Quite Au Contraire, Dear Maxi-Pad

Seems like the psychotic cat lady from California has thrown down the… has thrown down something. Or maybe she has thrown something out. Like her last functioning synapse.

Rep. Maxine Waters is pushing back against death threats she’s received in the wake of her call for action against the Trump administration,

If by “action against the Trump administration” you mean “violence, harassment and persecution of anybody even remotely connected to the Trump administration, including but not limited to their families, pets and neighbors”, then yes, that’s exactly what she said. Not that there’s anything wrong with that sort of thing. It’s not like some unhinged psychopath ever got encouraged to go shoot up a softball practice or anything.

Oh snap!

And we hate to say so, but after having heard the “they’re threatening my life on Instagram” defense just about every single time a Prozi fuckwit spoke without engaging whatever passes for a filter in their diseased minds and realized that it might not be the smartest thing they ever did, we’re less than enthusiastic about jumping to her defense. But sure, if anybody actually DID threaten to kill Maxi-Pad in a credible fashion, kindly cut it out. You’re making yourselves look stupid and, we might add, credible threats against somebody’s life is actually against the law, as some equally unhinged Prozi fuckwit who recently threatened, credibly, Rand Paul with death and dismemberment by axe is about to find out.

There? Happy now, Maxi-Pad?

And yes, we mean it. We really DO mean it, and if you won’t take our word for it, if you refuse to believe us when we say that we believe threatening to murder somebody over something as harmless as words is as repulsive as it is illegal and needs to stop, right now, then allow us to add this:

Even if we DID believe that it was OK to threaten your life because of the neverending stream of degenerate bullshit exiting your oral cavity whenever your vocal cords start vibrating, and we repeat that we do NOT, even if we DID think it OK to forcibly shake off your mortal coils for being an insufferable imbecile aspiring to maybe one day become a dimwit, we STILL would be against anybody doing so.

Because you and your kind are the gifts that keep on giving. Nothing we could possibly ever say about you and your Prozi fascist allies, no matter how well researched and documented, no amount of longwinded and well-argued criticism could ever harm you and your fascist “party” half as bloody much as you yourselves do when you open your cake holes and let racism, fascism and hatred gush out.

Every single time you and your ilk pull off one of your terribly “clever” stunts, another 10,000 MAGA hats are sold, another 10,000 voters drop their registration with the Prozi Fascist Party, another 10,000 dues paying members leave the unions, and another 10,000 subscriptions to the Lügenpresse get cancelled.

Every. Single. Time.

And you seriously think that we want you to shut UP?

Oh no, dearie, we want you to keep reeeeeeee-ing at the top of your lungs, every chance you get, as loud as you can possibly get and across every venue you can find to carry your hateful, fascist, un-American rhetoric. And should you ever run out of venues, we’d be happy to lend you a megaphone so you can keep going a bit longer.

P.S.: If you really, honestly believed that we were “Nazis” in any shape, form or fashion, then you wouldn’t keep screaming that so loudly, and you most certainly wouldn’t be daring us to shoot you. Because Nazis, the actual kind, wouldn’t even wait for an invitation. Particularly not when said Nazis were in control of the government which, by your strange definition of “Nazi”, they currently are.


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Waters is to stupid to understand many things. If one of her “People” hurts or kills someone in her name, she can be named as an accessory. She also, with regards to the “Death Threat” said that whoever it had better shoot straight. It never crossed what passes for a mind that someone out there may have, very quietly, said… Read more »

Radical Redneck
Radical Redneck