Oh, It’s Just Like Auschwitz!

We’re still trying to desperately to figure out why we should care one iota about the Trump Administration enforcing laws that were signed by Bill “Put Some Ice on That” Clinton, and we’re still failing utterly.

Of course, it doesn’t help that the “horrific” pictures of “children in cages” came from pro-open borders demonstrations where they’d put their own children in cages that they’d brought with them, all for the photo-op revealing a “greater truth” and all that nonsense.

Bottom line, we don’t care that much at all. It’s not like President Trump placed the kids in the situation they are now, faced with being “locked up” in facilities with medical, psychological and whatever else support, along with entertainment, room and board and three solid meals a day, something that we doubt they had before, at least if their “parents'” stories about the horrors they spent several thousand miles “escaping” are to believed.

It’s their parents, acting in ways that no responsible parent would ever behave. Particularly not knowing, as we do, that the “coyotes” charging horrendous fees from the “destitute refugees” aren’t exactly averse to a bit of child-raping, much like the Progressive Socialists’ (Prozis’) new allies, the muslims.

But neveryoumind, it’s all Trump’s Fault!

It is not at ALL the fault of their parents using “their” children (numerous cases are known where said children are in no way related to their “parents” at all) using the kiddos as human shields, much like the Progressive Socialists (Prozis) allies, the Islamofascists of the middle east or, indeed, the Prozis here at home using the corpses of children not yet cold to “argue” for disarming law-abiding citizens here at home ever chance they get. No sir, not at ALL, and if you as much as think otherwise, you’re a RAYCISSSS!

This whole “separating children from their parents is JUST LIKE THE NAZIS!” bullshit reached, to us, peak stupidity when Planned Genocide Parenthood chimed in. Colour us supremely misinformed, but isn’t the whole raison d’etre of Planned Infanticide to separate children from their parents? Preferably by jamming scissors into the brains of the children in order to not damage the organs and limbs of them, all of which can then be sold off as spare parts.

Is Planned Euthanasia so upset because the President isn’t slicing up the kids in nice, easily FedEx’ed portions for them to sell for medical experiments?

We don’t know about you lot, but to us criticisms coming from an organization known for being responsible for more than ten times the murders (all of the victims being babies) of the bloody NAZIS might not be a criticism that one should take all too seriously.

Nevertheless, after having fruitlessly tried to explain to the terminally ignorant Prozis that his administration was only enforcing a law that, oddly enough, wasn’t apparently a problem when his predecessor, Chocolate Jeebus, was busy enforcing it, President Trump “caved in” and said “oh heck, so we’ll just throw the kids in the slammer with their “parents”, just so’s not be be separating them. That’s what you berks want, isn’t it?”

Only to have a “Hawaiian judge”, as we shall forever refer to “judges” who have absolutely no business judging anything, no matter where they might hail from, immediately state that giving the Prozis exactly what they were pretending to demand was a “constitutional violation.”

So separating them from their criminal parents while their cases are being investigated is LITERALLY WORSE THAN HITLER, and NOT separating them is, well, we suppose ALSO LITERALLY WORSE THAN HITLER!

Pardon us if we’re having a really hard time even pretending to pay attention to their hysterical nonsense.

Of course, all of this could be resolved in a hurry if Congress would repeal the law that MANDATES separating the kids, but that would A) not suit the Prozis’ purpose, which is to keep the catch and release program going and B) not suit the Cucklicans’ purpose, which is to do… pretty much the same thing, only they’re doing it for their pimps in the Chamber of Cheap Slave Labor, er, “Commerce”, whereas the Prozis are doing it in order to replace the Deplorable Electorate they currently have with a more Chavezque new one.

Of course the President, being somebody just about as impatient with sub-retarded cretins as we are, except that WE would be more inclined towards using firing squads than he appears to be, pointed that out to the Cucklicans in a closed meeting:

“Why is this coming up now? I mean, it’s so obvious am I right? Mitch knows. The economy, jobs, North Korea, there’s so much great news they had to do the fake news. I’m not saying the pictures aren’t bad. They’re bad. Certainly not good. They make it look bad. You have to do something. You have to work together. It could be such a big, beautiful thing if you did that. The Democrats won’t help. We all know that. They think this is good for them. We’ll see about that. But doing something, working together, isn’t that why you’re here? It should be. And if you don’t do that and November doesn’t work out for you then I’m sorry but you shouldn’t be here. Go do nothing somewhere else. You bring me something (a bill) that makes sense and I’ll sign it. It’s so simple. It should be. But it has to make sense. It has to be good for the American people. This isn’t rocket science folks. It really isn’t. Figure it out.” [Emphasis ours – Emp.Misha]

“You refuse to do your jobs? Well then go not do your jobs somewhere ELSE!


You’re FIRED!

As much as it is possible for a theofascist, straight, patriarchal white male to say this: We effin’ love that man!

That should keep old Turtle McDurdle wondering why chairs are suddenly so damned uncomfortable for quite some time. At least until he finds an arse donor of his own phenotype.



  1. 1
    angrywebmaster growls and barks:

    I loathe illegals. I despise CommuNazis. (They were once known as “Democrats”), And President Trump has to be the best President since Ronald Reagan.
    Perfect? Heck no, but I don’t want perfect. I want solid competence and that’s what we have.
    And then we have George Will. Remember him? The squishy bow tie wearing deep state uniparty bum kisser? The one who decided he was not a Republican because Donald Trump won the nomination? Well, he’s now saying that the Republicans need to lose control of Congress. (The Washington ComPost column is paywalled and I ain’t paying for wasabi peas)

    The left and the Uniparty, (Is there a difference?) think that if they can force Trump out, then things will return to nomal. They fail to understand the level of seething, barely controlled hatred that millions of armed Americans hold for them. Force Trump out and it will prove to them once and for all that the system is rigged and that the choices have ended.

    I’ll let you imagine what happens next.

  2. 2
    VAconservative growls and barks:

    How many on the federal payroll (excluding military)? Probably over a million. And IMHO half of them should be fired. Many could be replaced by a nothing; some by even less.

    But then, Trump has to delegate that. It would take him the remaining two years of his first term to just say “you’re fired” about half a million times.

  3. 3
    angrywebmaster growls and barks:

    VAconservative @ #:

    But then, Trump has to delegate that. It would take him the remaining two years of his first term to just say “you’re fired” about half a million times.

    Oh, I don’t know about that. It could be automated.

  4. 4
    Azygos growls and barks:

    The illegal aliens here and in Mexico, have nine diplomatic missions/consulates they can go to in Mexico to seek asylum. They don’t need to break more laws by entering the USA illegally like they did in the 6 or 8 countries they traveled through to claim they are repressed.

  5. 5
    DJ Allyn, MPSE growls and barks:

    Azygos says:

    The illegal aliens here and in Mexico, have nine diplomatic missions/consulates they can go to in Mexico to seek asylum.

    Small problem: they have to present themselves on US soil to make the claim.

  6. 6
    LCBren growls and barks:

    Small problem: they have to present themselves on US soil to make the claim.

    Then they can take the thousands of dollars they pay coyotes and use it for a plane ticket, apply for a visa, fly to the US, enter legally and ask for asylum.

    It aint rocket science,

  7. 7
    DJ Allyn, MPSE growls and barks:

    LCBren says:

    Then they can take the thousands of dollars they pay coyotes and use it for a plane ticket, apply for a visa, fly to the US, enter legally and ask for asylum.

    Oh, the ignorance…

  8. 8
    LCBren growls and barks:

    Oh, the ignorance…

  9. 9
    DJ Allyn, MPSE growls and barks:

    You make an awful lot of assumptions for someone who really doesn’t pay attention to anything that might run counter to your world view.

    For example, you make the assumption that I am a Liberal. I haven’t been for a few years. Politics in America has been becoming too polarized in the past couple of years. The fringes have taken over. The “Silent Majority” that Misha mentioned the other day isn’t just Conservatives, Evangelicals, or what used to pass for the Republican voter, it is made up of people like me, run-of-the-mill Democrat. I’m a moderate on a wide spectrum of issues, but do lean Right on a few.

    Take this whole refugee/asylum thing going on right now. I’ll bet that you have been thinking all along that this is about illegal immigration, right? Do you understand that there is a difference? That ICE and the Border Patrol are still dealing with THOSE people by snapping them up and then turning their asses around and sending them right on out. NO PROBLEM WITH THAT.

    No, these are a particular class of people — asylum seekers running from gangs in a failed nation. Legally, we have to accept their application for claim, but they have to be US soil.

    That doesn’t mean that those claims shouldn’t be screened — Of course they should. And they are.

    The idea that these particular people are ‘sneaking in’ is ignorant. They cross the border and they immediately seek out and surrender to the first official, stating that they are seeking asylum. Most of these people are “unaccompanied minors” between the ages of 13 and 17. This is the time of year that they make this migration — early Spring to early Summer, because of the weather.

    It’s a fairly large number — it has reached as high as 250,000 a year before. TRUMP IS RIGHT, THERE HAS TO BE SOMETHING DONE.

    [I’ll let you savor that for a moment]


    The separation of children from their parents under the guise of a need to arrest the adults and toss them into federal detention, run them through an administrative kangaroo court and sent back to whence they came — without their children.

    This is how fucking stupid this administration has been about all of this: When they separated the children that were ACCOMPANIED by an adult, they tossed them in with the UNACCOMPANIED children, who are on a completely different track from their parents. Sometimes the turnaround for the parents is 48 hours. The kids? Some might spend a month. Some might never be reunited.

    It’s happened. Under Obama. The difference? No where NEAR as large a scale as what Trump has created. On top of that, his little stunt (and yes, it was ALWAYS a stunt for him) has caused the government to have to deal with several hundred infants and toddlers that they never had to deal with before.

    My issue here is where Trump created a problem where none existed. His ‘zero tolerance’ policy was not thought out all the way.

    We can argue all day as to his motivations for his policy, but for me that is immaterial.

    My concern is — and has been — about the separated families. It caused HARM to some very young children. Y’all want to blame the parents for all of this — and yes, you’d make a good argument. But that means shit when you think about it from the view of that young child.

    There’s a psychological damage you can do to a child when you separate them from their parent(s) Especially a child under the age of four. Kids are very resilient in horrific situations — as long as they are with their parents.

    The problem Trump has is that he is up against the LAW. (it’s that part of “LAW and ORDER” that Trump sometimes forgets about.) He can’t just lock kids up indefinitely. That’s one of the reasons why he had to separate them. He has twenty days to hold them before they have to go to a state child social services department. He can’t do that and keep them with their parents.

    He also can’t use the kids as leverage.

    But all of this is yet another distraction from the Trump Reality Show.

  10. 10
    LCBren growls and barks:

    But all of this is yet another distraction from the Trump Reality Show.

    Oh, You mean the one where he went through months of work and millions of dollars to become President, inherited a nation of screeching liberals, become the subject of a witch hunt / fishing expedition by the Mueller Morons…all so he can build a hotel?

    That one?