Dumber Still…

Yes, we know, we can’t hardly believe it ourselves either, but every time we think those Prozi fascists can’t get any dumber, they prove us wrong.

Such as the communist “working girl from Yorktown Heights” bint, Alexandria Occasional-Cortex, who is, allegedly, a super bright bachelor in economics and everything Prozi New Hope:

“Unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs,” she said. “Unemployment is low because people are working 60, 70, 80 hours a week and can barely feed their family.”

Yes, we know. Math is HARD and stuff, but surely not THAT hard?

Obviously too hard to be part of a bachelor’s in Economics in this country.



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    angrywebmaster growls and barks:

    Girl has never had to work a day in her life, and hasn’t.

    She isn’t ignorant, she is just plain stupid.

    Her latest plan is to “Occupy all the airports and shut them down!!”

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    Terrapod growls and barks:

    No no no, we want her as the face of the NDP (neue demokratische Partei) and keep talking on national media.

    The stupidity hurts the D party and moves more “members” to leaving same. Of course the interviewers are ofttimes as dumb as the interviewee, that too is a benefit.. :em01:

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    LCBren growls and barks:

    Oh dear


    Republican Rep. John Ratcliffe claimed on Monday that FBI lawyer Lisa Page contradicted many parts of testimony from her colleague and lover Peter Strzok.

    Page testified for two days behind closed doors about her influence on the FBI’s investigations into Russia and Hillary Clinton’s emails less than one week after Strzok.

    Strozk denied that texts he exchanged with Page — particularly one promising they would “stop” Trump from becoming president — were indicative of bias that affected the investigations. However, Ratcliffe alleged that Page contradicted Strzok in her testimony and even admitted that the texts “mean exactly what they say.”

    “There are differences in their testimony on many cases,” Ratcliffe said on Monday. “She admits that the text messages mean exactly what they say, as opposed to Agent Strzok, who thinks that we have all misinterpreted his own words on any text message that might be negative.”

    and here


    Rep. Steve King (R-IA) echoed similar statements concerning Page’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, describing the former FBI lawyer as “certainly more cooperative than Peter Strzok.” Page provided new “pieces of information [that] filled in some blanks along the way, but we’ve got a huge jigsaw puzzle to put together,” the congressman said.

    In a letter to fellow Republican investigators, King is calling on committee leaders to subpoena the personal cell phones of both Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. “I wanna see the names of everyone who interviewed Hillary Clinton on July 2, 2016,” wrote the Iowa lawmaker. “I wanna see their notes. I want to consider bringing each of them forward to testify what went on inside that room and then see if their notes and their testimony matches up to the 302 document that, in the end, was the basis that Peter Strzok briefed James Comey off of.”

    Oh what a tangled web we weave…

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    LC Mike in Chi growls and barks:

    LCBren says:

    “I wanna see their notes. I want to consider bringing each of them forward to testify what went on inside that room and then see if their notes and their testimony matches up to the 302 document that, in the end, was the basis that Peter Strzok briefed James Comey off of.”

    Notes! Notes!1!! They don’t need no stinkin’ NOTES!

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    LC Mike in Chi growls and barks:

    LC Mike in Chi says:

    LCBren says:

    That is, to say, Rep.King said it.

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    LC Mike in Chi growls and barks:

    gifmoticons suck.

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    VAconservative growls and barks:

    Terrapod has it right in re interviewers (aka Democratic party operatives with bylines). Hard sometimes to tell who is dumber, interviewer or interviewee. And of course that is why interviewee can say stupid stuff and not be called on it.

    I know they sometimes refer to it as throwing up softballs, give them something easy to respond to. But even then the idiots spew their stupidity and often the interviewers prove they are too stupid to even understand that it’s stupid.

  8. 8
    Terrapod growls and barks:

    Yup, stupidity reigns supreme in 21st century affairs.

    Sad that 1984, Fahrenheit 451, Animal Farm and Idiocracy seem to be prescient/predictive rather than outright fiction, heck, we seem to be trending towards Planet of the Apes what with open borders idiocy in EU land.

    Yes, we classify that 7th century ideology as a return to brute force governance. It is NOT a religion, it is a martial dictatorship system cloaked as such and must be kept isolated and away from all western nations. Japan, Korea and the former eastern block is 100% correct in that the mohammedans are not to be allowed in, at all, ever (and Korea seems to be faltering).

    We have to fix things in the U.S.A., return to the founding principles and pre-central government power consolidation because there simply is no other place to go that is better or truly safer.

    This will require removal of mohammedans from America. There is zero malice or hate in this, simply a clear view of the fact the two systems of life and governance are incompatible. Yes, Individually some may be cultured and not outwardly hostile, but once they concentrate that all changes and we cannot run the risk.

    Doubt me? Just read up the partition of India and the current state of that country. More recently Molenbeek in the Netherlands or the banlieue Parisienne in France; take a closer look at Dearborn and Minneapolis/St Paul for what is going on in USA. We must learn from history or we (the western nations) will become a footnote (maybe) in same. Remember, it is the victors who usually write or revise the history books.

  9. 9
  10. 10
    Terrapod growls and barks:

    And we all know how the Kulaks fared under “uncle Joe” don’t we?

    Ooops, sorry, a large number of our younger so called citizens prolly don’t know squat about that.

    What with history books being written by Howard Zinn and the teachers being former members of the weathermen/NSDP (National Socialist Derp Party TM) as evidenced by whotzername Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. :em07:

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    LCBren growls and barks:

    Terra:sorry no

    Islam is a religion: the First Amendment applies.

    You cant deport US citizens who are Muslim. You cant “send them back” when they are native born.

  12. 12
    Terrapod growls and barks:

    Hey Bren, good to see you here.

    I think there is a huge negative in the application of the first amendment to the case of Mohammedanism because the text of the Quran is the basis for Sharia law, which is interpreted on a religious basis by the imams (people not educated outside of the confines of the texts). Faithful practitioners MUST comply with Sharia above all other laws/religions.

    Thomas Jefferson made the case that the system of government imposed by Sharia is incompatible with a constitutional republic; it is a theocracy/dictatorship (which is why modern socialism is so closely aligned with it) and is not compatible.

    So how do we accept a fifth column into our society and culture which when it approaches 10 or 15% of the population will DEMAND and enforce their law over our Constitution? :em03:

    This is not idle speculation, we have the visible results of this in England, Netherlands, France, Sweden and for an extreme case, see Iran. They were not Muslim until overrun and co-opted by force and most of the Copts in Egypt are either living elsewhere ( I know a few here in USA) or are persecuted and killed.

    I for one do see a case for lawful rejection of any Muslim immigrant as they will not reform, will not assimilate and once critical mass is reached by breeding/immigration, they dominate. This is not a game. If the West plans to survive as members of vibrant and lawful societies, creating the benefits of science, medicine, technology and open discussion of ideas and a high standard of living for their populace Note that pretty much all of these do not come into existence in countries dominated by Sharia law.

    You are incorrect in the assumption of non-deportation. Where does it state in the constitution that we must accept immigrants and their progeny who will not become assimilated and will take every opportunity to destroy our legal system? Anyone who is a threat to civil order can be incarcerated and/or deported back to their country of origin if they persist in being destructive to the society they purportedly emigrated to.

    I take my own case. I emigrated here and have become 100% American. My religion is one compatible with the founding principles of this country so I am now part of this great society. If I had undertaken to challenge and destroy the rule of law, I would fully expect to be either placed in jail or imposed the loss of residency/citizenship and returned to my nation of origin. My children if under age would have to go with me. If older and born here, they would have a choice of remaining or leaving. If they assimilate and do not follow a destructive path, then they are as much Americans as any other citizen. It all boils down to accepting the US constitution as the supreme law of the land.

    Maybe your laws are different, hence a different points of view or practice of law, but having traveled over 2/3 of your nation and met/worked with hundreds of Australians, I sure would hate to see your distinctive society destroyed by creeping sharia and population shifts.

    Honestly, until Mohammedanism undergoes a reformation where secular law is separate from the practice of religion, I don’t see any solution other than not allowing permanent entry to the west. They have their countries and their forms of governance, let them change that rather than destroy everything they touch in the West. Note that Kemal Ataturk tried to reform Turkey and for a while it looked like it might work, but all is for naught.

    And with that, I hand the soap box in speakers corner to another.

  13. 13
    angrywebmaster growls and barks:

    I have no idea where the islamic stuff came from. I thought we were talking about CommuNazi scum. (Formally known as Democrats)

    And I’ve been playing with a meme generator again. :em06:

    Hopefully we’re back on topic.

  14. 14
    Terrapod growls and barks:

    OK, back on the horseface brownish NDP minion. We are all for her continuing exposure on TV and social media. The more she talks, the stupider it gets which turns off more D voters and energizes more conservatives.

    The bit on Mohammedans is because they are becoming a clear and present danger to all of us of other faiths (and those of no faith, though these are too stupid to see that), and since the NDP is faithless, they fall naturally into the mindset that if they import millions of furriner muzzies, they will have a permanent voting block (at least up to the time where they are all put to death or become second class citizens for not being muzzies or convert and become brainwashed – Oh! wait, that is already in progress).

    Also take note of the local headlines where the MSM is now promoting “how great it is” that hundreds of muzzies are now running for governance positions at the local levels in USA. Think about that good and hard as their first law is Sharia. not the Constitution and that lying to the kuffars to gain power is perfectly legitimate.

  15. 15
    LCBren growls and barks:

    Anyone who is a threat to civil order can be incarcerated and/or deported back to their country of origin if they persist in being destructive to the society they purportedly emigrated to.

    You missed my point. You cant deport someone who is Muslim AND native born. As in born in the US hence a citizen.

    Deport them….where exactly?

  16. 16
    Terrapod growls and barks:

    Did not miss the point. You go to the country of your ancestry if they will admit you or otherwise are simply expelled and become a stateless person. Things are getting very interesting what with Hungary and Denmark deciding they will not become vassal states to invaders regardless of what the one world statists think. Note I am not visiting the sins of the parents on the progeny. The progeny would have to be engaged in acts against their nation of residency or citizenship. I seem to recall the USA and the UK have fixed these issues on the battlefield by blowing up one some of the citizen Jihadis fighting against their troops. I suppose for the politicians that was easier than dealing with it within the country.