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There are connections here. First, there is the tail end of my meanderings on January 10, If not here, where? If not now, when? And it seems to tack on to my post Short on words [for me], long on content [by someone else] yesterday.

Some explanation. Here in Colorado, and throughout much of the West; the role of County Sheriff is somewhat different than it might be in… “bluer” parts of the country back east. By our state constitution and statutes, the County Sheriff is the functional Chief Executive of the County [although County Commissioners have executive functions as well as legislative]. And he is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the County. All local law enforcement agencies and personnel inside the county are under his authority. This is no small thing.

And there is the detail that our County Commissioners and Sheriffs are sworn. They have taken the Oath to the US and Colorado constitutions. That is also no small thing. And maybe that can be part of the salvation of our country.

In If not here, where? If not now, when? I mentioned that our local TEA Party and others were working to get our counties to take a stand against the NDAA provision that allows the Federal government to arrest and indefinitely hold American citizens without charge, warrant, or trial. In El Paso County, we succeeded and got them to pass a resolution condemning the law, directing their Federal legislators to work to overturn it, and noting that the Sheriff is charged with protecting the constitutional rights of the citizens of El Paso County. They followed up separately with the Sheriff attending the Oathkeepers’ Sheriff’s course.

Two weeks ago, we started the same process in my home county. This morning’s meeting was the vote. Half of the meeting chamber was TEA Party. The Sheriff was there. He spoke, strongly and movingly in favor of the resolution and in support of the Oath that he, the Commissioners, and his deputies has sworn. Standing ovation.

Then came the roll call of our County Commissioners. Unanimous, in favor. As the phrase goes, the crowd went wild.

On to other counties.

Talking to the Sheriff afterwards, he noted that he was going to the Sheriff’s Oathkeeper training, and that he was going to get as many of his staff as possible through the training. He just attended a Western Regional Sheriffs’ Conference; and the NDAA provisions are on the minds of Sheriffs everywhere. And they are not happy.

He also noted that …. Well, more explanation. With the exception of certain statutory Peace Officers, to be hired as a commissioned and sworn Peace Officer in Colorado you have to complete POST certification; Peace Officers’ Standardized Training. This can be done at a police academy or a certified school for college credit. The curriculum is … standardized. The standard is being changed as soon as they can arrange it, to give more emphasis on the constitutional duties of Peace Officers.

Now is the time to move, while the tide is in our favor. I urgently offer the suggestion to the LC’s who are involved with the TEA Party and/or the Patriot Movement; that if your state gives authority to your Sheriff, that you push your County Commissioners to stand against the usurpation of the Constitution.

It does not mean that they will be able to hold their own against Obama’s storm troopers in a stand up battle. But it means that the politicians cannot weasel, that there is political legitimacy in resistance to tyranny, and it shapes the social and political battlefield if the worst should come to pass.

We depend on our Oathkeepers in active service. Their honor will not allow them to attack their parents, brothers, and sisters who stand with their freely elected government to defend the Constitution they themselves are sworn to.

LC Subotai Bahadur, Lord Pao An.


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    Igor, Imperial Booby growls and barks:

    Well done, good sir!!

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    Delftsman3 growls and barks:

    Thank you, Subotai, I’m going to try to contact our County Sheriff here and try to get him to join this course of action.

    The system here is different from in Colorado; our Sheriff doesn’t have the same amount of power yours does, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t forward the Oath Keepers goals in his office.

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    LC MuscleDaddy growls and barks:


    I live in Arapahoe County, and think this is a Good Idea – I also have family in GA, who would be interested in taking this up with their Sheriff as well.

    Where could I lay hands on the El Paso County resolution, to use as an example?

    Also – not to put too fine a point on it, but…

    And he is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the County. All local law enforcement agencies and personnel inside the county are under his authority.

    Don’t tell that to Denver PD. :em03:

    – MD

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    LC MuscleDaddy says:

    Don’t tell that to Denver PD.

    By all means, DO tell that to the Denver PD.

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    LC Subotai Bahadur, Lord Pao An growls and barks:

    #3 LC MuscleDaddy

    Neither El Paso County nor my County have the resolutions posted on their websites yet. As soon as I can get it, I will post the link. I have a hard copy of ours, but my scanner is non-operational.

    Don’t tell that to Denver PD

    Denver is odd in matters other than civic culture and PC BS. It is technically the “City and County of Denver”. By the statute establishing it as such long ago, the office of Sheriff of Denver County is restricted to the head of the County Jail, and deputies largely either man the jails or guard the courts. The other duties of the Sheriff as chief law enforcement officer of Denver County are vested in the Manager of Safety of the City and County of Denver. Unlike the other counties in the state, the “Sheriff” of Denver is not elected, but is a political appointee; which by the nature of Denver means a Democrat hack.

    LC Subotai Bahadur, Lord Pao An

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    LC Getalis, Imperial Czar of Pharmacology growls and barks:

    My sheriff is Clarence “Palin Shot Gabby” Dipstick. Can I get a mulligan on this one?