So now, after our honest, deadly serious rant below about what we’re facing, we also feel that we need to point a few things out so’s to make sure that we don’t leave everybody with the impression that All Is Lost™, because it isn’t. It never is where America and Americans are concerned, our deep skepticism as regards The Powers That Be and what the future might hold be damned.

Take it as a clarion call. Take it as a “listen up, gentlemen, this is serious” but don’t forget the bit with “we got this.”

This beautiful, awesome nation has gone through far worse, and we’ve proven, time and time again, that we can and will come up on top. It ain’t over ’till the fat lady sings, and we’ve got that bitch hog-tied and gagged like a gimp in the basement.

But in order to get through it, we need to remember who we are, and we need to remember, most of all, that no fight was ever won by curling up in the fetal position and “wait for somebody else to take care of it for us.”

“Somebody else” isn’t somebody you should ever rely on, because he always shows up late, he’s always FUBAR’ed and he couldn’t un-ass a phone booth if he had a GPS and a Maglite.

What we need to do, what we HAVE to do, is to be realistic. We can and will live through this, most of us anyway, but only if we face the situation head on and only if we refuse to change who and what we are in the process. Yes, it’s going to be painful, life has a way of being like that, welcome to The Suck™, something we’ve been lucky and privileged enough to not have to face for decades as a nation, but we’re going to come out of it alive on the other side.

Unless we commit suicide in the process, which is what it looks to His Imperial Majesty like we’re doing right now. Bottom line is this: It doesn’t have to be that way.

We’ve got to man up, do what we can to avoid becoming casualties without expecting that there won’t be any (because there will be), we’ve got to face our fears and keep going nonetheless. Not because we’re “fearless”, but because it’s what the fuck we have to do or we’re ALL going to catch it right in the crotch zone.

Nobody’s fucking “fearless”, the only ones who claim to be are bona fide liars. EVERYBODY is scared when facing their own mortality, that’s a natural and, in most cases, beneficial reaction. Courage is doing what you have to fucking well do ANYWAYS, so have some. We all have it. Some of us have been blessed enough to be able to put it away for so long that we’re having a hard time remembering where we put it, but we all still have it. All we need to do is find it.

And then we have to do something about it. Use it for something. We’re not saying “stop being afraid”, that’d be silly, all we’re saying is “stop being counseled by your fears”, because that is the WORST counsel that you’re EVER likely to get. If your fear, which is a natural human reaction, suddenly gets to determine your every action, then you’re already dead and, even if you don’t die, the life you’re left with isn’t one.

Quit looking to somebody else to come save you. Do what YOU can do. It doesn’t have to be much, you’re not judged by how much you can do, that’s beyond your control, just do what you CAN do, even if that’s just asking your neighbor if they need something from the store when you’re going anyway, or even if it’s saying “fuck this house arrest nonsense, I need some fresh air so I’ll go for a drive. In my own car, not getting out, just driving around for half an hour no matter what the local Gauleiter says.” It beats slitting your wrists or eating a bottle of Restoril, doesn’t it? Sure, you’ll be called a “COVID death” if you as much as sneezed during the past month, but you’ll be just as dead.

Don’t forget who you are and what you are, and don’t let ANYBODY take that away from you.

And don’t, once again, look for somebody else to come save you. To make it all right. It’s unlikely to happen.

We’ll all get through this together, and the fun thing is that even though we’ll only get through it due to individual choices, all of those individual choices add up to be a collective one. True power comes from the individual, and you ARE one, no matter who you are and where you come from.

In the army we learn a lot about how your unit matters. Unit cohesion, morale, all that fun stuff. And this is where most “learned” civvies stop, and this is why so many of them get us totally and completely wrong because they never served and they never read a book about how the system really works. The FIRST and most important thing we learn is that no chain is stronger than its weakest link. Oh, we learn about “the common good” alright, but most importantly we learn where that good comes from. It comes from the individual.

If everybody in your unit, yourself included, knows that he doesn’t have to worry about his left or right because the guys on his left and right are already worrying about that, then everybody are free to focus on what their individual job is. They’re not doing it for you (well, they are, but not you alone), they’re doing it because we all know that as long as each brother does his job, that means that his other brothers won’t have to waste attention on that job being done

, and that makes EVERYBODY more effective.

Unit cohesion begins and ends with the individual. That’s why every single successful army

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, no exception, has been focused on the individual. It doesn’t matter one cheap stripper’s fart how pretty a unit looks on the parade ground if making drills look pretty is all they can do.

And it’s the exact same thing in civilian life, only civilians aren’t trained like that.

You do what YOU can do and trust that everybody else does what THEY can do. What the others do is neither your concern nor your salvation.

You do the best YOU can do and that’s enough. Because that’s all you can do. (Granted, if what you can do isn’t good enough for the army, then you’ll get kicked out, but that’s the way it works everywhere. If you can’t do math, you’re not likely to be head of NASA either).

So you out there who are alone and scared, you’re not really alone, but quit worrying that you can’t do this alone. Because you’re not. Not if we all decide to do our best.

Do what is right, and do it all the time. If it doesn’t seem right to you, then don’t do it. If it does seem right to you and harms nobody, then do it.

Above all, if somebody tells you to do something stupid and/or self-ruinous and justify it with nothing but authority because they’re your “betters”, remind them that you’re an American, an individual with G-d given rights and that they can’t be your “better” because your “better” hasn’t been born yet. Tell them to fuck off and die, respectfully of course, and then accept the consequences. Still better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.

Trust us.

We’ve got this shit. All of us.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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April 17, 2020 07:25

Little help? …un-ass a phone booth?

Igor, Imperial Booby
Igor, Imperial Booby
Reply to  Emperor Misha I
April 18, 2020 21:48

Don’t apologize, My Liege, there are a lot of civilians out there!

Excellent points! I never realized the training I had (in the Military), I just did my job. I get embarrassed when I get praised FOR DOING MY JOB. I mean, that’s what I am getting PAID for, right? Seems weird to me.

Igor, Imperial Booby
Igor, Imperial Booby
Reply to  Emperor Misha I
April 19, 2020 12:18

Perhaps, but you and I grew up (so to speak) with FUBAR and SNAFU and especially REMF…
Poor civvies don’t realize that Mil-speak has a buttload of TLA’s, ETLA’s, and just acronyms in general!

lc purple raider
April 18, 2020 20:39

I’m over 60, have lung problems and overweight, and don’t move around much at all anymore. I’m in what they call the “prime breeding ground” for this virus. So far, so good for the most part. I am doing everything I can do to keep me and my son safe. We have enough food, clothing and medical for the time… Read more »

Igor, Imperial Booby
Igor, Imperial Booby
Reply to  lc purple raider
April 18, 2020 21:52

I and the Wifely Unit are both over 65, have our health, and aren’t worried, as flu viruses really don’t bother me and mine. Like Misha said, do what you can and don’t worry if it’s only a little something that may or may not seem significant to you. A raindrop is not very significant, but a LOT of raindrops… Read more »

BC, Imperial Torturer
April 19, 2020 14:53

This shit keeps up for much longer, we’re going to need a LOT more rope. It’s a good thing that hemp is considered an “essential industry” by the idiots running the asylum.

lc purple raider
Reply to  BC, Imperial Torturer
April 19, 2020 20:49

As Mr. Williamson would say, intestines are free!