Fear and Loathing in the RINOcracy

We knew this was going to happen and the rest of y’all knew it too: The moment Newt obliterated their Golden Idol in SC, they’d go into full panic mode as a result of their store front plastic mannequin perennial loser “inevitable electable” candidate getting a Swift Kick to the Electability™.

And it’s been hilariously fun to watch, and nowhere better to watch it than at Mitt Romney Central™, Hot Air.

On Newt commenting on the New Rule of Debates™, which is that the audience has to exhibit the same forced indifference as the Soviet audience of a Beatles concert (and yes, we remember those days when Soviet subjects were prohibited from expressing their enthusiasm, for much the same reasons that the DNCMedia suddenly won’t allow expressions of enthusiasm now that they’ve realized that their preferred candidate, Mittens, isn’t helped in the least bit audience participation):

Free speech? Meh. The media does not stifle free speech; these debates are their events, their forums, and they have every right to set the rules for participation in them, for both the candidates (with whom they negotiate) and the audience. Free speech does not mean that NBC has to broadcast cheering sections. It’s a false and silly argument. If Gingrich or any of the other candidates choose not to participate in these media events, that’s their prerogative, of course. If people in the audience don’t like the rules, they don’t have to sit there, either.

That’s right, Ed. And then we could all have endlessly televised debates that were about as popular as Keith Olberdouche’s Countdown. Progress! Because if there is one thing we don’t want, then it’s voters actually giving a shit about the candidates they’re asked, no commanded to vote for by the Party Intelligentsia. Because… WINNING! You’re absolutely right that the media are under no obligations to allow anything at their events, just as His Imperial Majesty would be well within his rights to delete every comment that he doesn’t agree with on his site, but we hardly think that that’s what open discussion is all about.

But hey, when popularity is something that your preferred candidate doesn’t have, then it makes sense to shut down any expression of popular support, so we see where you’re coming from.

Elsewhere, Allahpundit, fresh out of smelling salts now that Prince Fabulous Hair has taken one to his perfectly coiffed toupee, is doing the same as the rest of the RINOcracy: Casting about for somebody who can defeat that horribly, dreadfully gauche and, dare we say?, popular Newt plebeian. Mitch Daniels (who the fuck is he again? other than another loser who didn’t bother to run?), Jeb Bush, Allahpundit’s neighbor Suzy Rottencrotch, as long as it ISN’T that horrid, ABOMINABLE Newt Monster. But Allahpundit, in his defense, does have some serious misgivings as to his viability as the Candidate Who Will Save Us From Those Bucktoothed, Blue Collar Hicks Who Give a Shit™:

If Daniels got in tomorrow, Newt would cast him as a pawn thrust into the race at the eleventh hour by panicked elitists to hold back the populist tide after Romney failed to do so.

Mainly because he would, obviously, be a pawn thrust into the race at the eleventh hour by panicked Allahpundits to hold back the populist (remember when “listening to what the public wants as opposed to just doing whatever the fuck you wanted because those stupid hicks don’t know what’s good for them” became a swear word?) tide after Romney failed to elicit anything resembling emotion in anybody. But other than that, it’s all FILTHY, DIRTY, EMOTIONAL TEA BAGGER HOBBIT LIES!

Listen, we’re not exactly thrilled that Newt is the least horrible choice at this point, but maybe things would have been different if solid conservative candidates like Rick Perry hadn’t been endlessly savaged by suggesting that his inability to come up with an answer for all of 50 HORRIBLE seconds on a game show far outweighed his solid record of executive success as governor of one of the few remaining states in the union worth living in, bullshit fed into by sites like Hot Air. Maybe Herman Cain, another solidly conservative candidate would still be in the race if sites like Hot Gas hadn’t been spending weeks of 267 times daily updates on granting legitimacy to uncorroborated claims made by bankrupt, deadbeat, serial whiner whores?

Maybe. Just maybe.

And now they’re stuck with the fact that Mr. Plastic Fantastic, a guy who has only ever refused to change his point of view on ONE position, ObamneyCare, an unmitigated disaster for the state he was governing at the time, but has flip-flopped on everything else because, “for Pete’s sakes, I’m running for president!”, just isn’t polling too well with voters who don’t seem to agree with their retread of the 2008 “inevitable” McCain meme, and they’re all scrambling to find some other RINO fuckweasel to carry their banner for them.

I’m with Bill Quick on this one.

Let them TRY to go for a Hail Mary by putting up yet another Business as Usual, Go-Along-To-Get-Along RINO substitute. If the fucker fails, they’ll be done for, and if they succeed, the Stupid Party will be history as nobody with an ounce of sense will ever vote for any of their forced-down-our-throats “inevitable” candidates again.

Either way, the United States of America wins.

And that is all that I care about.



  1. 1
    Elephant Man growls and barks:

    There were some attempts to push Jeb Bush into the race awhile back and he steadfastly refused.

    He did a good job as Governor of Floriduh (in my opinion) and wouldn’t have been a horrible candidate.

    However, he would be carrying his brother and father’s legacies (the good, the bad and chock full of distortions and outright lies by the “Unbiased Media” and the Moonbat Left) like a two ton gorilla on his back.

    I got the feeling that he saw what the MSM did to his brother and to a lesser extent his father and he said “No thanks. I’ll take a pass.”

  2. 2
    Delftsman3 growls and barks:

    Mitch Daniels (who the fuck is he again? other than another loser who didn’t bother to run?)

    PARDON ME, my Liege, but Mitch Daniels is anything but “another loser who didn’t bother to run”. He has been the two term Governor of my state, and has been proven to be a true blue Conservative throughout his two terms; taking the state of Indiana from just another debt ridden Mid-west state to one that has THE best economy in the region.

    He’s not flashy, I’ll give you that, but like Newt, he’s not afraid of a good fight . He has served his Country and his State well over his entire political career; he didn’t enter the race because he had made a promise to his family that he wasn’t going to subject them to the scrutiny that a Presidential race would inevitably bring upon them. What better candidate than the one that DOES have the “fire in the belly” for the fray, but gives his family his first consideration ?

    Daniels is, and has always been, Pro-life, Pro Free Market, Pro 2nd Amendment. He has proven to be a pragmatic Conservative, willing to listen to both sides of the argument and then proceeding to hammer out the best deal he could possibly forge. We really don’t want an Ideologue in our greatest Office; we have one now and we can all see how that’s turned out for us.

    Remember, our First (and I believe greatest) President was reluctant to take the office, preferring to go back to private life, but put his Country first over his own ambitions. I’m NOT suggesting that Mitch is another George Washington by any stretch of the imagination, but I do believe that if he were made our Nominee through a brokered Convention; that he would be a better choice than any in the field at present.

    My ideal ticket would be Mitch Daniels/Allen West….I can dream, anyway…

  3. 3
    0007 growls and barks:

    I don’t usually go over to hot air, but WOW, those dudes there have got some SERIOUS hate on for the Neutster. Not crazy about the guy myself, but Oromney is just such a no starter(Scott Brown, Jr., anyone?).

  4. 4
    LC Light29ID growls and barks:

    And out in Alaska some lovely lady is quietly sharping her knives…

  5. 5
    LC Subotai Bahadur, Lord Pao An growls and barks:

    #2 Delftsman3

    Not sure if my memory deceives me, but was it not Daniels who a year ago, when faced by the Indiana equivalent of the Wisconsin Fleabagger runaway legislators; preemptively yielded to them and allowed them to dictate the Republican agenda? … and then to successfully up their demands?

    #4 LC Light29ID


    Axes flash, broadsword swing,
    Shining armour’s piercing ring
    Horses run with polished shield,
    Fight Those Bastards till They Yield

    LC Subotai Bahadur, Lord Pao An

  6. 6
    Delftsman3 growls and barks:

    Negative Subotai, He had them fined $1000 per day of work missed. He never lost control of the agenda. Some of us may not have liked the final results, but isn’t that the true meaning of compromise; that neither side gets all it wants?

    They tried the same stunt a week ago over proposed RTW legislation, this time the fine was $2000. per day missed, to be taken directly from their pay stipends, as many D’s still owed the money from their fines from last year.

  7. 7
    AaronsCC growls and barks:

    Aaron’s analysis:
    Start with 2008 electoral college map. FL, NC and VA will revert to red. No red state will go blue in 2012. That leaves a 38 point EC gap. Flip Michigan plus Ohio for the win. It’s that simple. If Michigan is in doubt, get Gov. Daniels to flip Indiana plus get either Colorado or Nevada.

    I will campaign for whoever has a pulse with a (R) after their name in November, even Ron Paul. 2013-2016 RINOism is chump change compared to the importance of replacing Ginsburg on SCOTUS and probably at least one conservative justice. Two more young Kagan-clones and that’s 30 years of a leftist SC and you can kiss ALL hope of steering off the cliff goodbye.

    EVERY GOP candidate will pick better SCOTUS justices.

    W was an utter failure at the economy and the conservative cause. He was an adequate SecDef and we can thank him for Alito and Roberts. Beyond that, he sucked out the ass… much like his father.

    Look at 1968. Unlikable Nixon ran to the left of Reagan in the GOP primaries… and won. Is Newt less likable than “Tricky Dick” was to the MSM back then?

    Elect ANY GOP POTUS and work to flip the Senate red so that no lefty bill gets to the Oval Office for a signature.

    I’m entertaining fantasies of a brokered GOP convention, depriving the MSM from focusing all their guns and funds on any candidate until August where the strongest candidate who can take the ball over the goal line during the last two months can be determined. I’d almost want Mitt and Newt to be handed index cards simultaneously to write in the 3 Republicans, other than themselves, they’d like to see win if neither of them could serve. Then ask them and their staffs to independently write papers why those candidates should represent the Republican party. Rank those candidates and see if there is ANY overlap where Mitt and Newt could unite.

    The stupid bloodletting, started by Perry, is free advertising for BHO.

    Of course, because of W’s and Perry’s border policies, Texas will turn blue in the next 20 years and then the electoral college will be as irreversibly blue as it is here in Pelosistan. Game over until there is something akin to the Civil War to recalibrate whether the country is going to be a bigger version of Greece or can revert to the domestic principles that Ron Paul expresses so well. It’s just that RP is an absolute nut on foreign policy.

    I wish I could get Newt and Mitt to draw up a contract that forfeits ALL their personal assets, as they are circa now, if they do not reverse Obamacare before February 2013. That is the highest priority. Romney could even say he wants improved healthcare but that the process needs to be started over from scratch and EVERY BIT debated in the open, from 1) ways to reduce tens of billions in annual fraud with the benefit going to the “safety net”, 2) taxing ALL funds sent abroad by non-citizens to offset the costs to citizens in healthcare, school, police, infrastructure, of illegals, and 3) eliminating the laws which thwart competition among insurance providers across state borders.

  8. 8
    Emperor Misha I growls and barks:

    AaronsCC @ #:

    Everything you said, Aaron, but, most of all, most of all:

    Aaron!!!! I’ve MISSED you, man!!!

  9. 9
    AaronsCC growls and barks:

    It’s been hard being away. Have to support the family from here in the shadows of the Hollywood sign where the effective unemployment rate is close to 20%. Hope all is well with you.

    As much as W sucked (I left the party due to him, after he got rid of Wolfowitz and Rummy, it was all suckitude and Condi and Laura wearing burqas), he was better than Kerry.

    I see Romney governing like a Bush and reaping profits in the background so he can insulate his family. A profit-oriented guy like Romney would reflexively sell off US assets to be manufactured abroad so the elite stockholders make profits but the regular folk get unemployed. One way to stop the short-sightedness is to prevent the sale of stock for 5 years after a layoff. If the big shots aren’t so confident that their layoff decisions aren’t so much in the best interests of all that they’d delay their gratification, it’s sufficiently questionable.

    I see Newt governing like a GOP version of Clinton, slightly right of center, 6 steps forward, 4 steps back. I see Romney going nowhere since he is a manager, not a leader. Both will pick sufficiently right-of-center SCOTUS. BHO will be 1 step forward and 9 steps back. I’ll grant BHO a step forward for occasional slip-ups in his ideology which result in taking out OBL and maybe signing HR 3549.

    That being said, I’d prefer to be photoshopping Hillary under Huma Abedin’s burqa munching jihadi carpet. Note how nobody mentioned how the Huma/Weiner kid is named for 2/3 of Palestine: http://www.timesledger.com/stories/2012/1/weinerbaby_fh_2012_01_05_q.html

  10. 10
    LC Alric growls and barks:

    AaronsCC says:

    Of course, because of W’s and Perry’s border policies, Texas will turn blue in the next 20 years and then the electoral college will be as irreversibly blue as it is here in Pelosistan. Game over until there is something akin to the Civil War to recalibrate whether the country is going to be a bigger version of Greece or can revert to the domestic principles that Ron Paul expresses so well. It’s just that RP is an absolute nut on foreign policy.

    Just have this to add: There’s little Bush or Perry could have done in their own state due to the federal government. Besides, Mexico’s just about depopulated and has a cratered birth rate. There’s little more damage that it can do to Texas immigration wise. Migration from the Left Coast and Northeast could be more problematic, however. Same thing’s happening here in Tennessee.