We Can See Venezuela From Our House!

Jove, that escalated quickly.

One moment you’re being bombarded with the EneMedia babbling about the great state of Mejico being no different from ours and not a concern at all and how DARE you xenophobic NAZIS worry about the border, and the next Hugo Chavez the II is elected head of their dysfunctional shithole’s junta, promising pardons to the drug cartels that have made living close to the border a decidedly risky business, promising nationalization of Meeeejico’s only sources of income (other than remittances from their criminal outcasts living in Prozi sanctuary cities up Norte) and declaring that moving up Norte to remove a line item on Shitsico’s failing budget while milking the stupid gringos of their tax dollars is a human right.

How’s that wall sound about now?

It’s one thing to have the umpteenth failed national socialist “experiment” situated in Venezuela, it’s quite another to have it growing like a cancer right south of the Rio Grande.

The only good news is that once we’re done subjugating the shithole south of us, which should take all of a day well into the afternoon (if we take a break for snacks and selfies), the wall won’t have to be all that long. The bad news is what to do with the wasteland of imbeciles that we suddenly find as a new Imperial territory. The worse news is that our old plan of just handing off Californikate to Mejico to get rid of the moronic wastes of protein will come to naught since we’ll find ourselves in possession of both.

Anybody willing to buy half a continent’s worth of failed national socialism, child sex trafficking and rampant drug abuse? We’ll sell it cheap! Anybody? Bueller?

Oh bother.

The wall just got 100 feet taller. With alligators. And Claymores, poison gas and some automated Willie Pete launchers thrown in for good measure.

We’ll miss the Mariachi bands, though. Oh fuck, who are we kidding? Nobody’s going to miss those!



  1. 1
    angrywebmaster growls and barks:

    Screw it.

    Take off, rendezvous with the ship and nuke the site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

  2. 2
    VonZorch Imperial Researcher growls and barks:

    Don’t forget the Bouncing Betties and modified Phalanx mounts.

  3. 3
    LCBren growls and barks:

    What we need…is a squad of these

  4. 4
    Fa Cube Itches growls and barks:

    The wall just got 100 feet taller. With alligators. And Claymores, poison gas and some automated Willie Pete launchers thrown in for good measure.

    Why not go with a classic – the screaming forest?
    – Zombie Vlad Tepes

  5. 5
    LCBren growls and barks:

    “And soon, very soon — after the victory of our movement — we will defend all the migrants in the American continent and all the migrants in the world,” Obrador said, adding that immigrants “must leave their towns and find a life in the United States.”

    No they will stay in their third world shithole.

  6. 6
    Terrapod growls and barks:

    Lopez Obrador is going to be an interesting case study. They guy is not stupid and what happened in Venezuela is there for all to see.

    Don’t be surprised if he suddenly starts cooperating with the same families that run Mexico now, and the military and the cartels, nothing will change for the populace but AMLO will be very wealthy by the time his terms are up.

    If the manufacturing starts to tank, that is the signal that things are going Bolivarian.

  7. 7
    Terrapod growls and barks:

    More thoughts on Mexico

    What would be the downside to Russia, PRC, Iran (add in Soros and the Narcos) to suborn the new Mexican administration to purposefully send added floods of illegals to the USA?


    From the point of view of those seeking to destroy the USA, zero downside and AMLO and his cohorts end up wealthy, don’t give a crap as it lowers the pressure to create jobs and encourage economic development in country. The more I consider this, the more I think we are going to see a tsunami of illegals heading this way with the continuing support of the D party and all these external players.

    We need that wall NOW!