London burning

I watch the news tonight, and my mind reels at the carnage. Disbelief at first, followed by a white hot, incandescent and towering rage at the craven cowardice of the imbeciles given uniforms, henceforth laughingly known as the “London Police Farce”.

Standing and waving their fingers in remonstrance as shops burn, idly standing to one side whilst homes are ransacked, retreating down alleys and streets as the mobs advance, not one of these gutless, useless, weak dicked, halfbrained and politically correct “cops” having the guts to step forward and show even one ounce of the fortitude and attention to duty they were sworn to on day one.

Cops who instead attempt to arrest a homeowner trying in vain to defend his home and property from rampaging looters.

Supposed policemen and women more concerned with “sensitivity training” and “occupational health and safety” rather than do the fucking job they are supposed to do.

Citizens barricaded in their homes, peering fearfully out as the mobs tore through the capital city, each asking “where are the police” where is the Army”..each and every citizen disarmed and under threat of arrest and imprisonment for daring to even think of taking up arms to defend their loved ones.

Each and every one of these lily livered poltroons should turn in their uniforms and don sackcloth and ashes, walking home in shame, stopping at each and every home to get down on their knees and beg forgiveness of the people they so pathetically failed to protect.

Now the “judges” hand down “stiff sentences”..six months, three months to one woman who abandoned her child to avail herself of “free stuff”. Six months, and out in two..even the pantywaist judges too gutless to hand down sentences that will “send a message”,.

Message received: loud and clear: riot, burn and pillage, get a few months of easy prison and early release for “good behaviour”.

In years to come, this truly will be what is remembered.

When duty called, they did not hesitate.

They turned and ran like hell.


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    GamerFromJump growls and barks:

    There are no words for this. The depth of the decay is truly astonishing. These are the times that foster vigilantism. We are going to see independent pushbacks, as happens when the social contract is so thoroughly shattered.

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    LCBrendan growls and barks:

    Richard Bowes has died

    He was never a man to walk away from something he considered wrong. But the civic pride and old fashioned values of Richard Mannington Bowes, cost him his life. Detectives have launched a murder investigation following the death of the 68-year-old in hospital late last night after three days on a life support machine. He sustained serious head injuries after he was set upon by thugs and knocked over as he tried to stamp out a fire at the height of the riots on Monday night.

    And had he lived, he would be facing jail for “vigilantism”.

    This from 2008, a harbinger of things to come

    WILTSHIRE, UK – For more than two years, Sydney Davis’s house has been under siege from youths throwing stones. After two hours of bombardment in the latest attack and no sign of the police, the 65-year-old retired builder decided enough was enough.As a particularly large missile landed in his kitchen, he grabbed a plank of wood from the garden and ran towards the gang to scare them away.The police arrived just in time – to arrest Mr Davis for possession of an offensive weapon. He now faces up to six months in prison. Yesterday Mr Davis said he was bewildered by the decision to prosecute him. He claims objects have been thrown at his house on 700 separate occasions.

    Disarmed, and under the thumb of a totalitarian, vicious, relentlessly politically correct nanny state.

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    LC hilljohnny growls and barks:

    i guess in england self defence is legal only so long as you have no chance of success.
    unless you’re these guys.

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    LC HJ Caveman82952 growls and barks:

    Those in authority one day reaping a well deserved fate….for no one will be there to defend them. I have no compassion for them, none, I hope it’s slow and painful. Punishing those defending themselves, Amazon shutting down sales of baseball bats? This is pathetic, in America here we buy guns. And this American will use his. Don’t forget the pathetic progressives lamenting or seeking to prevent you protecting your own. And this is a problem they themselves spawned. I will treat them as one of the enemy…for that is what they are. For while I do not hate the rioters, I despise their political leaders, holding them in a revolting contempt….I only know if some of those cowardly so called leaders tried pulling that shit here, they would stop a bullet. As they should…..actually they aren’t worth the price of a bullet, perhaps one of those banned baseball bats….?

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    LC Draco growls and barks:

    I mentioned to the wife yesterday that there is at least one industry making a profit…..the ammunition industry!!!

  6. 6

    I grew up 11 miles east of Boulder Colorado. One of our favorite pasttimes during the years of 1970-72 was to ditch high school and drive up to the University of Colorado to watch the anti-war protests. We didn’t go up to participate, but to watch the street battles between the demonstrators and the cops/National Guard. The hippies always ended getting their collectives asses beaten.

    I hate to be the one to advocate for brutal repression here, but our society needs to be saved and it’s time to bust some heads. How fast did the Kent State protests dissipate when the Guard opened fire? I’ll be the one to say it here, shoot one of those hoodied assholes and these protests will disappear. They have no fear of the cops or the law, but drop one of them and they’ll think differently I’ll bet.

    A harsh brutal thing to say, but what price are we willing to pay to save this society?

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    SDN growls and barks:

    But Cameron has imported former NYC police chief Bratton(?) to show them how it’s done.

    Of course, the first thing the chief did was to issue a statement about how the wonderful gun control in Britain was an essential element…. :em08: