And this is WITH a teleprompter


Let’s not overlook some of Joe Biden’s other brilliant comments this week. He worried about “nuclear pliferation,” and he once again tried to exhort the nation to greater deeds.

“We’ll find it and we’ll .. you’ll find your purpose as we’re gonna find our purpose for our nation as a nation now.”

Can you quote you on that, Mr. President-Select?

OOOH I am SO stealing that….

“I’m gonna .. we’re gonna impose the .. we’re gonna enforce, excuse me, employ the Defense Reconstruct Act to be able to go out there and dictate companies build and do following things we need much more testing we need much more masking we need gloves. …”

Heres the money shot

What did Joe Biden mean to say? I’m guessing that, like most of us, he’s less familiar with “psalms” than with “palms.” Greased palms, in particular, if you can believe the emails on his crackhead son Hunter’s laptop, now in possession of the FBI.

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Approval? My comment needs to be approved? What is this? Twitter?

Opposable Thumbs

Too many links will put you in purgatory. It’s to prevent spam comments.

Opposable Thumbs

At least Biden has an excuse: He has a speech impediment: he stutters.

What kind of abnormality do YOU have that we can make fun of?

This is rich, considering how YOUR cult leader talks. :em05:

And no, Biden isn’t the ‘biggest idiot Democrats ever elected’. We’ve had bigger. :em07:

Opposable Thumbs

It’s not even a contest, Bren. I couldn’t find one single source to illustrate this fact, so I posted the Google result for “Trump + Lie” to come up with 388 million responses. Trump has been a pathological liar his entire life, and it only got worse once he became president. He can’t help himself. He lies even when there… Read more »


I’m sorry, I think you may be projecting what Biden is on Trump. As for trusting anything that goolag has to say…


Opposable Thumbs

LOL! Maybe you should read Mary Trump’s book, where she describes Trump paying someone to take his SAT, and how his sister, the former federal judge and tax cheat, used to do his homework for him. There is also the transcripts of the taped conversations between Mary Trump and his sister where his sister describes the TWO CLASSES he took… Read more »


Biden calls himself a devout Catholic, and he called the Psalmist (person who wrote the psalms) the Palmist. Guess that’s because he keeps his own palm open to be greased. Dementia Joe.


Stuttering has nothing to do with “we’re gonna enforce excuse me, employ the Defense Reconstruct Act” (actually the Defense Recovery Act but hey, he was a senator for 45 years, why should he know the right name of the act “and dictate companies” – that should be dictate “TO” companies (not stuttering, bad grammar) “and do following things” – you… Read more »