The New Civility! Part the G-d Knows What…

Listen to this peaceful Occupy [Whatever I Can Take the Bus To] protester speak (h/t our Sestrichka):

Let’s hope he doesn’t incite violence like back when one of Sarah Palin’s posters forced a guy who hadn’t even seen it to shoot Gabby Giffords in the head.

He’s right about one thing, though: His beloved socialism won’t come about without violence, at least not as far as His Imperial Majesty Misha I is concerned.

It’s just that the filthy socialist swine oughtn’t be so confident about the outcome. But, then again, he has absolutely no intentions of being involved in the actual violence. That’s what he has Useful Idiots for. Useful Idiots who will be stacked up like cord wood before the sun sets on the first day of their “revolution.”

But if they’re fine with that, then we are too. We wouldn’t mind the target practice and, after all, you only get so much realism out of plugging stationary paper targets.

Will the OgabeMedia who got months of hyperventilating out of calling lil’ old ladies with “Taxed Enough Already” buttons “homegrown terrorist extremist Nazi violent raaaaacists” even mention this actual call for violence against innocent human beings?

That was a rhetorical question, of course.

But let the pimple-arsed wannabe revolutionaries bring it if they want, because we’ve quite frankly had enough of their blather.

To honor the policies of their ideological brethren in communist China, we’ll bill their estates for the cost of ammo.



  1. 1
    JakeTheSnake growls and barks:

    Earl Thomas Conley used to be a peaceful Country singer/songwriter. I wonder what happened to him along the way. Hmmm

  2. 2
    JakeTheSnake growls and barks:

    Oh, and FOIST!!

  3. 3
    angrywebmaster growls and barks:

    I posted about this last night with one wish. That Emperor Misha would see this and write about it in his own unique style.

    My wish has been granted by the blogger fairy.

  4. 4
    SoCalOilMan, K.o.E. growls and barks:

    I’m having a hard time placing this gentleman’s accent…East Texas…East Jersey…East Colorado??? I’m leaning towards East Germany.

  5. 5

    SoCal, I’d put the combinations of terms n’ accents as paki’, by way of Berlin. ‘Guess I heard the same things you did.

  6. 6

    I place that accent as… fuckbat.

  7. 7
    LC Grammar Czar, G.L.O.R. growls and barks:

    There are plenty of countries where socialism already exists. Why don’t they just MOVE THERE ALREADY?

  8. 8
    BigDogg growls and barks:

    Watching this video convinces me that I may not have to touch my large caliber ammo stash when TSHTF … hell, 9mm is overkill on pussies like these.

  9. 9
    FrankOK growls and barks:

    … the accent is definitely Russian …

  10. 10
    SoCalOilMan, K.o.E. growls and barks:

    FrankOK @ #:9

    I guess the jokes on us Kaliforniastan folks. We exported ourselves to other states to contaminate the freedom loving states with our batshit crazy rules, but we weren’t batshit crazy enough and needed an import from a true socialist state to encourage us to jump off that cliff into the glorious arms of true communism.

    Wonder if this dude left the Motherland under duress due to to his leanings during perestroika or glasnost?

  11. 11

    FrankOK says:

    … the accent is definitely Russian …

    Dood! Princess Natasha and I beg to differ! :em07:

  12. 12
    readerjp growls and barks:

    That’s an Arab accent.

    And he has his history all wrong. The bourgeoisie were the ones who led the revolutions, and then were eaten by the violence of the mobs they incited.

  13. 13
    LC Nixcell growls and barks:

    Man, I really need to finish reblueing my 30-06…may need to invest in a night scope, too.

  14. 14
    angrywebmaster growls and barks:

    LC Nixcell @ #:

    Why spend the money on that if you don’t need to? Just aim for the glowing joints hanging from their mouths.

  15. 15
    Tallulah growls and barks:

    Folks, this is connected in a Big Picture sort of way: Perry, who’s been in the limelight for years, governing a state that’s bigger than many nations, has been looking beat-up and exhausted, and I was wondering just today if the Establishment RINOs and their ilk have been kicking the tar out of him behind the scenes: he seems so shell-shocked.

    And now comes this, from (via Drudge):

    >>”Anita Perry, campaigning for husband Rick Perry in South Carolina, suggests he’s been “brutalized” by the media and the GOP because of his faith. Perry is the most religiously expressive candidate in the Republican field. He hosted a seven-hour Christian prayer rally in August in advance of entering the presidential race. And at last week’s Values Voters Summit, he was introduced by a Dallas Baptist pastor who said rival Mitt Romney is not a Christian and Mormonism is a cult.

    “Perry has suffered several extremely bad weeks, stumbling in the debates and losing the coveted endorsement of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who’s backing Romney. Here, in emotional remarks at a South Carolina campaign stop, Anita Perry said:

    “It’s been a rough month. We have been brutalized and beaten up and chewed up in the press to where I need this today. We are being brutalized by our opponents, and our own party. So much of that is, I think, they look at him because of his faith. He is the only true conservative – well, there are some true conservatives. And they’re there for good reasons. And they may feel like God called them too. But I truly feel like we are here for that purpose.”<<

    Video at link: this is a must-see. Especially if you’re a Perry supporter who’s feeling doubts. I can’t say it too strongly — there are very dark forces at work in this election, particularly. The Left, and their RINO collaborators, are going balls to the wall to disembowel any and all candidates who show a hint of being a real conservative.

    Anita makes an eloquent case, and says she and Rick feel the very soul of our nation is at stake in this election: please hear her out.

  16. 16
    Tallulah growls and barks:

    And the pinkos don’t move to Commie countries because they want to capture the Queen, America the Beautiful, and rape her. Turn her into their slave, so the whole world can be enslaved. The lust for Power is limitless, and America the Beautiful is the one great power standing in their way.

    We are the shining counter-example, the Refutation of their whole diseased argument, and they hates usss, yess, they does.

  17. 17
    Emperor Misha I growls and barks:

    FrankOK says:

    … the accent is definitely Russian …

    Add me to my dorogiye sestrichki Natasha and Nicki’s protests. I know a thing or two about Russian accents, though obviously not as much as my sestrichki, and that accent is nothing even close.

    Other hat on. My guess would be Arabic or one of the related languages. It’s definitely west Asian, and it doesn’t have the sing-song quality of and of the dialects of the Indian subcontinent, so my guess would be Arabic or Farsi. LC readerjp is absolutely right in my opinion.

  18. 18
    Emperor Misha I growls and barks:

    Tallulah @ #:

    I don’t disagree, Tallulah, he has been brutalized, not only by the Usual Suspects but also by his own side and yes, we all know that being an open and professed Christian in this country if you’re running for anything is worse than if you were to admit to raping orphans for kicks.

    But that’s no excuse for standing around on stage looking like you’re on a heavy dose of Restoril when you’re supposed to be defending yourself.

    I want him to make his case to all of us because, heaven knows, the other clowns in the race are nothing but Ogabe in drag, but he’s not going to get there by refusing to stand up and be clear, coherent and absolutely bloody vicious when it comes to attacking the others. I mean, for Christ’s sake, he gets Robamneycare served up to him like a floating beach ball in a debate and he fails to slam it into the face of that RINO fuckhead?

    His ads are good, but he really needs to work on his presence when he’s live or he’ll be toast.

    The last thing this nation needs is another puling coward who’s afraid to kick his opponents in the nuts, lest the RINO wing of the Allahpunditry accuse him of being “unhelpful”.

    We’re tried “compassionate conservatism” already, we don’t need a re-run.

    Yes, Perry has been the target of relentless attacks because he challenged the RINOcracy’s attempt to get Obama another term through his carbon copy Romney, but that’s the way the game is played. If he’s not up to that, if he can’t brush the sand out of his snatch, ruck up and hit back, then he’s not the man for the job.

    This country doesn’t need excuses. It needs leadership.

    I pray that Perry or somebody else on our side realizes that because otherwise we’re toast.

  19. 19
    LC Proud Infidel growls and barks:

    When it comes to those shittyassed fucktard fuckwad freeloading fleabag “occupiers”, just let’em come to my neck of the woods, my neighbors and I are LOCKED AND LOADED, hell, we are any given day anyway, and I wanna see just how well I re-zeroed the red-dot scope on my Bushmaster M4! That and I wanna see just how well I can hit moving tagets with my XD45 and 1911!

  20. 20
    LC BOATS growls and barks:

    BigDogg says:

    Watching this video convinces me that I may not have to touch my large caliber ammo stash when TSHTF … hell, 9mm is overkill on pussies like these.

    You have that right –like I said the other night –worthy of only the cheapest ammo. I tried the red dot on my bushmaster too LC Proud Infidel but had to trade it in for a four power scope because my eyes are not what they used to be. I added to my collection today and bought a Glock 30 to go with my Para Ord. 10, 45 cal all the way. :em01: Other than 22s the 7.62-39 is about the cheapest ammo I have for the likes of what is on display at the Wall st crowd

  21. 21
    FrankOK growls and barks:

    Emperor Misha I says:

    FrankOK says:

    … the accent is definitely Russian …

    Add me to my dorogiye sestrichki Natasha and Nicki’s protests. I know a thing or two about Russian accents, though obviously not as much as my sestrichki, and that accent is nothing even close.

    Other hat on. My guess would be Arabic or one of the related languages. It’s definitely west Asian, and it doesn’t have the sing-song quality of and of the dialects of the Indian subcontinent, so my guess would be Arabic or Farsi. LC readerjp is absolutely right in my opinion.
    Emperor Misha I recently posted..MOAH New Civility!

    I guess my hearing is worse than I thought – coulda swore dat vas Rusky.

    New M1A NM to try out this weekend.

  22. 22
    Tallulah growls and barks:

    Well, folks, it’s after midnight in Manhattan, and it’s RAINING SO HARD right now that it sounds like we’re at the bottom of Niagara Fucking Falls!

    I guess that God just cleaned up Zuccotti Park. :em05:

  23. 23
    LC Darth Scoundrel growls and barks:

    I just tested the Saiga’s trigger conversion out and now she handles just like she looks…SCHWEET!

    We do have an Occupy!Raleigh group of assorted fuckbags, but they know better than to get out of line around here. Too many f’n rednecks with high powered assault hunting rifles.

  24. 24
    LC Proud Infidel growls and barks:

    LC BOATS @ #:
    My eyes are still good enough to where I can hit the 300M gong target at the rangewith my M4, and I’ve got my SKS nicely zeroed as well. I’d use it on the hippies and fleabags first, there are a couple of local “Mom and Pop” Gun Shops around here that always have great prices on 7.62X39, and they carry the Russkie 5.56 as well. These fleabags are indeed only worthy of the cheapest ammo, but on the other hand, I always have twice the soot and gunk to clean out of my weapon after shooting the cheap stuff!
    Here’s another thought, whadda y’all think?:

    1.Spotlights MAY be used, many of them have fancy tattoos and plenty of jewelry in their multiple piercings which will reflect the light.
    2.THE USE OF BAIT IS PROHIBITED. This includes fake soup lines, pot handouts, decoy welfare offices, and screaming that you’re oppressed or offended.
    3. A single hippie or moonbat MAY NOT be chased with more than 300 hunting and/or attack dogs at once.
    4.Methods of harvest may include but are not limited to: rifle, pistol, shotgun, crossbow, long bow, grenade, antipersonnel landmine, rocket launcher, claymore mine, boobytrap, punji pit, Check with your local and state laws first to see which are allowed in your jurisdiction.
    5.Traps used MAY NOT exceed 3,500 pounds in weight.
    6. Locations where these nuisances are found include : mailboxes at the first of the month, vans may hold a few dozen at a time, they congregate in rallies, and are easily repelled by things such as water, soap, and work.
    7.. Hours allowed for hunting are 24/7.
    8.Hunting aroud businesses and corporate office buildings is prohibited, you might hit a real person (non-hippie moonbat) by mistake.
    9.The daily limit for a single individual is 30, the Seasonal Limit is3,500.

    Good luck and safe hunting! :em01:

    DISCLAIMER: The previous statement was made for the intent and purpose of humor only and is NOT meant to be taken seriously by anyone in any way, shape, or form. Lawyer season, anyone? :em01: :em07:

  25. 25
    VonZorch Imperial Researcher growls and barks:

    LC Proud Infidel @ #:
    Change that to no bag limit, but you have to clean up after yourself.

  26. 26
    LC Proud Infidel growls and barks:

    VonZorch Imperial Researcher @ #:
    I thought that a bag limit would insure that there will be plenty of target practice for all, and would we just have to only pick upwhat we shot, or would we have to help clean up the entire dump they’ve created?

    Two cannibals walked into a cafe and looked at the menu. It read:

    Fried German……………$8.95
    Baked Canadian……….$8.95
    Roast Greek………………$8.95
    Steamed Italian…………$8.95
    Roast Hippie Moonbat…$25.95

    One of the cannibals asked, “Why so much for the Hippie?” And the waiter replied, “Have you ever tried to clean one of those things?

  27. 27
    Draven32 growls and barks:

    *looks up from cleaning his AR*



    *goes back to scrubbing the bolt*