Mittens Romneycare Gains Another Crucial Endorsement

Having already cornered the important endorsement of Jimmeh “Malaise” Cah’duh, he now got it from Ogabe press flack Jay Carney.

Surely, all “reasonable conservatives” must now flock to Mittens, now that our beloved “Good Man” Ear Leader’s chief Baghdad Bob has used Mittens’ Romneycare as a defense for Obamacare?

After all, that’s what Mittens himself said about Romneycare in his book.

“We can accomplish the same thing for everyone in the country, and it can be done without letting government take over health care.”

He said that, of course, before deciding to run for president again, at which point the above statement got airbrushed out of there.

Hey, he was for it before he was against it!

Nothing wrong with that. Just ask president Kerry!



  1. 1
    LC/IB PrimEviL growls and barks:

    Gee, with endorsements like that, he’s the man we can all believe in, right?…….right?…..

    Anyone?…..Bueller?….Man, it’s awfully quite in here.

  2. 2
    LC/IB PrimEviL growls and barks:

    Oh, BTW; at the risk of wrath of the establishment…ersten :em07:

  3. 3
    LC Old Dog growls and barks:

    When all of the RINO’s and Dem/Progs want Romney to run I keep hearing echoes of McCain can’t be beat!

    ABR= Anyone But Romney!

  4. 4
    lc purple raider growls and barks:

    Mittens = John McCain without the accomplishments.

    Huntsman = Mittens without the accomplishments.

    Dear Sheepstream Leftist media: please stop trying to pick our candidates for us. We DO have a brain.

  5. 5
    irish19 growls and barks:

    Endorsements like those are all we need to know about Romney.

  6. 6
    LC Sir Rurik, K.o.E. growls and barks:

    all “reasonable conservatives” must now flock to Mittens

    and Sire, what then for us unreasonable Conservatives? Y’know, th’ ones Obozo called

    bitter clingers

    . Methinks the Mittens is symbolic that he’s about to give the Imposter a hand job.

  7. 7
    Just Another Random Nut growls and barks:

    Wow. And how is this guy different from Obama? Riiiiight.

    Sigh. Politicians are pretty much all the same.