Not really obligatory, as a matter of fact we’re both humbled and amazed that anybody still reads them, but we are, indeed, still here.

If nothing else, then out of sheer Viking cussedness.

But to prove that we’re not actually just posting archived footage from the days before our supposed demise, and to show that we do, occasionally, against our better judgment, still peruse the inanities plaguing the final days of America That Was, here’s to the Democrat Nazi Party’s latest descent into showing their true colors.

So Ilhan “Lannister” Omar, the widely heralded islamofascist representative for the once great state of Minnesostan, just couldn’t help letting her Nazi flag fly repeatedly and actually managed to be so blatant about her Joo-hatred that even the National Socialist Democrat Workers’ Party of America, formerly known as the “Democrat Party”, were mildly discomfited by it. That takes some doing, Ilhan. Not even marrying your own brother did that!

Also, a big shoutout to the state that used to be known as “Minnesota.” Talk about “progress!” You’ve taken it to heights that would make even the most ardent neck-bearded, submissive Antifa cuck envious by making it so that your state’s residents don’t even have to spend a few bucks on Amazon to relive “Black Hawk Down”, you just have to go check your mail in the morning!

And you don’t even have to risk a sprained ankle as you slip in the entrails of the mangled bodies of those American heroes (look the word up in the dictionary, Minnesotans) who were murdered and mutilated in Mogadishu by the animals you invited in with open arms. How very… Progressive of you!

It’s as if we’d imported the entire population of Berlin to this country in 1943! You must be so proud. And if you aren’t, then nobody is, we can assure you. Even the Kapos of Warsaw in 1944 had more dignity than you guys!

But back to Ilhan “brotherfucker” Omar:

This shining light of “progressiveness” (another shoutout to all of the soccer moms who voted DemoNazi in last year’s elections because the Bad Orange Man was occasionally rude. You sure showed him, didn’t you? Now that you’ve helped the DemoNazis give a voice to veggies like Alex Occasional Cortex, we’re sure you’re going to enjoy carting your offspring off to practice in a Prius rather than the SUV you’d grown accustomed to. You fucking idiots), after a lifetime of being possibly more anti-Jew than Heinrich Himmler, finally managed to be so offensive that even the National Socialist Democrat Workers’ Party of America had to consider a resolution condemning Auschwitz level Joo-hatred.

And promptly, beautifully aided by the notoriously cowardly GOP fuckwits as per usual, watered down the resolution to condemn hatred against anybody without naming any names. And even THEN they had trouble passing it. We’re mainly surprised that it didn’t end up being a resolution against criticizing Ilhan “fuck me, bro!” Omar. We’re sure that the cockless cucks of the GOP would have enthusiastically voted for that as well in hopes of a reach-around from their NSDWP doms the next time their sphincters are due for a pounding.

Just keep in mind, because at this point in our nation’s history the only thing we have left is to pound our “we told you so” drums, and after 20 years of pointless pounding they’re getting pretty worn, that we started to refer to the “Democrat” Party by their true name, “The National Socialist Democrat Workers’ Party” a looooooong time ago.

Of course, we were just “hysterical” back then.

And right.


By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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