Meet PC Plod. Policing UK style

This is the kind of “community policing” that has become the face of this useless Chinese Lung Pox™ lockdown.

She was of course “counselled” that she was abusing her power and that she , in fact, had NO AUTHORITY WHATSOEVER to order people out of their own front garden.

“The virus doesnt stop at your garden”, yeah sweetie, and it looks like the blood stopped going to your brains.

Or this little gem

The ACS told the stores to continue to sell a full range of products, as the shops themselves had already been deemed essential, and there was no official definition of what could be sold within them. Such treat-based confusion is clearly widespread—Peterborough police posted a reprimand on their Facebook page after discovering a driver with a “non-essential” chocolate bar on the passenger seat.


Or this

Police have been told not to carry out blanket checks on cars or penalise people for travelling a “reasonable distance” for exercise, after complaints some forces had overreached their powers in attempting to curb the spread of coronavirus.

There was a comment I saw a while back on this debacle recently, saying that when this was over, people would remember how the police handled the public and this crisis. Oh, they will remember, all right.

They will remember that the so called “officers of the law” acted like a pack of self important, puffed up nanny state PRIZE FUCKWITS.

They will remember how members forgot they were public servants and decided that a little bit of power made them petty little dictators.

In years to come, when the police bitch and whine how the community distrusts them and its harder to do their jobs, leave them with this little snippet of wisdom.

If you ever want to know why they dont want to talk to you, dont trust you?


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LC FX Phillips
LC FX Phillips

Between the blood libel by all the right people to the over officious prickdom of many of the hired stooges it is going to be a very difficult wound to heal.

At this point this is a coup by other means by the elitist swine who would grind us under their heel.


Well, Frau Whitmer has gone all in with channeling Himmler. “The State Police are monitoring ALL your conversations” – this on national TV regarding the latest protests against her police state for closing down a frigging barber who needs to earn to sustain himself. Really? She had the AG pull his license, without a hearing, which is required by law.… Read more »


I bet it’s perfectly legal. British Common Law probably has precedents going back to the black plague.
That’s why America used to have a Constitution.


I have to say I am pleasantly surprised that here in Ill-annoy of all places, county sheriffs, county boards, and municipalities have said they will not enforce Gov. Fat Bastard’s edicts. Maybe there is still hope. Chiraq, of course, is still its very own special hole of shit.