One Man’s Thought On The Not So GOP

Fed up with the Party of Stoopid™? I think we all are. I was mulling over a post to this effect recently but instead came across this awesome, spot-on comment from Michael L. Hauschild over at one of my ‘standard’ surfing locations, the American Spectator Blog

So let me get this straight.

Right now in the WH we have an individual that has united the right as no other could, and as no other ever will.

Right now in the WH we have someone who has exhibited for all to see, and to feel the utter fallacy of socialistic big government.

Right now in the WH we have someone who has shot every arrow in the quiver of the Democratic Party, including their sharpest, the “racist arrow.”

So, what do you do, seize the opportunity? No, you go about the business as usual of placing a RINO, a Boehner type, a proven champion of the process and the mechanism that brought us to the place we are today.

You ignore and misunderstand the Tea Party; I have yet to hear from any candidate “Taxed Enough Already.” This is because most are the same as Obama, denizens of the tax and spend establishment. The “one who leads, the Mandate Moron” is the real author of ObamaCare. One of your runner-ups can’t even get his mouth to work tying to say that. You have park bench Lotharios, haters of our allies, and Obama appointees. The only one in the running with the credentials of “listening” is, while moral to the core, a former IRS tax attorney.

Your pundits, the MSM, are clamoring the alarm pointing their fingers at the iceberg we hit not the captains and crew that has been steering the SS Republican.

Your primary system is a circular firing squad, and the MSM is handing ammo to the mortally wounded, not to advance conservatism, but to stay in the game to destroy the leaders. Do you not wonder why some sit this out as long as possible?

I have had enough, all you seem capable of doing is singing the same song, casting the same old play with the same old actors.

What most of you fail to see is the best result you hope to achieve is nothing other than what we have already tried. You are not trying to save the country, that country is gone; destroyed as thoroughly and effectively by [R]’s malfeasance as Obama and his [D] minions.

Well you have played your trump card to me for forty years, the old “Don’t worry we can do whatever we want, he will come around” will not work this time. I do not worry about Obama; he is spent. He may have destroyed the country already, and you are in full preparation mode to, I will not help you unless the lady from Alaska either enters the race or endorsed Bachmann.

I just bought a movie, cost a bit and I will have to wait awhile, but I can guarantee it will be the most reviewed CD on the market.

That pretty much sums up what many of us feel right now. That bit of hopelessness with my former party, that signals their increasing irrelevance to the base. Indeed the Party of Stoopid™ is an apt moniker.

Thank you Michael, very much for distilling and sharing your thoughts on the state of the party.

-Carry On

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LC Draco
LC Draco

Articulate and to the point….nice post!!

LC Gladiator
LC Gladiator

Great post. This is why I consider myself a conservative, not a republican, and why I contribute directly to conservative candidates, NOT the RNC

LC Ted
LC Ted

Here are some other people who feel the same.

The American Conservative party I have contributed ideas to this group. (Full disclosure)

The American Patriot Party This bunch loves Ron Paul, but the info on the site and their ideas are entirely worth looking at.


LC Sir Rurik, K.o.E.
LC Sir Rurik, K.o.E.

I too can agree with this declaration.

Southern Libertarian
Southern Libertarian

Neither major party has had it right for a very long time.(If they ever had it right.) The democrats have it wrong because they want to tack on one useless government regulation after another. Handout upon handout and tax upon even more taxes. They, along with the republicans, have held onto the reigns of power for far too long. Thier… Read more »

VonZorch Imperial Researcher
VonZorch Imperial Researcher

Been saying for years there is no significant difference between the Rethuglicans and Dhimmicrats.