We’re sure that you’ve all already heard about the case in Pennsylvania about a “doctor” having made a mint for three decades murdering live born babies as well as their mothers while violating just about every single law there is but, in case you haven’t, Ace has it covered quite well.

If you have a strong stomach, read the Grand Jury indictment linked there but don’t, DON’T read it if you don’t have a titanium-lined stomach.

To His Imperial Majesty, this isn’t so much as case of one barbaric, greedy, mass-murdering individual who is in dire need of being tortured to death, painfully, over a period of no less than six months, it is so much more about the animals in the Pennsylvania “government” who for years and years and years, willfully, ignored complaints about that swine’s slaughter house because it would be a political problem to investigate an abortion clinic.

Meanwhile, mothers and babies were being murdered, but the “government” were too scared about offending NARAL to do something about it in spite of a mountain of evidence.

His Imperial Majesty would be willing to show mercy in the execution of the murdering “doctor” in exchange for a promise that every single one of the “government” officials who turned a blind eye to his heinous crimes be fed into a wood chipper, feet first.

But, of course, no such thing is going to happen. The “government” will skate as they always do, nothing more than a useless reprimand, at best, will be issued and they’ll be free to be willing and knowing accomplices to mass murder in the future.

I’d gladly volunteer to jam scissors into their cervical vertebrae if Pennsylvania can’t find anybody willing to do it.

But obviously Dr. Mengele fucked up when he chose South America. He would have found a quite welcoming home next to Lake Erie.

Oh, and I should make myself clear on one more thing: It is no secret where I stand on the infanticide that is called “legal abortion”, murdering babies is murdering babies no matter how you put it. To me, all of those clinics are slaughter houses.

But that is not the issue here. The issue is the law, and those laws were willfully and knowingly disregarded for three decades by a “government” too fearful to enforce them out of political expediency.

Creatures like that are even worse than the animal in charge of this “clinic” and should be put down with extreme prejudice, no hesitation and no remorse.

Without enforcement of laws, laws are meaningless and we all descend into anarchy.

Let a thousand lamp posts be decorated by the rotting, dangling corpses of the responsible members of the executive branch of Pennsylvania’s “government.”

Justice, true justice, demands no less. The enabler is no less guilty than the criminal.


By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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