Ever Wondered?

What a can of whoop-ass looks like inside?

Wonder no more:


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    VAconservative growls and barks:

    Ah, remember the days. If you’ve ever been in the air while being “back there”, thanks for your service.

    Remember when you shared the leg space with the equipment in the C-130. Was nice to move up to “business class” sized space in the C-141. Needed a bit more runway though.

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    LC Jackboot IC/A growls and barks:

    Jumping out of a perfect aircraft is NOT a natural act.

    Hat Tip to the Airborne !

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    Igor, Imperial Booby growls and barks:

    “Don’t you just love the easy-opening can?!?” :em01:

    (Remember that commercial?)

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    redc1c4 growls and barks:

    self propelled track grease….

    everyone knows “Whoop Ass” only comes on treads.

    “Death Before Dismount!”

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    Orion growls and barks:

    And once they jump OUT, they need my birds to come bring them beans and bullets…and a ride home when theyr’e done.

    Above the Best!

    Rotorheads rule, Hooah!


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    dasbow growls and barks:

    I remember flying to Saudi on a C141 with an aircraft tow tractor chained in the middle of the cargo bay. Watching that thing bobbing on those balloon tires made everybody a mite nervous.

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    LC Old Dog growls and barks:

    redc1c4 @ #:
    And when it is a full Combat load out and there are a couple or three FGM-148s in the load? Have fun Tread Head!

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    redc1c4 growls and barks:

    no problemo there Old Dog… max range on your 148 is 2500 meters.

    we’ll let the scouts localize you, then wait until dark and use the thermal sights to use our greater range to plink you out of existence from outside your range fans.

    that’s assuming, of course, that the C-DATS don’t play sporting clays with your air transports firing canister rounds.
    (although i wonder what a sabot would do to the wing attachment points on a C-17 as it went through them?)

    much love,

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    Tallulah growls and barks:

    My brother was a C-141 pilot in the first Gulf War. His three little girls in Charleston got to where they didn’t recognize this Strange Man who was coming to visit them from time to time.

    Here’s another story of matchless courage: Teen girl gives birth, loses cancer fight


    At fifteen years old, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and found out at almost the same time that she was ten weeks pregnant. Her family says she never considered having an abortion — and she decided not to have chemotherapy for the baby’s sake.

    She asked only that the little feller be put beside her as she died. Which she did, 12 days after his birth. I am in awe.

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    LC Xystus growls and barks:

    I think someone already posted this on Facebook.

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    LC Draco growls and barks:

    LC Jackboot IC/A says:

    Jumping out of a perfect aircraft is NOT a natural act.

    Hat Tip to the Airborne !
    LC Jackboot IC/A recently posted..Our most precious blood

    First….there is NO such thing as a perfectly good aircraft!!! Especially when gravity is a factor!! :em05:

    Second, just for the record, and with a little help from gravity…I have jumped from UH-1s (Huey), C-130s (Hercules), C-141s (Star Lifter), C-160’s (at German Jump School), Ch-47s (Chinooks), UH-60s (Blackhawks), CH-53s (Sea Stallion) and a couple others I can’t remember right now.

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    Tallulah growls and barks:

    This is hilarious. I saw on The Scotsman.com that they’d just had a howlin’ great storm in Scotland, which was so bad the locals dubbed it “Hurricane Bawbag.”

    Well, okay, I just had to find out what “bawbag” meant. I’m still laughing —


    You know, I think we could use a little Glaswegian Rudeboys slang around here. “Any mair o your pish ya bawbag and am gonnae ram ma fit up yer ring!”

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    VAconservative growls and barks:

    Doesn’t matter what your jump platform is. My dad said that only two things come from the skies, birdshit and fools.

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    LC FORGER - Monster Hunter growls and barks:

    Orion says:

    And once they jump OUT, they need my birds to come bring them beans and bullets…and a ride home when theyr’e done.
    Above the Best!
    Rotorheads rule, Hooah!

    “A helicopter doesn’t fly… It just beats the air into submission.”

    “If the wings are traveling faster than the fuselage, it’s probably a helicopter — and therefore, unsafe. “

    One nit tho, it ain’t whoopass, it’s WHUPass.

    Whoop is what you do when SCOAMF gets his ass handed to him in NOV.

    Whup is what we need to do to SCOAMF’s ass to save The Republic.

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    bruce growls and barks:

    my uncle bob was in the 82nd during ww2 and he was class of one.he made over 400jumps and four combat jumps.the things they did are just amazing.after the normandy break out the 82 was sent back to england when bob got to his 10 man tent he was the only one left all of the others were dead.i served with the 101st in viet nam during tet 1968 where we rolled over the nva and flattened the so called viet cong however like all democratics they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.bongo is doing the same thing today. :em08: