“Not Enemies of the People” Engaging in Illegal Juror Intimidation in Manafort Case

Remember when CNN threatened a kid who created a funny gif mocking them with doxxing the hell out of him unless he publicly apologized and promised never to make fun of “not enemy of the people” CNN again? We do too. Not that anything bad could possibly happen to somebody not hewing to the Progressive Sozialist (Prozi) party line being doxxed, oh no sirree. Not in these enlightened and super tolerant times. Nope. Tell us, when is Christina’s plane landing?

Or the time that “not enemy of the people” sent a “journalist” goon squad out to harass and intimidate a lil’ old lady who’d shared a post on Facebook that later allegedly turned into being a RUSSIAN BOT HOAX!!!1!!!?

And now “not the enemy of the people” CNN along with a host of other “not enemies of the people” members of the EneMedia are trying to doxx the names and addresses of jurors in the Manafort case. You know, as one does. Particularly when said jury is still deliberating. Nope, nothing to see here, move along, RAYCISSS GARBAGE PEOPLE! (who they’re totally not the enemy of, by the way).

Judge Ellis told them to go pound sand, noting that the number of death threats he’s been receiving (undoubtedly from Evil Reichwing RUSSIAN BOTS!!!!1!) suggests that the jurors might not be entirely safe if such data was shared with the public.

Of course, even with the judge’s denial of the request, the job’s been done, just like the EneMedia wanted it. The jurors now know, before their deliberations are over, that there’s a baying pack of rabid presstitute hyenas circling the courtroom, waiting for their verdict, who will stop at absolutely nothing to uncover their identities and turn them over to the Prozi Brownshirts on social media, should they return a verdict that the EneMedia doesn’t like.

And the Cucks and Prozis in Congress will lift not a finger for them, just as they’ve been busy not lifting a finger for all of the “undesirables” (meaning “to the right of Josef Stalin”) on social media and in public who are being banned, doxxed, threatened, killed, beaten, fired and worse.

Isn’t living in the land of the “free” great?

Be sure to vote in November. It might very well be the last chance we’ll get to see more than one choice on the ballot.


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Makes me wonder if Manafort might actually walk? If he does win, the next case may blow up as well. (Might even enter into double jeopardy)

LC Xystus
LC Xystus

Der Kaiser sagt: Of course, there’s always the possibility that the jurors also see this for what it is and return a not guilty verdict as a way to tell the EneMedia to cut the bullshit and go do one, but, given the viciousness exhibited by said EneMedia and their affiliated brownshirts on social media and in PantiFa, it’s by… Read more »

VonZorch Imperial Researcher
VonZorch Imperial Researcher

This seem to be a good time to issue a bunch of bench warrants for jury tampering.

Fa Cube Itches
Fa Cube Itches

“Be sure to vote in November.”

The last guy who cast a vote that mattered was Oswald, and look what happened to him.

LC Xystus
LC Xystus

Fa Cube Itches @ #:

The main point of the Emp’s admonition is that we should try avoiding that kind of “vote” while it’s still possible.

You know the litany of boxes. Cartridge box is the last resort, even if it time rapidly approaches.

Poor fools don’t recognize they’re surrounded.