I consider to have had the good fortune of being an observant little tyke, noticing and filing away cause and effect from a very early age. This is a survival skill and is ingrained in every human being and some other animals, though one could argue as to the degree based on how modern society is “progressing”.

In order to simplify what comes, the term “the left” shall be construed to incorporate everyone within the Venn diagram population listed below:
a) Communists and any flavor thereof which espouse Marxist thinking (an oxymoron) as a path to power. Including but not limited to: Nazis (National Socialists), Fascists, Maoists, Jacobins and the currently constituted Democrat party leadership in the U.S.A. and so called Social Democrats in most western nations.
b) Big business and industry that choose to go the route of crony relations with powerful entities

, be they government, bankers or military (some incestuous overlap).
c) The Military leadership, falling into the crony relationship trap with both of the aforementioned groups.

All those institutions that have been taken over and corrupted by members of the aforementioned 3 categories including mainly but not limited to: Unions, Schools, Academies, Universities, Colleges and Media. All pretty much becoming the mouthpieces and indoctrinators to support control and grasp on power.

It does not matter the country

, language or even history and strength of ethnic cohesion, the corrosive entry of the left will eventually dissolve all bonds (with one interesting anomaly).

This brings us to the main observation, which I had the unenviable luck of living through. As most will recall

, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Brazil between the 1960’s and 1980’s, “enjoyed” both Fascist and Communist takeover or attempted takeover of their respective governments by various means, some legal and some by force.

Brazil was an early winner in that the Navy and elements of the Army took over in 1964 and booted out a very corrupt and ineffective communist political class headed by then Pres. João Goulart .

I observed such military intervention in Argentina (Gen. Jorge Vidella) , in Uruguay where a joint command of all armed forces (COSENA) took over for about 10 years, Chile (Augusto Pinochet taking out Allende). With family and close friends in all 4 locations during these times, visited between all.

That little bit of information tucked away from all this, is that countries with a non-corrupt and very tight (there are families in each country where men have served continually generation after generation) nationalistic military core (high command) that would support the constitution and of the integrity of the nation, could step in and steer away from left wing suicide. 

This is my great concern about the U,S. of A. as it appears that the federal high command (pentagon) has become corrupt and co-opted through and through. At the individual state level this is perhaps not the case, but we have about 20 states run by leftist governors, which means the “High Command” at the state level may not have full integrity before the Constitution . Then there is the long history of our military not getting involved in any way over internal politics.

In the end one has to conclude that whatever comes, it is going to be up to the individual in every family, community, county and state that determine what happens within the state.

The centralized federal system (a distorted abomination) can either right itself or collapse.

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By Terrapod

Born in small country in S. America, U.S. citizen since '85, EE, Marketing, Sales, Shade Tree Mechanic, collector of things interesting including good friends from all walks, especially those that partake single malts.

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October 11, 2021 19:18

Does Biden have the right to declare a “mandate” (whatever that means) that everyone must be vaccinated? Shouldn’t Congress pass a law if they want everyone to get vaccinated?

October 12, 2021 20:31

And yet…people are getting fired for refusing to be vaccinated. No excuses accepted, not even having natural immunity from having had COVID-19. Not on religious grounds. WTF has become of the First Amendment? When you add to that the REAL scientific data that the vaccines lose their efficiency after 6 months, and you’d have to get a booster shot (per… Read more »

Reply to  terrapod
October 13, 2021 21:17


Imagine the screaming if Pres Trump had done this.

The hypocrisy is SICKENING.

Reply to  terrapod
October 17, 2021 04:48

Well, at least she has all her marbles, even if she does use them as ben Wa balls.

Imperial Tech Wizard
Imperial Tech Wizard
October 16, 2021 18:01

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Reply to  terrapod
October 17, 2021 18:06

Its gibberish.

Loren ipsum is a space filler.

I should have known, its brain has finally given up.