A brief word on the site

As some of you may have seen , the spam filter is having issues with posts and links. OT has done the impossible keeping the Rott going, and for that we are VERY thankful.

If your post gets held, it will be approved ASAP as I stop in regularly to check. Please wait and check back in a few hours.

Again, Deej...a heartfelt thank you.

– LCBren, Executive Assistant to His Eternal Malificence, Darth Misha I

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Last edited 1 month ago by Opposable Thumbs
Opposable Thumbs

In the future, if you want to add an image to a comment, use the image button, instead of the URL for that image. This is why you see the long trail from the left column. I tried to shorten the URL of your image above, but it broke. This will help cut down on the comment moderation, by removing… Read more »

Opposable Thumbs

Your comments will get held for approval if they contain more than two URLs. That limit was set a few years ago because spammers have a tendency to load their comments up with links.
I will increase the link limit to four to see if it doesn’t attract spammers. Anything over four will still hold you for approval.

Opposable Thumbs

I use a basic rule of thumb: First, assume that if it is sitting in the ‘unapproved’ list for more than a day, it is probably a spambot. The reason is that a real, valid person would sign up, and then go check their email for the ‘welcome’ message and the “verify your account” link. For that, they are REQUIRED… Read more »


I believe the case in Pennsylvania is a separate one. The case brought by Texas, as I understand it, goes straight to the USSC since it’s a case between states.


Testes – hmm, a bit of an issue with small pixel count, but it’s ALIVE!