No, we’re not dead. Yet. But if terminal imbeciles like Marco Rube and Lindsay Lohan, sorry, Graham keep flapping their ignorant gums, we may all be soon.

We’re referring, of course, to the latest chest thumping from those two clowns, one an aging REMF War Hero (in his own mind) and one an opportunist kid still struggling to get his testicles to drop and their belligerent insistence that we start shooting Russian jets down in international airspace because they peed on one of our spy drones cruising “innocently” inside the ADIZ of a warring nation with the transponder turned off (which doesn’t happen by “accident”, by the way, not that it would matter under ACTUAL international law).

So, let’s see if we can get all of this straight in our Putin Shill Imperial Mind.

WE send a spy drone with an intel gathering recon package off on a pleasure cruise inside the ADIZ of a nation at war, close to military installations of said nation with the clear and already well-documented intent of sharing said intel with a nation with which the aforementioned nation is at war, while DELIBERATELY turning off the transponder on said spy drone.

Oh, we failed to mention: The ADIZ is the “Air Defense Identification Zone”, which is an area extending beyond the boundary of international air space within which you are REQUIRED, under the international law that our illegitimate regime are claiming has been violated, to identify yourself as well as your reason for being there. This is to prevent tragic incidents like airliners being shot down by mistake. Routine. All you have to do is to identify, and you’re cool.

We didn’t. Deliberately. We clearly were gathering intel unless it’s current policy for our drone operators to just take drones up for a recreational spin to enjoy the view. We also share this info with Ukraine, this is no secret, but we’re sure that the Ukrainian high command, saints and angels that they are, would never use said intel to put together a target package or anything like that.

And the RUSSIANS are the “provocateurs” and “aggressors” in this case and mindless blithering moron jackasses who don’t have a dog in this hunt insist that we should send OUR children to die in WWIII over this?

What. The. Fuck. Over?

Listen, Marco and Lindsay: If you’ve got such a hardon for killing evil Rooskies, then pick up a gorram rifle and hie your worthless arses to Kiev to sign up with the Azov Nazis. Heck, they’ll even GIVE you a rifle before they send you off to Bakhmut with a half magazine of ammo. Please. Go now. Do not delay, respond today! Show us what you’re made of!

Just to be clear here, before we’re immediately accused of being a pro-Soviet traitor: We have no problem with us (other than the obvious one of why we should start WWIII over Ukraine’s membership of NATO) spying on behalf of our “allies” (who are definitely not our allies because we’re totally not involved in this war that we’re totally involved in) and helping them out where we can.

That’s not the issue. We, as a nation, have decided on our policy, and we’re following it. That’s fair. His Imperial Majesty doesn’t have to agree with the insanity of said policy in order to appreciate and agree with the logic of it. It’s cool.

But to commit an obvious act of war against a foreign nation and then get all butt-hurt and accuse THEM of committing an act of war when they won’t just sit down and take it up the arse?

That shit is just Master Level Idiot level of hypocrisy, and we’ll have none of it.


P.S.: We can’t help but appreciate the gesture of the Russian air force of taking the drone down by peeing on it rather than just shooting it down after repeated fly-bys. That shit is just comedy gold. No, they didn’t “collide” with it, that would be jeopardizing a valuable jet and its pilot, shove that back into your pie holes, Pentagon. We guess we’ll just have to postpone drone operations if it’s raining in the future. Sorry, but that shit right there is funny.

By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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