Cooking the Books

Listen, His Imperial Majesty is as happy as the next guy to hear that the economy added 120,000 jobs in November. Granted, they’re mostly temp jobs for the holidays which will disappear in a *poof* of smoke come January, but even a temp job is better than no job in the dreary mess that Comrade SCOAMF and his NSDWP have made of our once thriving economy.

But it’s getting to be a bit much hearing the Make Believe Media having synchronized orgasms as they endlessly trumpet the “recovery” that the “drop” to 8.6% unemployment represents as a result. Because it’s not a drop in any real world sense of the word.

First, just to keep up with new people coming of age and entering the workforce, we have to add 200,000 or so jobs a month. That’s 80,000 more unemployed, net, than we had a month prior unless our calculator is broken.

Second, and this is so very typical of the little “tricks” that DC uses to make things seem not quite as horrid as they really are, about 300,000 of those “no longer unemployed” citizens making the unemployment rate “drop” became “no longer unemployed” because their unemployment benefits ran out.

So, to sum up, we have 80,000 additional unemployed who entered the workforce but couldn’t find even one of the new temporary McJobs, plus about 300,000 still unemployed individuals who now can’t even draw unemployment benefits. And just in time for the holidays too.

And we’re supposed to call this a “recovery?”

Hey, we have an idea: How about eliminating unemployment benefits altogether? That way, hey presto!, we have 0% unemployment!

There are lies, damnable lies, statistics and then there’s everything the government fraudulently cooks up to pad their own resume.

Heckuva job, Barry!



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    LC Jackboot IC/A growls and barks:

    Yay…I saw this too and just knew they would trumpet that silly ass number and they did. It’s too bad that even they have no clue about what it actually means and more importantly doesn’t.



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    Shaitana growls and barks:

    I apologize for being to retarded to figure out how to email Misha, but I wanted to ask for a prayer. My father in law is soon to die after a lifetime of smoking and drinking heavily (he kicked the smoking ten years ago but never the drinking). But I am not asking for prayers for him, but instead for the rest of his family: His loyal wife who did all she could to get him to stop and yet ultimately failed, but still stands by his side praying. And for his children, and especially for his eight grandchildren. Six of which are old enough to know him and will miss him when the day does come but not mature enough to understand why they should not be angry about it.

    We are just hoping he makes it through Christmas. His liver is completely destroyed and he has massive blood pooled in his abdomen. It won’t be long. He fears his son (my husband) is angry with him for not being stronger and for denying his addiction. Please pray for peace and acceptance for us all and that he may go to God with a clean soul. Thank you.

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    the botnet growls and barks:

    The jackasses at the AP were all over the “8.6” funemployment number in the exact manner you’d expect. Take this one, for instance:

    The statist fellatistas at the AP, as well as their limp-wristed, pink-tie-wearin’, oprah watchin’, sally-jessy-glasses-comeback-trend-settin’, commie-lovin’, effete, baboon typist and stenographer bretheren peppered throughout the MBM try to paint us the picture that a mere 100K jobs created is some kind of Obama Focking Miracle.

    Uhh, just a few short years ago, weren’t we constantly reminded that it requires 250 to 300 K new jobs to absorb population growth?

    Due to the cost of either electrons or ink, it is simply not worth their while to let us know that while the economy added 100K jobs, 300K poor sad plebes “quit looking for jobs” at the very same time. Yes, that is very troubling, and directly contradictory to our pro-commie narrative, but for the Cry-aye-aye, have you seen the cost of ink these days? We can’t print that!!!

    Fist-fock the lot of them.

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    LC Sir Rurik, K.o.E. growls and barks:

    Shaitana @ #2:
    I will pray for him, I will pay that he has an easy death and finally finds in the Next World the Peace which he missed in this one. You can never know the demons with which another must struggle. Our own demons are enough of a challenge.

  5. 5
    LC hilljohnny growls and barks:

    Shaitana @ #:
    my prayers for you and your family Shaitana. may God give you strength and ease to your FIL.

  6. 6
    the botnet growls and barks:

    My prayers for your family and loved ones Shaitana.

  7. 7
    0007 growls and barks:

    The problem, DJ, is that the number is – as usual – a flat-out lie; unless one lives in the Neverland of liberal journojism. As someone elsewhere pointed out, using the methodology employed here, if everybody unemployed would just stop looking for work unemployment would be at zero.

  8. 8
    LC Ogrrre growls and barks:

    I haven’t read the comments yet, so the following may have already been pointed out: also not counted as unemployed are the group known as “discouraged workers”. These people are those who have given up on finding a job. They are not actively seeking a job they can’t find. They aren’t working, but they aren’t “unemployed” because to be counted as unemployed one must be not working and actively seeking employment.
    After a year or so of being told, “sorry, you’re overqualified” or “sorry, we aren’t hiring”, some folks just say “fuck it”,and they are magically no longer “unemployed”.

  9. 9
    LC Gladiator growls and barks:

    The real number is 16-18%