Time to Dust off the Old Flag

This fight can only end one way. The path that leads to it, however, is still in doubt.

We have filed suit, other states have followed and we welcome their company. Better to stand up against tyranny and face death than to bend the knee and accept it.

As our President so eloquently stated in his most recent speech, his sole, highest duty is to the Constitution and to the United States of America, and he is aware of it.

As he also stated, clearly, if this fraudulent “election” is to stand, our nation will have ceased to exist.

Conclude from that what you will.

The dice have been cast.

The courts can do their duty, according to the Constitution, or others will have to do theirs.

This is not about “prepare for the next battle.” There won’t be one if this is allowed to stand, as all of our future elections will be meaningless, knowing as the vast majority of the American people know by now, even 1/3 of the Democrat voters, that the result of any future “election” will be as valid as a Soviet one.

I am sworn, it was a condition of my naturalization, and an oath is an oath where I come from. There are no “escape clauses.”

I pray that those who also swore that oath, no matter how or why, take it as seriously as I do. If not, may they be damned for all eternity for their faithlessness. Their fates will trouble my sleep not one bit. They chose death, let them glory in it as they rot.

This one is for all the marbles. May G-d guide us in whatever lies before us.

Non nobis, Domine, non nobis sed nomini tuo da gloriam.


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I am not a lawyer, but I read the Constitution. It wasn’t written in Sanskrit. Most of us can understand it. Most of it is ignored by the DC swamp, and the hacks in black. There is one part that must be kept valid and keep Trump in for four more years. Maybe it’s staving off the inevitable but who… Read more »


I too swore an oath, and have been contemplating how to keep my word. Time to update my will, get my affairs in order. Age has taken its toll, I am slower and can’t see as well as I used to. On the positive side there’s not much holding me here. My wife has passed on, our children are grown.… Read more »



LC Wil, S.C.E.

As was said by one better than I – “Our Lives, Our Fortune, and o Sacred Honor!”

Or, alternatively, from a 82nd Airborne PFC, “Pull yer tank in behind me! This is as far as the Bastards are going!”

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LC Wil, S.C.E.

Abraham Clark, Delegate from New Jersey July 14th, 1776: “Our Declaration of Independence I dare say you have seen. A few weeks will probably determine our fate. Perfect freedom, or Absolute Slavery. To some of us freedom or a halter. Our fates are in the hands of An Almighty God, to whom I can with pleasure confide my own; he… Read more »

LC Wil, S.C.E.


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As far as the media and OT are concerned, its over and a done deal. Biden campaign spokesman Michael Gwin said in a statement Tuesday: “Donald Trump lost at the ballot box, he lost when votes were recounted, and he’s losing badly in the courtsThis process is rapidly drawing to a close and Trump’s increasingly desperate tactics won’t change the… Read more »

LC Wil, S.C.E.

Not that, I tried to post three different Confederate Flags and the Tennessee Battle Flag, and suddenly, my screen was full of what appeared to random base 60 crap.

I did something wrong, but don’t know what. Took me several minutes to delete it (I hope it’s not somewhere lurking waiting on me not to pay attention!)

Opposable Thumbs

The courts have also deemed this all to be over, as well. Yeah, I know, the Texas AG filed a suit against the voters of four states in an effort to “OVERTURN” the will of those voters. Unlike most countries, we don’t have a national election for president, or any other office. We have a series of state elections, that are… Read more »


Hi there! 🙂 You may want to review the filing Texas made. They are looking to the Supreme Court to force the named states to actually follow their own laws and constitutions. I wrote something up here: http://angry.net/blog2/?p=33146 There is a video in the post from an actual lawyer who reviewed the filing and said it was very tightly written.… Read more »

Opposable Thumbs

Do you mean the Democrat Party that we have a significant amount of evidence threw out Trump votes and so polluted the other votes they effectively stole the election? Strange, how NONE of that was ever entered into evidence when 54 court cases were filed. This is the disconnect you are experiencing here: you CLAIM that there is all this… Read more »

Fa Cube Itches

“Strange, how NONE of that was ever entered into evidence when 54 court cases were filed.”

You do realize that evidence is not entered when cases are filed, right? Evidence is produced and entered at trial or at an evidentiary hearing.

Fa Cube Itches

The courts have also deemed this all to be over, as well. How many divisions have the courts, again? If enough people believe – rightly, wrongly, or indifferently – that the election was not on the level, all manner of hijinks can, and probably will, ensue. If a few hundred really committed people decide that it isn’t over; well, look… Read more »

Opposable Thumbs

How dramatic. Hyperbolic, too. What’s next, cosplaying weekend militia fighters? :em05:

BC, Imperial Torturer

Keep telling yourself that.

Opposable Thumbs

What, my remark on cosplaying militia idiocy? If it looks like a duck…


Thanks for coming back Misha. You’re needed. The sh*t-libs have no f*cking idea what they’ve stirred up here. NONE. They have the self-awareness of f*cking guppies – and about half the situational awareness. They’re so blinded by arrogance, conceit and a cloying, simpering, puerile greed that they’re oblivious to the rest of the nation crossing the line from “pissed-off” to… Read more »


Minor FYI

I don’t have kids.

I do have a niece and nephew and a grand nephew. Does that count?


Yes, absolutely although I was being metaphorical, and might have rode ye olde purple prose a bit hard. .

LC Wil, S.C.E.

David, the Japanese Navy thought the United States was an overrated paper tiger, also. Right up to about mid-January, 1942. Then there was that whole Hiroshima n Nagasaki stuff just over three years later.

The Modern Demoscum party hasn’t learned anything since a century and a half ago, when things were so peaceful before the little unpleasantness in the 1860’s.

Fa Cube Itches

It will never happen, but I’d love to see some governor do the following: “The Biden administration required us to raise three regiments; tell them we have done so!”