Not All Muslims Guilty of Every Rape in Norway Over the Last Five Years

But the ones who were, were all “males of non-western background“, and we’re fairly confident when we say that they’re probably not talking about Unwanted Unhappy Endings While Picking Up Chicken Lo Mein at the Local Chinese Take-Away™.

Meanwhile, any European saying anything that might in the slightest be construed as a criticism of the Religion of Murder Vandalism Rape “Peace” is still guilty of a “hate crime.”

We wonder what they call rape, then? Undocumented Consummations?


(h/t Ace)


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    As George Carlin once said, maybe they can call them “Unwilling Semen Recipients.”

    Can’t we engineer some kind of short-lived parasite which renders humans sterile and then introduce it into the Middle Eastern food supply? Problem solved in a generation, and we don’t have to technically kill anyone. Besides, since the Left loves abortions and hates babies, we might get enough of them on board with the idea.

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    Or maybe create some sexually-transmitted form of the Mumps and infect all the Camels and Goats from Morocco to Pakistan.

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    Response to LC Beaker, Imperial Photographer @:

    Let Mother Nature take its course. :em99:

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    LC Old Dog growls and barks:

    Of course to even notice this fact is in some way Islamaphobic! So, I am a Redneck also; are you waiting for my apologies!

    If so, please hold your breath! :em01:

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    BigDogg growls and barks:

    When cockroaches infest your home, you – eventually – reach a point where you either call an exterminator or begin exterminating them yourself. That assumes, of course, that you’re not going to abandon your home and just let the roaches overrun it.

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    Unwanted Unhappy Endings While Picking Up Chicken Lo Mein at the Local Chinese Take-Away™.

    Sire, on occasion when your acerbic wit is about to rise in such a manner, you really must first issue a Spew Alert™ for the protection of the denizens of your realm.

    My new wide-screen monitor (the old monitor gave up the ghost, was forced to spend the money) may never be the same, and my poor abused keyboard needs professional help.

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    BigDogg growls and barks:

    LC Gunsniper says:

    Do you think the evidence will stand up in court? *ducks and runs*

    The defendant may want to think twice about filing a motion to quash the evidence.

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    AyUaxe growls and barks:

    Don’t know if it’s the same in Norway, but in NOLA, when the news doesn’t report the race of a perp, everyone knows he/she is black. They’re not afraid to give a description of a “white male…” or an “asian female….”, but don’t touch that sensitive subject of AA involvement in crime. Why, that might give people the idea that 80% or so of all crime (in my area–not saying for anyone else’s) is being committed by AAs. The truth can be so hurtful. And racist. And yet, it’s still the truth. You just don’t get to hear it on the news.

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    Tallulah growls and barks:

    Here’s part of an article by the deathless Mark Steyn, on the same moslem rapist plague in Australia

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    Tallulah growls and barks:

    Mark Steyn, in 2002:

    Last Thursday, in Sydney, the pack leader of a group of Lebanese Muslim gang-rapists was sentenced to 55 years in jail. I suppose I ought to say “Lebanese-Australian” Muslim gang-rapists, since the accused were Australian citizens. But, identity-wise, the rambunctious young lads considered themselves heavy on the Lebanese, light on the Australian. During their gang rapes, the lucky lady would be told she was about to be “f—ed Leb style” and that she deserved it because she was an “Australian pig.”

    But, inevitably, it’s the heavy sentence that’s “controversial.” After September 11th, Americans were advised to ask themselves, “Why do they hate us?” Now Australians need to ask themselves, “Why do they rape us?” As Monroe Reimers put it on the letters page of The Sydney Morning Herald:

    “As terrible as the crime was, we must not confuse justice with revenge. We need answers. Where has this hatred come from? How have we contributed to it? Perhaps it’s time to take a good hard look at the racism by exclusion practiced with such a vengeance by our community and cultural institutions.”

    Indeed. Many’s the time, laboring under the burden of some or other ghastly Ottawa policy, I’ve thought of pinning some gal down and sodomizing her while 14 of my pals look on and await their turn. But I fear in my case the Monroe Reimers of the world would be rather less eager to search for “root causes.” Gang rape as a legitimate expression of the campaign for social justice is a privilege reserved only unto a few.

    Google mark steyn leb style for the rest. But you’d better have a strong stomach.

    As always, they’re the most vicious to the poor blonde girls. Who apparently don’t have any MEN IN AUSTRALIA TO PROTECT THEM. Which just shows you that Western Civilization is giving its death rattle, when Aussies, for God’s sake, will let their wives and daughters be gang-raped by these savages.

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    Cricket growls and barks:

    I would say there are men in Australia to protect them…if they were allowed to carry guns. That said, I still think a few fathers and brothers should visit the jails were these vermin are kept (that term is used for any man who rapes a woman) and perform a few ‘honor killings’ of their own. Send the message: You rape our women, we will kill you. The logic should be equally applied here. If women under sharia law are treated this way, then the men who commit these atrocities should also be subject to the laws of the land where they live. That means death or castration.