Democrat demands election certification to be overturned

On Tuesday Democrat Rita Hart submitted a brief asking the House of Representatives to overturn that outcome. Authored by Democratic election lawyer Marc Elias, it says counting 22 mostly absentee ballots would give Ms. Hart a nine-vote lead. The brief asks the House to order another recount and use its constitutional authority to seat Ms. Hart instead.

Among the reasons the ballots were wrongly excluded, the brief says, are signature placement, envelope seal and timeliness.

Wait..isnt this the exact argument the President is making?

Yes..yes I believe it is..

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LC Wil, S.C.E.

The irony!


Awww! Doncha know it is only when D party loses that there is corruption and malfeasance, not when it is the R party that whinges. I hope her goose gets cooked to a crisp.

Opposable Thumbs

Wait..isnt this the exact argument the President is making? Almost. In this case the loser wants the ballots COUNTED. Whereas in the President’s case, he wants the ballots EXCLUDED. But in BOTH cases, they are wrong. The excluded ballots in this case did not meet three criteria: signature, seal, and timeliness. Iowa is one of the states that allow for… Read more »


And here is a little Christmas present. The ATF had planned on reclassifying AR-pistols with wrist stabilizers as NFA items with all that entails. Looks like they figured out it wouldn’t be a good idea.


Merry Christmas. Sadly, most of us didn’t even get coal in our stockings this year. (We could have used that to keep warm) This picture says it all.

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