Random Thoughts

Send Alec Baldwin to Washington
Never burn all your marbles ©
Always follow the turnip truck
Read the label on the dog food sack, it explains everything
King of the world job vacancy, apply now (Communists excluded)
Natural immunity produces no revenue
Open door attracts moochers
What the fuck were you thinking?
Spring possums are better than chickens
Events overtake idiots every time
Epstein did not kill himself
In for a penny, in for a trillion
The end is always nigh for totalitarians
Help is not coming, do it yourself
Anyone paying attention?
Wuhan was just the beginning

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readerjp (@readerjp)
October 24, 2021 13:24

Funny. Here are some things I find funny. Biden says he had no time to visit the southern border, but he’s been to Delaware 35 times. Biden has given Andrew McCabe his pension back, DESPITE his having committed perjury. Do you think you could get such a deal? Afghanistan: We couldn’t get all the Americans out, but we got out Afghanis who are… Read more »

readerjp (@readerjp)
October 24, 2021 22:25

FAUCI IS SO DEAD! Fauci Under Fire for Cruel Experiments on ‘Sick Puppies’: Dogs’ Heads Locked in Cages with Flesh-Eating Parasites for ‘Science’ The National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, led by Dr. Anthony Fauci, funded cruel experiments on dogs as young as six weeks old in order to test anti-parasitic treatments, according to a letter signed by 24… Read more »

readerjp (@readerjp)
October 27, 2021 12:19

Immigrant teen facing 3 murder charges is released from jail, allowed to return to school ? An immigrant teenager in Houston, who is facing three murder charges and one aggravated assault charge, was released on bond this week and has been permitted to return to school.What are the details?Ahmedal Tayeb Modawi, 17, is accused of killing three valets after crashing… Read more »

LC Wil, S.C.E.
LC Wil, S.C.E. (@lc-wil)
October 30, 2021 20:56

Random thought on the passing scene – IF Mexican/Honduran/Guatamalan/Salvadoran/ et. al. immigrants voted like CUBAN immigrants, the wall across the Southern Border would already be complete, 150 meters tall, double wall, topped with barbed wire and broken glass, and the space between the walls would be a minefield.

Just sayin’ . . . .