Bidens lies exposed

So much for the Left’s bullshit.

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Sadly the truth matters not to the ideolog, they are blinded by hatred and beliving in fairy tales which stifle the human spirit. The only way to deal with them is to destroy their narrative by using their own tactics then ridding academia and government of such loons. A long war but one we must win.



Opposable Thumbs

So, pretty much what goes on here, using your own special, alternative ‘facts’. That was a concept that I could never quite understand about Trumpublicans — that y’all have discovered your own set of truths, where up is down, and sideways, straight ahead. Common sense has taken a back seat to rhetoric. Lies are accepted as fact, even when the… Read more »


Alternative facts, sir? That’s your side’s game, not mine. Vote harvesting, the dead vote, repeat voters, and now simply manipulating the electronic totals – these are what Democrats do. How did Trump win in 2016? He beat the margin of fraud. The Democrats weren’t able to manufacture enough votes that time This time, they weren’t ready either, but decided to… Read more »


I suspect DJA is very much enjoying the baiting aspect of all this. All I can say at this point is that 95% of R voters (not Rino so called leadership) and near 30% of D party voters (ZERO of leadership) are very certain that there has been massive fraud at every level, engineered by the D party leadership (and… Read more »