The StuporCommittee? Glad You Asked

They’re achieving nothing and will fail just as epically as anybody with an IQ above room temperature (thus excluding the entirety of the GOP establishment RINOcracy) predicted they would back when Weepy Boner and McCockhead announced their historic “victory” in securing everything the Ogabe Junta wanted in return for absolutely no spending cuts.

Oh, but we’d get the Sooper-dooper-committee, don’t you know, and they’d achieve everything that Boner/McCockhead and the rest of the RINOs have lifted not a finger to achieve, because if they didn’t, then the rules would, er… Give the Demorats everything they wanted. Again.

His Imperial Majesty would like to paraphrase a bit here: “Mr. Boner: If you don’t want to use your House majority, I should like to borrow it for a time.”

And, of course, as we also predicted, the Republicans would be blamed for all of this which, in one of the more hilarious moments of the debt ceiling debate, was actually what the Boner Cave-in, Roll Over and Play Dead “Strategy” was designed so very craftily to avoid. At least if you were to listen to the RINO punditocracy, something nobody with the sense that G-d gave slimy slugs would ever do.

The president recently has taken a hands-off approach in the ongoing talks to reduce the deficit, deferring to a bipartisan panel of six senators and six House members who have so far been unable to agree on a deficit-reduction package, in large measure, because Republicans have refused to accept Democratic proposals to increases taxes individuals or certain sectors of the economy.

We see what you did there. So who’s to blame? The Republicans for “refusing” to accept the Democrat “proposals” which, translated into English, means “refusing to cave into Democrat demands.” Because it obviously couldn’t be the Democrat’s fault for putting forth proposals demands that the Republicans couldn’t possibly accept.

Likewise, negotiations broke down in 1939 which led to the Second World War “because the Polish government refused to accept German proposals that they cede Danzig and the Corridor to Germany.”

Bad, bad, BAD Poles!

And here His Imperial Majesty was, having spent his entire life blaming the Germans for that whole bloody 6 year mess, what with the Holocaust, tens of millions of dead and everything!

Consider us schooled. Obviously we’re no match for the Wall Street Journal when it comes to interpreting what’s really going on.

The article linked, by the way, is mostly about Romney blaming Ogabe for the whole mess because of inactivity which, though true, is hardly surprising where president “lead from behind” Golfsalot is concerned, so we’ll file that under “newsflash: Water discovered to be wet.” (Although that last bit might be considered controversial in the EU, at least until a scientific committee in Italy decides whether it is, indeed, wet. But we digress).

Everything happened exactly the way we said it would when Boner and McCockface walked straight into the trap. Those two clowns are going to have to go in 2012 as well.

G-d we hate to be right sometimes.



  1. 1
    LC Mike in Chi growls and barks:

    Here’s an obvious prediction:
    “Organized civil unrest will occur from the SEIU thugocracy being told their pensions are to be frozen do to the necessary government shutdown.”

    Rand Paul, the Kentucky senator who was elected with strong support from the tea party, said Sunday the automatic cuts that would follow a “super committee” failure may be the only way for Congress to reach a debt-cutting deal.

    “Automatic cuts (sequestration) are sort of like telling your children that, you know, if you don’t clean up your mess, or else,” Paul said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

    “Maybe we need the ‘or else’ because Congress isn’t behaving the way they should be behaving. Maybe sequestration is our only way we will get any kind of cuts,” Paul said.

    So the cuts are coming, no doubt, and the ‘Repugs’ are to be blamed for all of them. Punitive cuts in entitlement programs will get the Fleabaggers all riled up for their “Winter O’ Rage” debacle with plenty of solidarity from their union brothers. There should be plenty of Horst Wessel moments when they have to chip their frozen corpses off the sidewalk.
    I hear Spain is having their own Homer Simpson moment of “DOH!”

    :em03: Could it be 0’bummers crew might mishandle their latest engineered FAIL crisis, or will the violent ‘Street’ cause the suspension of habeas corpus and martial law?
    Stay tuned to this nation for further fucknuttery.

  2. 2
    LC Grammar Czar, G.L.O.R. growls and barks:

    The president recently has taken a hands-off approach in the ongoing talks to reduce the deficit,

    Seems to me he’s taken a hands-off approach to everything but his golf clubs.

    LC Mike in Chi says:

    So the cuts are coming

    Check Fox News this am. McCain and Graham are currently writing legislation to stop the automatic cuts from occurring.

  3. 3
    LC TerribleTroy growls and barks:

    LC Grammar Czar, G.L.O.R. says:

    Check Fox News this am. McCain and Graham are currently writing legislation to stop the automatic cuts from occurring.

    Kerry was on this AM and said verbatim that the impasse is due to “expiring the Bush Tax cuts. Nothing more than a continuation of the class warfare being waged.

  4. 4
    Virago growls and barks:

    The StuporCommittee nicely sums it up.

  5. 5
    AyUaxe growls and barks:

    Anyone notice that the only expenses to get cut, if the congresscum fail to do their jobs are for things that matter to us, not to them? What kind of incentive is that? Isn’t it really just an extortion scheme, where they’re going to tell us if we don’t vote for them or don’t support their tax hikes, yada yada yada, the stuff that matters most to the citizenry and the country will get cut?

    When faced with a protection/extortion racket, what does a good upstanding citizen do? I think the only effective approach is, when threatened with a broken limb, cut off the offending person’s limb or life, if necessary. If threatened with death, multiply death in return. Since we’re living in a “civilized” society (well, some of us are still pretending to), let’s just send messages to our congresscum that we’re not interest in their phony extortion schemes, threatening our national security and trying to scare seniors and disabled folk. We expect them to do their jobs or take the cuts out of their compensation.

    Instead of cuts in the military and “entitlements”, make it a 10% per week cut in all compensation and benefits for all congresscum and executive branch personnel (yep, not just elected officials, all of their support and security staff, too–that’ll put the heat on) until they enact a balanced budget and plans to keep it that way (with confirmation by the CBO, at least), while still doing what the Constitution mandates of the feds. Maybe then, they’ll stop wasting our tax dollars buying the votes of the poor and disadvantaged with nasty cheese and ratty apts and get busy letting this country return to its former prosperity that was enough to take care of its own poor and remedied disadvantage with opportunity, while also being the greatest super-power in the world.

    Not that the congresscum will do anything fair or right, like what I’ve suggested, but then we’ll know pretty definitively, that their malfeasance isn’t just because of ignorance, stupidity, or being hide-bound–it’s because they really are just criminal scum masquerading as gummint officials.

  6. 6
    LC Jackboot IC/A growls and barks:

    And, of course, as we also predicted, the Republicans would be blamed

    And we went yelling and hollering into the night that this would happen. But nooooo…..fuckin’ Boner was in such a hurry playing the standard ‘lets all just get along’ game that the RINOgs have been so successful in the past with.

    I heard an AP radio news article saying the same damn thing. No progress because of the Repubes refusal to accept demos plans.

    See what decades of rolling over have done? The current lexicon is that repubs are to blame as a given. With careful parsing they can pin anything on the Stoopids™ . Anything at all.

    Color me cynical but I’m surprised they haven’t taken the Penn State scandal as somehow being the fault of the GOP.