We Are Not Alone

Just Another Random Nut (welcome back to the kennel!) has a post about tardiness along with tips for the habitually tardy on how to get rid of their sad habit, and all we can say is:


We can’t begin to describe how monumentally pissed off His Imperial Majesty gets when jackasses consistently show up late for meetings. Yes, you are allowed to occasionally be unable to make it on time, if the Martians landed in the middle of the LBJ while you were trying to get there and announced that they were going to destroy mankind you can be ten minutes late without it reflecting negatively upon you, but then let the ones waiting for you know. Is that too bloody much to ask? For some “people”, apparently it is.

It’s not the ones who occasionally run into trouble outside of their control we’re ranting at. It’s the ones that you know are going to be late because, well, that’s what they were the other 7,295 times you asked them to attend.

Think of it this way: If what is being discussed at this meeting and the outcome of it might possibly have an effect on your professional and/or personal life, then it’s probably not a good idea to start it off by announcing to everybody waiting for your tardy barge-arse, through your tardiness, that you couldn’t give two flying flips about their time because, in your life, the only thing that matters is you.

Because make no mistake: That is exactly what your arrogant, rude indifference to other people’s time is saying, and everybody there gets it. Loud and clear.

And if you keep it up, you too will get it. In the end. Yes, we meant to put it that way.

Thank you for showing us that we’re not alone in this, Random Nut, we always like to meet a kindred spirit.


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lc purple raider

Lateness, one of my pet peeves. If you can’t bother to show up at the appointed hour, why the fuck did you accept the invitation.

May the fleas of 1000 camels infest their armpits.


[quote]if the Martians landed in the middle of the LBJ while you were trying to get there and announced that they were going to destroy mankind…[/quote]

I’m not sure that would make traffic on the LBJ any worse, Misha.


I’ll tell you what’s even worse: When you make a doctor’s appointment for 4:00 and you aren’t seen until 5:30. I’ve fired 3 doctors just since the year I’ve been in Dallas. I left one office, drove home, bitched to my wife for 20 minutes and asked her to call and have the copay refunded and the woman said “well, he’s here now.” And my wife just laughed and said “now I know why he wanted ME to call. You wouldn’t have survived this conversation even over the phone!”.

Just Another Random Nut, GLOR

Oh wow. *blush* I’m flattered. To me it’s so simple and obvious and I don’t get why more people can’t manage it. Thank you for the linky love!

Just Another Random Nut, GLOR

Perhaps my favorite story about people being habitually late was the time I was dealing with two groups of people with two drivers. Knowing both groups, I asked one group (Drew) to arrive at 4:30 and the other group (Joe) to arrive at 3:30.

Drew comes tearing in at 10 till 5, apologizing profusely.

Joe and his crew wander in at 5:10 and apologize for being late.

My response to both? “That’s okay. I wanted you here at 5.”