of President Downgrade. The “Smart Like Spock” meme simply cannot survive a few rounds with Newt. That said, Newt’s biggest flaws aren’t a roving eye and following dick….and after the Bimbo Eruption years of Billy Jeff the Philandering Perjuror, the Dems would do well to keep their pieholes shut on that issue. Newt’s biggest flaws are the fact that he wants it so bad that he also flip flops and says remarkably, even breathtakingly anti-capitalist things, which shows that he hasn’t gotten past his extraordinarily tragic habit of shooting first and aiming later. Add in a detailed listen to him pontificating on any subject, and you’ll hear an annoying propensity to default to “government” anytime he gets around to the “solution” to many issues. It sucks because I WANT to like Newt. I really do, as he doesn’t back away from a fight, but anytime I listen to him speak for an extended period of time, I can nod in agreeement right up to the point where he doesn’t just go off the reservation, he’s three counties over…and he doesn’t even realize that he has taken up residence in Errorville.

    I want a do-ever with Candidates who I can trust to be conservative when the cameras and the mixrophones aren’t present.

  8. 8
    LC MuscleDaddy growls and barks:

    Guys…I’m sorry…I just can’t avoid saying it out-loud anymore…

    The longer this crap (and worse crap) goes on… and on… and….on…..

    The less & less fringe Paul sounds

    I mean – seriously:

    If we did work (and I mean really work) toward energy independence in the US (oil, gas, nuclear – we really can do it all)….

    If we did work (and I mean really work) to end/abolish the unregulated and otherwise unstoppable economic depredations of the Fed…

    If we did work (and I mean really work) to stop out-of-control spending and its corresponding & unending tax increases…

    If we did work (and I mean really work) to focus Defense on…well… Defense…

    If we did work (and I mean really work) to encourage private-sector free-enterprise – with an eye toward making us competitive with other countries …

    …Couldn’t we reasonably then tell the rest of the world “Sure guys, we’ll trade with you but that’s all – you have to handle your own business.”

    Honestly – we are the only thing keeping Israel from just Dealing with Iran – and there’s nothing to say that we couldn’t adopt a scorched-earth approach to responding to any foreign attack – and cutting off the out-of-control entitlement spending would make the whole illegal-immigration prospect less appealing in the first place, which would in turn make it easier to secure our borders…

    Couldn’t we just leave off trying to ‘win’ this game – stop playing it, focus on our own game and make everyone else have win their own games before trying to play ours?

    Just askin’… Just tired….

    – MD

  9. 9
    FrankOK growls and barks:

    There is no such thing as a good politician – well, there is but I won’t go there.

  10. 10
    LC Xystus growls and barks:

    single stack said:

    I hate both Mittens and Newtie and I find it impossible to decide which one I hate more.
    Mittens is an unprincipled opportunist and Newtie is a lying, backstabbing weasel.

    As Lefty Letterman put it, Mitt’s too mitty & Newt’s too newty. :em05: