Things are looking a bit different here.  This is NOT the final product — it’s not the product at all.  Like I said earlier, I will be putting up a bunch of ‘placeholder’ themes while I put together the final product over the next couple of months.

A lot of the whiz-bang stuff you see here might be incorporated in the final product — we will see.


I’ve purchased the grid license for my new theme.  I have put the old theme back up for the next day or so while I get everything set up and fine tuned.  I still have to get in touch with Misha in order to archive all the old shit and start with a new, fresh database.  I also need to purchase and install a certificate.  All this bare-nekkid http stuff has to go.

Oh, and I have to find a corner to stuff my cryptocurrency miner into…  😉


I am too fatigued to sit up.  I don’t know when I will be back.


I think I’ve gone about as far as I can go on the major stuff without Misha getting involved.  I emailed him the other day, so whenever he decides to check his box…

My intention was to get an SSL cert for this site so that you don’t see the “not secure” message in the address bar.  If Misha ever plans on trying to monetize this site to keep it running, he’s going to need that certificate.  The problem is that Hosting Matters won’t supply a free, Let’s Encrypt  certificate — they want you to spend $60 per year for the one they supply.  I’ve already spent about $100 here in the past six months for upgrades in the theme framework and the commenting platform upgrade.   That’s my out-of-pocket limit for charity work.


In the next day or so, I am going to come in and strip out all of the current tags.  In the future these will be used for hash tags for search engine optimization.


I plan on going in and cleaning these up also.  Categories are supposed to be used the way y’all have been using the tags for.

When I am completely done here, I will leave all of the contributors here an instruction cheat sheet to familiarize yourself with the new system.

I have a purpose in mind as I am putting this thing together.  I figure that Misha may want to leverage this site for ads, and maybe selling merch.  To do that, the SEO score must be improved, and the site needs to be SECURE.  But I will have to wait for Misha before I get that far into this.

I don’t plan on being around here much longer, and I want to leave this site running properly before I go.

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By Imperial Tech Wizard

A primate in a world full of trolls...

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January 6, 2022 15:10

WOW! We are now in the 21st Century for sure. And very nice pic for the nut afflicted.

I am glad you changed to blue as the red looked very close to the Bongino page format.

January 6, 2022 15:11

Oh and very refined crap it is too 😉

January 6, 2022 19:07

For what it’s worth, I don’t much care about colors and layout. Content matters more. I’m not dismissing the effort it takes to do all of this stuff, I’m just saying it doesn’t matter much to me.

LC hilljohnny
LC hilljohnny
January 6, 2022 22:51

i remembered my password!!!

January 7, 2022 15:58

Zoroaster on toast, my eyes. Deep breaths… deep breaths… I’m relieved to see familiar names posting. Can the original banner be restored? Some measure of visual familiarity would be appreciated. I do like the ability to edit what you’ve written on the forum option that you’re experimenting with. (and apparently I can edit my comment here as well, that’s a… Read more »

Last edited 19 days ago by AgTiger
January 7, 2022 16:21

Gonna need to play with the color scheme in my profile to see if I can get some more contrast when adding comments or reading comments. Re the Forum idea/experiment: Might be useful if a reader wants to raise/discuss something before one of the official posters can make a post about it. Could a LetsEncrypt SSL certificate be used to… Read more »

January 7, 2022 16:25

Not a fan of how a reader’s comment (if long enough) loses its initial spacing and formatting until “Read more…” is clicked on.

January 13, 2022 06:05

That nasty word, license, implies danegeld paid to some fuckwit bureaucrat. Any need for some assistance? After all our dollars are worth less every day

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