ArthurK has a good post about how having Reversible Mittens as president might not be the end of the republic and he makes some good points, not to mention, and this is important, adding a bunch of “but only if” points to it. It’s well worth reading, even if it sounds like “defeatist RINO roll-overism”, which it really doesn’t. Arthur is no more in love with the prospect of President Mittens than we are, and that’s saying quite a bit.

The thing is, but do read the whole thing before you start thinking that His Imperial Majesty has become a RINO, that even though Mittens is obviously not a conservative, he’s also not a fanatical cultist like Ogabe who can’t be kept on a short leash, provided that we put a choke collar on him which, in election terms, means “making sure that we have a Congress made up of actual conservatives.”

His Imperial Majesty is not resigned to this position, we still believe that we have a good shot at getting a real conservative as the nominee (or at least a not-Romney), but we also believe that you have to accept reality and have a Plan B ready.

Because Plan C would be for all of us to just stay at home and make sure that Ogabe has another four years to destroy whatever is left of our republic. This, too, won’t necessarily end in defeat, but our nation will have to go through a lot of bloodshed and violence in order to survive.

If you still think that we can survive another four years of Il Douche without a Mad Max scenario, you need to start sharing whatever it is you’re smoking.

In 2008 we all had the excuse that, whatever Il Douche the candidate had said he would do, we still didn’t know for a fact that he’d actually ever do what he said. He could be just another Clinton. Four years of Teh Stoopid™ but nothing too disastrous, so staying home to express our displeasure with McVain might not necessarily lead to disaster. As a matter of fact, I still believe that the past three years of Marxism was a benefit, overall, to our nation, because the people here who have no actual experience with Marxism (unlike those of us who escaped it and do know where it leads and were summarily ignored by the retarded voters) finally got a good and hard dose of the real thing.

We don’t have that excuse anymore. We know exactly, based on painful experience, what another four years of Il Douche and his fascist Marxist cohorts will do to us and we have no reason to hope that “it’s not going to be all that bad.”

And that’s why we’ll vote for that disgusting opportunist Romney if, Heaven forbid, he ends up with the nomination.

Another reason is that, even if we couldn’t vote for him, it’s still vitally important that we show up to vote for everybody down ticket. OK, so you hate Romney even more than we do, which would take some doing, but simply staying at home is not the solution. By all means, if you feel that you have to, vote for a third party candidate for president. Write in Mickey Mouse if you feel the need, we understand and aren’t that far removed from doing the same thing ourself.

But we still have Senate and House seats to fill with people who do share our values and we need to show up to support them. Staying at home isn’t going to help.

We have to deal with the situation in the field, no matter what. Folding our hands and saying “fuck it all” isn’t a strategy, it’s surrender.

Plan A is to get a good conservative in the Oval Office.

Plan B is to get somebody who is not Il Douche in there, but with a firm Congressional grip on his balls.

Plan C is to surrender and just not give a fuck, in which case we won’t be sharing our canned goods and ammo with you. You’re on your own.

That’s the situation. If you don’t like it, then tough shit. We don’t like it any more than you do. It is what it is. Embrace the suck or get the fuck out of the way.


By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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